Influencers impact on attracting tourists – Case Study Contest

How do influencers impact the tourism industry? At One Day Itinerary, we’re conducting a case study with the goal of determining how much effect people with a lot of followers on social networks have when it comes to choosing our vacation destination. Participants can win a prize of 500$ and get their text published on the website! Their bio will be there too, of course.

Case Study Contest - Influencers impact on attractiong tourists

Every year, millions of people travel the world as a part of their vacation. They visit lands and cities which are completely unknown to them and explore different cultures. But how do they decide where to go next? With the advent of social networks, it has become easier than ever to share your impressions of a tourist destination and to support that with photos or even videos.

On those networks, there are people with millions of followers who read their every post. One Day Itinerary is conducting a case study called “Influencers’ impact on attracting tourists” to learn more about this issue. Given the number of potential tourists these people can reach, we believe analyzing their impact would provide valuable data. Participants can send in their essays by April 14, whereas the winner of the main prize of 500$ will be announced one week later.


Deadline for essay submission: 14th of April
Prize: 500$
Email address: [email protected]
Subject: Your name + university
Number of words: 2000 – 3000


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