One Day in Bled Itinerary – Top things to do on Lake Bled, Slovenia

one-day-in-bled-slovenia-itineraryLess than an hour ride from Ljubljana lies the Lake Bled, one of the most charming destinations in the Europe. Its fairy-tale surrounding with the picturesque lake island, medieval castle perched upon a rock cliff and the emerald green waters makes it a perfect place for a romantic getaway as well as a great place for those seeking relaxation. One day in Bled is just a right time to see all the Bled top sights, try some local food and do one of the many activities around the lake. Whether you choose to make a day trip from Ljubljana or you decide to spend a night in Bled, you’re gonna enjoy your day to the fullest.


What’s the best time to visit Bled?

There’s no wrong time for visiting the Lake Bled, it’s beautiful all year round. Winter is the special part of the year, with the snow making it even more magical. In the summer, a lot of outdoor activities can be done, including swimming in the clear waters of the lake. If you want to skip the crowd and overpricing, visit January-March or October-November.


What’s good to know about Bled?

Bled town, with it’s iconic Lake Bled lies in northwest Slovenia, surrounded by the mountains. The Bled Island is famous not just for its fairy-tale beauty, but also cause it’s the only Slovenian island. The Lake itself is measuring just 2 km by 1.4 km which makes a perfect size for the 6km walk along the shore.


One Day in Bled Itinerary:

Top things to do on Lake Bled, Slovenia


Reach the Bled Lake right in the morning

Bled town is quite small, so the lake would be reachable by foot no matter where your accomodation is. The walk around the emerald lake is a must for any visitor. It will take you the whole morning for this 6 kilometer walk cause you’re gonna stop so many times along the shore. Prepare your camera, cause you won’t resist taking photos of the Lake from every single angle. Take a slice of the bread so you can feed ducks and swans along the way.

Bled Lake One Day Trip
Bled Lake


rent a bike

If you’re more into cycling than walking rent a bike in one of a few bike rentals around the town. The bike rental will maximize your time, so you’ll have much more time for sights exploration and food tasting.


Taste the Bled’s cream cake called Kremšnita

If you want to do the coffee break, make sure the coffee place serves Kremšnita – Bled’s famous cream cake. This chantilly and custard cream cake dessert is popular all over the Central/ East Europe, but the one in Bled, also called Kremna rezina, is considered one of the best.

Bled Best Cream Cake
Bled’s Cream Cake


Take a Pletna boat ride to the Bled Island

You can’t leave Bled without stepping into the only Slovenian island – Bled Island. The easiest way to reach the island is by taking the traditional wooden boat known as Pletna boat. Once you reach the island you need to make 99 stairs and if you manage to do that while carrying your lady it means you’re going to have a happy marriage.

Bled Boat Rental
Pletna Boat


Visit the Church of the Assumption and the Bell Tower

Once you have conquered all the 99 steps you’re gonna be facing with the baroque Church of the Assumption that’s built on the foundations on the ancient pagan temple. There is a “wishing bell” inside of the church. Make a wish and ring the bell three times and it will surely come true. At the end, climb the Bell Tower for an even more beutiful view of the Bled surrounding.


Ascend the Bled Castle just around the sunset

Ascend the Bled Castle at the time of the sunset for even more spectacular view of the Lake and the mountains in the distance. The walk up to there is a steep one, but worth every step. If you’re a history enthusiast don’t miss a visit to the castle museum.


Have a dinner at the Bled Castle Restaurant

The Bled Castle Restaurant is a bit pricey, but worth every penny. The nice interior is overlooking the whole Bled Town, and the food is really a tasty one. The place also serves the Bled Cream Cake in a case you missed it during the day. Make sure you reserve the table at least few hours in advance.

Bled Castle Restaurant
Bled Castle Restaurant


Night-out time

If you’re looking for a nice bar in the vicinity, you don’t need to walk much, as the Castle Beach is happen to be directly unerneath the castle. Visit the Pub Lovec later in th night, for the wide selection of both local and european beers.


In case you have more than just One Day in Bled check out Tripadvisor for detailed list of all the sights and activities in Bled.


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