One day in Byron Bay Itinerary – Top things to do in Byron Bay, Australia

If you’re looking to experience the Australian beachy, surfer lifestyle then look no further than the beautiful Byron Bay. Byron Bay is quintessentially the embodiment of the beach lifestyle, separated by an eight hour drive from the bustling metropolitan of Sydney it’s the perfect escape from city life.

One day in Byron Bay itinerary


In Byron Bay you’re going to see that everyone seems a little more carefree and stress-free, people will be fresh from the surf with sand in their hair, and barefooted on the ground. It’s the chilled out vibes and relaxed atmosphere of Byron Bay that also keeps festivals, and retreats returning year after year. There’s always something for everyone from yoga retreats for the meditative, and Bluesfest and Splendour in the Grass for the festival heads.


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What’s the best time to visit Byron Bay?

The best time to visit Bryon is during spring (Sep-Nov) and summer (Dec-Feb). During the hottest months of the year, Byron can get extremely busy as December coincides with school holidays. So if you’re looking to avoid the crowds best stay away these months, and during late November as Byron is a popular destination for school leavers looking to celebrate the end of exams.

Byron Bay On the way to the Lighthouse
Byron Bay On the way to the Lighthouse, Author: taki Lau, Source: Flickr


few facts about Byron Bay

  • – There is 30km (16.8miles) worth of beach to get around in Byron Bay – so finding what feels like a private beach is a breeze!
  • – The closest airport is Ballina (30 minute drive) or Coo.
  • – In summer the average temperature is 27 °C with sporadic showers at night to cool down with.
  • – Australia’s most easterly point is located in Byron Bay at Cape Byron.
Byron Bay Mountains and costline
Byron Bay Mountains and costline, Author: Greg Schechter, Source: Flickr


One day in Byron Bay itinerary

Top Things to do in Byron Bay, Australia

Follow this guide and make the best of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do on your one day in Byron Bay.



Catch the morning sunrise from Byron Bay Lighthouse, look as the sun rises over the beach, it’s definitely worth the early wake up call. Don’t bother going back to bed, pack your bag ready for the day and explore the surrounding beaches and grab some brekkie from the main beach!

A perfect next stop after a delightful breakfast is to head to the Byron Bay markets. There are multiple markets on, but you will usually find one on any given Sunday and they’re all within a walk from the main beach.

Byron Bay Lighthouse
Byron Bay Lighthouse, Author: thinboyfatter, Source: Flickr



There is no better place for a mid-morning surf than Byron Bay, with notable surf breaks like the Wreck, Main Beach, and the Pass, but there are so many more secret surf spots popular amongst locals. If you’ve wanted to learn how to surf, there’s no place quite like Byron to learn. With numerous surfs schools that teach from beginner levels, and all age groups! Not a fan of surfing? Not a problem. There’s still so much more to do in Byron like the adrenaline pumping skydive, chilled out paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Learning to Surf at Byron Bay
Learning to Surf at Byron Bay, Author: ICTE-UQ, Source: Flickr



If you’re a fan of forests over the beaches, take a hike on the ever-so-scenic Minyon Falls Loop in Nightcap National Park. This 13km return track is recommended for those that relatively physically fit as it does have short step sections. There are also picnic tables and free gas barbecues, making it the perfect place for a lunchtime picnic.

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Minyon Falls Byron Bay
Minyon Falls Byron Bay, Author: Espen Klem, Source: Flickr



Wind down after your day’s adventure with some afternoon yoga. Yoga is one of the more popular and relaxing activities in Byron. It is perfect any time of the time, but can be a good way to slow down after an action-packed day. Work on your breathing, flexibility and zone out with a yoga class at the Byron Yoga Centre, or simply just head back to the beach and get into position!

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Byron Bay Beach
Byron Bay Beach, Author: Bex Walton, Source: Flickr



After the day is set and done, the life and excitement of Byron Bay lives on. Byron is just as lively at night as it is during the day time, so head straight from the beach to the bar if you want. Have a beer, chat with friends and listen to live music as the sun goes down at The Beach Hotel, one of the best night spots in Byron.


Where to stay in Byron Bay?

Byron Bay is known for its avid beach-goers and hippy-style travellers, who tend to opt for budget accommodation. This includes self-contained cabins, caravans or camping in tents. There are many designated parks and sites across Byron for this type of stay, if that’s what you’re after too.


Reflections Holiday Parks Clarkes Beach

Book here
Reflections Holiday Parks Clarkes Beach
Reflections Holiday Parks Clarkes Beach


Glen Villa Resort

Book here
Glen Villa Resort
Glen Villa Resort
Glen Villa Resort
Glen Villa Resort


First Sun Holiday Park

Book here
First Sun Holiday Park
First Sun Holiday Park


The Lord Byron

If this isn’t for you, never fear, there’s no lack of other great accommodation in Byron Bay. A great hotel pick is the Lord Byron. The Lord Byron is located in the heart of Byron Bay, and is only minutes away from the local shops, cafes and main beach areas. The hotel features a relaxing pool for when you’ve had enough of the sand, a full size day/night tennis court, a large BBQ area and offers complimentary bike and surf board hire.

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The Lord Byron
The Lord Byron Pool Area
The Lord Byron
The Lord Byron

Find the Best Hotel Deals in Byron Bay


Extra tips for visiting Byron Bay

– This is more of an Australia-wide tip, but seems to be largely unknown – you don’t need to tip. Tipping is not expected in Australia as workers are fairly compensated for their work. However, you can still leave a tip if you wish, usually at 10% for exceptional service is adequate.

– For a more carefree form of transport, hire out bikes sometimes for as little as $10/day. As for the town of Byron Bay, it’s quite flat and small, so you’ll be able to get around the main area by walking. However, if you’re planning on getting around seeing the surrounding areas, best bet would be to hire a car. By hiring a car you’ll be able to embrace the surf lifestyle of Byron Bay, spending your days exploring quieter beaches and surroundings.

– If you plan on travelling to Byron for a festival, book your accommodation early to avoid price hikes, and your favourite places booking out.

– Make your trip to Byron Bay even more exciting! Check out Tripadvisor for all the activities and organized tours in Byron Bay or around the area. Make sure to purchase your tickets to all the attractions right away to skip the queues.

– Now you should have a clearer idea of what Byron Bay is all about. Not to worry if you haven’t got the idea, Byron Bay is best summarized by the town’s welcome sign “Welcome to Byron Bay. Cheer Up. Slow Down. Chill Out.”



Byron Bay Australia Top things to doByron Bay Australia One day itinerary

If you have any other propositions for this One day in Byron Bay Itinerary feel free to share it in the comments below!


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