An Alternative Guide to Sydney, Australia – One Day in Sydney Itinerary

An Alternative Guide to Sydney AustraliaNearly everybody loves traveling. But sometimes, we get tired of the usual attractions and boring old tourist traps. In fact, it is exactly this exhaustion with old fashioned package holidays that’s brought about a rise in immersive travel. Travelers are interested in hidden gems and local secrets, they want to explore the lesser known locations that aren’t easily found on YouTube. Even if you only have a single day, you can still create your own alternative itinerary. This time we have mapped out a short but sweet visit to Australia’s biggest and most beautiful city. We have gathered the locations that are unmissable for the young and young at heart, but most importantly, urban and hip crowd. Here are our suggestions for an alternative trip to Sydney.


Guest post by Nicole Noel



With around 5 million people, New South Wales’ capital is a veritable metropolis. It is located in the southeastern corner of Australia, right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is constantly touted as one of the world’s most livable cities, and thanks to its beauty, friendliness of its citizens and overall hospitality, it’s also an extremely popular tourist destination, attracting around 15 million visitors per year.


What’s the best time to visit Sydney?

The climate of the city is extremely pleasant. Its summers are warm, and its winters cooler, but still mild by most standards. If you are from the northern hemisphere, bear in mind that the seasons in Australia are reversed.The best time to visit Sydney depends on what kind of holiday you are aiming for. For a typical beach holiday, go in the summer – from December to February. However, bear in mind that summer is high season. If you are more interested in sight seeing, spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) have far more manageable temperatures and lower crowds.

Sydney Central Harbour Australia
Sydney Central Harbour Australia, Photo source: Pixabay


An Alternative Guide to Sydney, Australia

One Day in Sydney Itinerary


Morning: Just Head Straight to the Beach

The best place to start your day in Sydney is watching surfers and having breakfast at the beach. Sydney’s most famous beach is Bondi. It is definitely worth a visit, especially if you happen to be in Sydney in the spring when the annual Sculpture by the Sea festival is held. You can take a dip in the ocean or try your hand at surfing. The stretch between Bondi and Coogee offers a breathtakingly beautiful coastal walk that will take you through the stunning nature full of gorgeous beaches, rugged rocks and lush vegetation.

Peacock by the sea in Sydney
Peacock by the sea, Author: Tim Gillin, Photo source: Flickr
Sculpture by the sea Sydney
Sculpture by the sea, Author: Tim Gillin, Photo source: Flickr


Lunchtime: The Perfect Time to Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Like so many other worldly cities, Sydney has succumbed to the hipster craze too. In terms of eating, that is definitely a plus. The modern Australian fusion cuisine is predominant in a lot of cafes and restaurants, but with a bit of digging, you can also find some truly interesting spots. Socal Neutral Bay serves authentic Californian BBQ. The central area also harbors restaurants that serve Japanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Mexican and other world cuisines. For dessert, head over to Blackstar Pastry and try their iconic (and mouthwatering) strawberry watermelon cake. If you’d rather explore Sydney’s budding hipster coffee culture, and don’t mind going a little bit out of your way, head over to the Grounds of Alexandria for the legendary deconstructed iced coffee.


Afternoon: Time to Explore the City and the Culture

The Rocks is a gorgeous historic area full of narrow streets, authentic buildings and charming shops and cafes. From there, you are just a ferry ride away from the old prison island of Cockatoo. Today, Cockatoo is a cultural hub where you can not only immerse yourself in the island’s fascinating history, but also frequently enjoy other events like concerts, festivals exhibitions and plays. Those interested in urban art should definitely make it their mission to explore the graffiti of the Surry Hills suburbs.

The Rocks Sydney
The Rocks, Author: Mertie, Photo source: Flickr


Evening: Wrap it up with a People-Watching Session

There’s only one place to be in Sydney in the evening, and that’s Kings Cross. Widely referred to as Sydney’s Red Light District, Kings Cross is full of bars, concert venues and cheerful party goers. It’s the perfect place to end your one-day Sydney adventure.

Sydney is a city that will win you over whatever it is you’re looking for. It’s exceptionally rich cultural scene, friendly folks and irresistible mix of a western basis and Asian influences are sure to impress you, even if you do have just one day to spend in this Pacific coast cosmopolitan gem.


Guest post by Nicole Noel


In case you have more than just One Day in Sydney check out Tripadvisor for detailed list of all the top things to do in Sydney.


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Sydney Australia An alternative guideSydney Australia An alternative guide


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