One Day in Alwar itinerary – Top Things to Do in Alwar, Rajasthan

When you read about the North Indian state of Rajasthan, the only thing that comes to mind is historical monuments and colorful attires. The picture that you envisage about the region will not fail you either. Being in Rajasthan means that you will chance upon a fort every so often. Although Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer are a few popular cities that attract the most tourist attraction, these places require at least a few days of time to explore them well. Alwar, in contrast, is a quaint town in Rajasthan that is surprisingly pleasant to visit and have a quick, crisp experience of the local culture and history. As you maneuver on the roads, you will find the remnants of ancient structures and milestones, which give a glimpse of how the old world must have been in this province of India.

One day in Alwar Itinerary


Unlike most of the other cities of North India, Alwar in Rajasthan is a veiled gem that does not appear on top of the travel blogs, but is a place that you can and must visit, especially if you have only one day to travel. Alwar is one of the calmest towns in the region where you will find forts tugged in the mountains, delectable Rajasthani cuisines, and an opportunity to blend with the locals. Such places feel particularly pleasant when you are already tired of the hustle-bustle of Indian cities and want to clear the clutter in your mind with slow travel. Even if you have just one day to go around, you will not feel tired in Alwar as you hop around forts and other places.


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What’s the best time to visit Alwar?

For most time of the year, Rajasthan remains a hot state, especially from March to July when the temperature crosses 45 degrees Celsius. Since you may want to indulge in entertainment activities in Alwar, summer is not the ideal time to be there unless you can bear the scorching heat of the sun.

View of Fort from Alwar Palace
View of Fort from Alwar Palace, Author: Carlton Browne, Source: Flickr

After the summer starts subsiding in August, the rainy season begins. It is good to avoid traveling to Alwar during heavy rains because the roads are clogged, and many places are closed because of difficult access and risk to people. However, if the showers are mild when you plan to travel after checking the weather alerts because a little bit of rains is not an issue. On the contrary, the wind is pleasant, and forts look even more beautiful while it drizzles.

Alwar palace Tank and Old Temples
Alwar palace Tank and Old Temples, Author: Carlton Browne, Source: Flickr

The best time to arrive in any part of Rajasthan, including Alwar, is winter. From November to February, the entire town is balmy and dry, but the weather is cold at nights. You can roam around without worrying about bearing the heat or getting drenched in the rains. The only downside of traveling during tourist season is that every place gets crowded. Even then, Alwar is a small town that does not attract millions of people. Still, it is better to book your hotel in advance and make your travel plans efficiently as you will not like to lose the little time you have.


What’s good to know about Alwar?

The best part about traveling to the smaller towns of any country is that they are still untouched by urban development, which takes away the original charm of that place. There is an air of positivity and serenity in Alwar, which lets you relax even while you drive on the non-fussy roads. Traffic is smooth, small-time shopkeepers and peddlers are busy selling ordinary things, and every person you meet welcomes you with a smile. Hardly any fancy restaurants and cafes are there, but you can get the delectable local food from any bistro.

Walls of the City Palace
Walls of the City Palace, Author: Carlton Browne, Source: Flickr

Rajasthani art is present on the walls of schools, colleges, public buildings, and roadside fortifications. Many houses have the names of newly wedded couples painted on the exterior walls to celebrate the wedding in their household. These art forms and wall paintings convey a lot about the local culture of Rajasthan and denote that the people of Alwar are still in touch with their roots. When you say local ethos, it is clearly visible all around this little town.


One day in Alwar Itinerary

Top things to do in Alwar, Rajasthan

Just one day, yes, the only day that you have is all you need to visit significant places in Alwar, though you need to make sure that you begin your day early in the morning without wasting any time sleeping. Begin your journey on a positive note and a lot of energy. Follow this guide and make the best of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do on your one day in Alwar.


Bala Quila or the Alwar Fort

When something gigantic and ancient like the Bala Quila stands upright since 1550, it is a marvel indeed. You need to reach the Alwar Fort, as they call it nowadays, early in the morning to begin your day and witness the majestic beauty of the monument. Although the forts of Rajasthan are a result of the efforts of humans, they all seem unreal considering the lack of facilities 5-6 centuries ago. The 1000-feet tall fort had the ownership of various dynasties such as Khanzadas, Pathans, Mughals, and Jats. It is the oldest fort of Alwar, and it spreads to an area of 5 kilometers and comprises 51 small fortresses, 15 large towers, 15 temples, and 446 apertures for musketry. You must visit the Sita Ram temple, Chakradhari Hanuman temple, and Top Wale Hanuman Ji temple. The entire history behind this landmark of Alwar is full of confusion and various stories, which is also a reason to create curiosity for historians and travelers alike.

