One Day in Bangkok Itinerary – Top things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

one-day-in-bangkok-thailand-itineraryKnown as a City of Angels, Bangkok is a vibrant city with unlimited number of things to do and places to have fun. Although its heavy traffic makes it super chaotic and polluted, Bangkok has some lush green parks and beuatiful canals too. It’s also the place where you can try the most delicous street food, visit the biggest street markets in the world and meet the friendly Thai people. One Day in Bangkok surely won’t be enough to explore all the things this city has to offer, but it’s still enough time to give you a good feel for this amazing city.


What’s the best time to visit Bangkok?

In Bangkok there’s never off-season. The city lives 24/7, 12 months a year. Still, it can get pretty humid and super warm at some parts of the year. Pick November-to-January period for the most bearable weather conditions. From March to May it can get extremely hot, so skip it if you can’t stand intense heat. The rainy season starts in late May and lasts until November.


What’s good to know about Bangkok?

Bangkok is the Thai capital and the biggest city within a SE Asia region. It’s also a cultural center of the region and it’s a home to some most exquisite Buddhist temples and palaces such as grandeur Grand Palace, Wat Pho or Wat Arun.

Grand Palace Entrance
Grand Palace


One Day in Bangkok Itinerary:

Top things to do in Bangkok, Thailand


Start you day at the Grand Palace

Start your day in Bangkok with the tour of the Grand Palace. Being super early at the palace entrance means you can skip the crowd that comes later in the day. The Grand Palace is the former home of the Royal family and even though you cannot enter their former residency, you can still wander around the area and visit the temple of the Emerald Buddha and many other open temples in the area.

Grand Palace Garden Bangkok
Grand Palace Garden


Grab a snack and even try Thai Pancakes

Food stalls along the street on your way to Wat Pho offer a wide range of snacks and local dishes. Go for a fresh fruit smoothie and the Roti pancake. It’s 10 times better that the one you eat at home.

Fresh Fruit Stalls in Bangkok
Fresh Fruit Stalls


Visit the Wat Pho and its Golden Buddha statue

Walk for about 10 minutes and visit the Wat Pho, Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It’s famous for its reclining Buddha statue, as well as the long line of the Golden Buddha statues. The reclining Buddha statue illustrates Buddha entering nirvana and it is a remarkable 46 m long and 15 m high.

Wat Pho Golden Buddha Statues
Wat Pho Golden Buddha Statues


Cross the river and visit Wat Arun

Take a short ferry boat ride to the other side and visit one more of Bangkok’s famous temple – Wat Arun or the Temple of the Dawn. It’s Khmer-style towers go up to 82 meters high, so don’t miss to climb the temple for the stellar view of the city, perfect for a some amazing panoramic photo shot of the Palace.


Have a portion of Pad Thai

You’re already super hungry by now and when in Bangkok don’t miss to try Pad Thai. It’s a local stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food. Whether you pick one at the food stalls for 30 THB, local eateries or you eat at some nicer restaurant, in Bangkok they’re usually super delicious no matter where you take them.


Shop at one of many Bangkok’s street markets

Whether they sell food, clothes, accessories or all of it, you’ll always bump into a street market no matter where you’re going. And even though Chatuchak Market is the biggest of the kind in all the country, it works on Weekends only and it takes hours to explore it. If you only have one day in Bangkok rather choose the Chinatown market.


Stroll around Khaosan Road

Evening is the perfect time to wander around Bangkok’s most famous and busiest street. It’s filled with endless bars, street food and clothes stalls, tailors shops, massage places and many locals offering some naughty fun. Yes, it’s the most touristy place on Earth, but still, shouldn’t be missed.

Khaosan Road At Night
Khaosan Road At Night


Have a pre dinner Thai massage

Whether you really need a foot massage after a long day of walking, or you do it just for fun while sipping your cocktail – Thai massage is what all the tourists do several times a day when in Thailand. Khaosan road is a loaded with massage places so why not to take one.


Have a dinner on the 59. floor

The best place to enjoy the night 360° panoramic view while eating the most delicious food is a Moon Bar & Vertigo Grill restaurant. This fine dining restaurant on the rooftop of one of the Bangkok’s skyscrapers is definitely not a budget eat, but it’s still a great value for money when you keep in mind the service, food and the atmosphere with the most spectacular view of the Bangkok.

View From The Moon Bar in Bangkok
View From The Moon Bar


Have a jazz night

If you’re into Jazz, or you just like cozy bars with some live music – Saxophone Pub is the best place in Bangkok to spend a night at. Nice interior, great atmosphere and the best live Jazz is what describes this place the best. With its European prices, it’s not the cheapest bar in Bangkok, but it’s without a doubt a place where you’re going to have a great time.


Some extra tips for visiting Bangkok?

If you’re planning to visit religious buildings, make sure you wear some modest clothes that’s covering legs and shoulders and that you have no bare feet. Still, if you forget about it, they provide you the clothes at the entrance of the palace.

Be aware of scams! In Bangkok there are many and most of the time they result in either spending your money or time, both of which you don’t want, especially if you only have one day in Bangkok. Make sure you check online for the most common scams.

Always set the price for the tuk-tuk before you take off otherwise you’re gonna pay double or triple the price.

Maxe sure the taxi driver turns the meter on, otherwise they’re going to charge you some insanely high rate. You won’t believe how cheap legal taxis really are.

Traffic Jam in Bangkok
Bangkok Heavy Traffic


In case you have more than just One Day in Bangkok check out Tripadvisor for detailed list of all the sights and activities in Bangkok.



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