One Day in Multan Itinerary- Top Things to Do In Multan, Pakistan

Multan, known as the city of saints, is Pakistan’s seventh most populous city. It is also the central city of Southern Punjab. Its history dates back to the old Indus Valley Civilization that existed 5000 years ago. Multan has even remained an economic and cultural center during the regime of different rulers. In the present, it is famous for shrines of the Sufi Saints who came here in the medieval era, its unique handicrafts, architecture, Sufi music, parks, old building, traditions and cultural manifestations.

One day in Multan itinerary


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What is the Best Time to Visit Multan?

Multan is a worth seeing city. It is the favorite spot of tourists who want to experience tradition, culture, and history all at one place. The town is open for tourists throughout the year. But the best time to visit Multan is from October to March. Rest of the year, the temperature can rise above 45 degrees and hence weather becomes a little warmer.

Shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam
Shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam, Source: Wikimedia


One Day in Multan Itinerary

Top Things to Do in Multan, Pakistan


For a tourist, there is too much to see in Multan. Visiting the shrines, taking leisurely strolls in parks, walking in the streets of old city, boating in the lake and feasting upon the local cuisine are few things to name.  Multan has plenty of treats to offer in the form of archaeological sites and shrines.

Follow this guide and make the best of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do on your one day in Multan.


Early Morning

Tourists who want to intermingle with locals and want to know about their culture must start their morning with a breakfast at Dhaba.

After this, the first destination should be the famous Ibn e Qasim Bagh. The good thing about Multan is its natural architecture. All the favorite sites like famous shrines, stadiums, gardens are located on a top edge of the city located in the central. From here, visitors can move to old bazaars and market and rest of the town, located at the end of the slope.


Ibn e Qasim Bagh

Lush green Ibn e Qasim Bagh is located on the site of Qasim Fort which doesn’t exist in its real form now. Taking leisure strolls in the garden and listening to chirping birds in the early morning is fun, but Ibn e Qasim Bagh offers an opportunity to witness the relics of old Qasim Fort which used to have a circumference of 2000 m. The British government had destroyed the fort in an attempt to avenge the killing of its governor Lieutenant  Alexander Vans Agnew.

Qasim Bagh
Qasim Bagh, Source: Travel Multan

Alexander vans Agnew Memorial

The British government also built the memorial of Alexander Agnew in Qasim Fort. It stands tall on a top mound and is visible from far off places. The monument is a lesson on how might can preserve the history in its way. The area also depicts how influences of two foreign invaders seem to compete with each other for proving their dominance.


Shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam

Few steps up in the north, there is the tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam. Famous saint of medieval era who belonged to Suharwardia order of Sufi Islam. The shrine is a worth visit site for tourists and pilgrims. The vast tomb which is built with red tiles is a masterpiece of medieval architecture. Flocks of pigeons present in the yard of shrine also add to the mystic of the place and make it resemble Trafalgar Square, London.

Shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam 2
Shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam, Source: Wikimedia

Shrine of Bahaudin Zakariya Multani

The shrine of Bahaudin Zakariya who is a notable saint of Suharwardia order is also situated at the same place. This tomb is also a significant architectural site and one of the best mystic places in the world. Bahaudin Zakariya was the grandfather of Shah Rukn e Alam. Pilgrims pay a visit to the area for making prayers and getting peace of mind. Seeing these sights not only adds to intellectual gain but also offers a soul-soothing experience.

Shrine of Mai Meherban
Shrine of Mai Meherban, Source: Travel Multan

Other places in the area are clock tower Multan that houses the government offices, shrine of Shah Shams Sabzwari and shrine of Mai Meherban.

Clock Tower Multan
Clock Tower Multan, Source: Flickr

In the Afternoon

Old City of Multan

History of Multan is vibrant. Invaders from Greece, Central Asia, and the Middle East have contributed a lot to the cultural diversity of this city. In afternoon visitors must visit the streets of Old Multan, starting from iconic Dehli Gate. Old houses, seminaries, and graveyards are present in this part of the city. The bazaars that offer the handy crafts, embroidered clothes, and beautiful pottery items are also a worth visiting place. Tourists must consider eating traditional Multani Sohn Halwa, which is a unique dessert.

Walled City Multan
Walled City Multan, Source: Travel Multan

In the Evening

Qasim Lake in Multan

Tourists who want to experience something unique and different should pay a visit to the Qasim Lake which is located in the Cantt. Boating in the lake, in the evening and walking in the adjoining park offers a mind refreshing experience to the visitors. On the bank of the boat, there are restaurants and food stalls that provide a mixture of Eastern and Western cuisine. After visiting all the significant places in the city, dining on the bank of the lake is a perfect treat.

Lake in Multan Cantt
Lake in Multan Cantt, Source: HoursTV


Where to Stay in Multan?

A good thing about Multan is that city offers all types of hotels. So, tourists who are traveling on a budget can manage to find a suitable place.

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Extra tips for visiting Multan

– The transport costs are also not high. The mass transit system in the form of metro bus service is available for commutation. But, visitors can also use auto-rickshaws, for moving from one place to another which are not an expensive transportation mean.

– Make your trip to Multan even more exciting! Check out Tripadvisor for all the activities and organized tours in Multan or around the area. Make sure to purchase your tickets to all the attractions right away to skip the queues.



Multan Pakistan One day itineraryMultan Pakistan Top things to do

If you have any other propositions for this One day in Multan Itinerary feel free to share it in the comments below!


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