Bala Quila
Bala Quila, Author: Carlton Browne, Source: Flickr


Alwar City Palace

At the base of the Aravalli mountain range, the Alwar City Palace is nestled exactly beneath the Bala Quila. The City Palace, also called the Vinay Vilas Mahal, is an absolute marvel of architectural mastery as it showcases a brilliant blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. Jai Pol, Laxman Pol, Suraj Pol, Chand Pol, Andheri Gate, and Kishan Pol are the various gates that let you enter the palace. Walls of the City Palace are ornate with mirror work and abundance of murals. Dozens of big and small fortresses and towers enhance the beauty of this place.

Alwar City Palace
Alwar City Palace, Author: Carlton Browne, Source: Flickr

The Alwar City Palace is now the government property and a museum, which was the idea of Maharaja Tej Singh Prabhakar Bahadur who suggested to recreate the place in 1940. You can find the royal furniture, armor, manuscripts, and many other things.

Alwar City Palace 2
Alwar City Palace 2, Author: Carlton Browne, Source: Flickr


Siliserh Lake Palace

The Siliserh Lake Palace is now converted into a fort hotel. The entry inside the hotel is reserved only for guests, though the lake is open for the public. The great span of this lake over seven kilometers makes it an astonishing water body to enjoy boating and Jet-Ski. In the backdrop, the mountains look even more mesmerizing as you view them from the Lake Palace. If you like the serenity of the place, you can book a room in the Siliserh Lake Palace Hotel as well and wake up with the chirping sound of the birds. If you come during the migratory season, you may even see the migratory birds from the binoculars as well.

Lake Siliserh
Lake Siliserh


Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is snuggled in the Aravalli Mountain Range and is extended over an area of 800 square kilometers. Visiting a Sanctuary like Sariska means that you get to witness high cliffs, rocky landscapes, dry deciduous forests, and grasslands. Rich flora and fauna welcome you to the sanctuary during winter, and you can observe the Royal Bengal Tigers roaming around in significant numbers in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. The Tigers were relocated in good numbers to this place, and they adapted to the local environment to become the celebrity wild animals of this place.

Along with the countless trees and animals, the sanctuary is home to the relics of medieval temples from 10th and 11th century. You can have a panoramic view of the hovering eagles and birds from a 17th-century castle present on a hilltop.

Royal Bengal Tigers
Royal Bengal Tigers, Author: William Andrus, Source: Flickr


Sariska Palace

Although you may fall short of time, you may still pay a quick visit to the Sariska Palace because the citadel is located right next to the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. The fort used to serve as a guest house for Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, who would come to the place during his hunting expeditions. The thick forest cover around the Sariska Palace magnifies its splendor. Although the palace is converted into a luxury hotel, you can still catch a breath for the late evening tea or dinner and call it a day.


Where to stay in Alwar?

When you are in a historical city, you must avoid staying in clichéd hotels. A few forts are transformed into stunning hotels and are reasonably priced. After enjoying your entire day visiting various places, you can stay at a fort hotel and have a blissful night.


Neemrana’s – Hill-Fort, Kesroli

Since the Hill-Fort Kesroli was initially built as a home to the Royals, it does not feel like a traditional hotel either. The staff of the inn has done a brilliant job at maintaining the old-world appeal of the place while accommodating the modern-day facilities for the comfort of their guests. The ground staff and the management is exceptionally polite that makes your stay even more pleasant. And you will taste the most delicious Rajasthani food here in Hill-Fort Kesroli at the dinner buffet. Moreover, you can keep yourself engaged with activities like badminton, chess, carom board, and watch TV when you want to relax.

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Neemrana Forth
Neemrana Forth, Author: Archit Ratan, Source: Flickr
Neemrana's - Hill Fort
Neemrana’s – Hill Fort

Dadhikar Fort

The perfect blend of natural wonders and modern comforts are there in the Dadhikar Fort, which is a great place to the stay in Alwar. This hotel is also a restoration of an ancient fort; the charm is which is still there. The compact dimensions of Dadhikar Fort let you roam around the place several times in a day, which also makes sure that you do not feel tired. You can also enjoy a walk to the village adjacent to the fort and interact with the local villagers.

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The Dadhikar Fort
The Dadhikar Fort, Author: Ashish Gupta, Source: Flickr
The Dadhikar Fort Hotel
The Dadhikar Fort Hotel

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Extra tips for visiting Alwar?

  • Since you have only one day in Alwar, make sure that you begin your day early without wasting any time.
  • Cabs may not be easily available in the town, so you can either take your car or book a Self-Drive Car to visit various forts in Alwar.
  • Do not forget to try the Rajasthani cuisines, especially Dal-Bati-Choorma and Chana Dal.
  • Spend some time in the porch or garden of your hotel to behold the sight of clear sky and stars. Carry a glass of wine and have the company of your loved one to spend some quality time together.
  • The local people in Alwar are warm by nature, so don’t be shy and talk to someone indulged in milking a cow or give away a few candies to the kids playing around. They are happy to get a picture clicked with the tourists.

Cherish every moment when you are in Alwar and be a part of the small town life.



Alwar India Top things to doAlwar India One day itinerary

If you have any other propositions for this One Day in Alwar Itinerary feel free to share it in the comments below!


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