One Day on Bohol Island Itinerary – Top things to do in Bohol, The Philippines

one-day-in-bohol-philippines-itineraryImpressive in many ways, Bohol is an island of the Chocolate mountains, vast rice fields and pristine white beaches. Other than mesmerizing nature, Bohol is also a laid-back island with friendly and warm people always happy to meet you. Possible to reach both with the ferry and a plane, it’s recommended to visit even if you’re stuck to a tight schedule. One Day on Bohol Island would be both adventurous and relaxing, tasty and challenging. And basically you’ll never want to go leave.


What’s the best time to visit Bohol?

The best time to visit Bohol would be December-April, although December can get a little busy. From May to July the temperatures go super high as well as the humidity. The rainy season usually starts in June and lasts until the end of the year. If you’re not into getting wet occasionally you better skip that part of the year.


What’s good to know about Bohol?

Located in the Visayas region, Bohol is a name for the island itself and a 75 minor surrounding islands. The island of distinctive cultural heritage and lush nature makes a popular tourist destination, with the Chocolate Hills and the Philippine tarsier being the ultimate tourist attractions. Panglao Island, located southwest of the capital Tagbilaran, brings all the crowds being one of the most famous diving and snorkeling spots in the World. In 2013, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the island and claimed around 200 lives and destroyed and damaged the Spanish heritage churches along the islands.


One Day on Bohol Island Itinerary:

Top things to do in Bohol, The Philippines


Rent a scooter/motorbike right upon your arrival

You have only One Day in Bohol and you want to make the best out of it and explore all the things this mesmerizing island has to offer. The cheapest and most exciting way that could be done is by renting a motorbike. It could be managed also by taking a tricylce ride, but this way is much more convenient.

Renting a Motorbike in Bohol
Renting a Motorbike


Visit the Tarsier sanctuary

Check out one of a few Tarsier sanctuaries along the island. The Philippine tarsier is not just the cutest thing on the Planet but also one of the world’s smallest primates. The tarsier is indigenous to the island so it’s your only chance to meet this little guy.

Tarsier Sanctuary Bohol
Tarsier Sanctuary


Check out the some stunning beaches of the Anda region

Unlike crowded beaches of the Panglao Island, Anda region offers pristine white beaches and crystal clear sea with almost no people around. It’s a part of the island you definitely should explore on your own. Bring some snorkeling equipment if you want to enjoy some astounding sea life.

Best Beach on Bohol
Anda Beach


Taste the local street food – Lechon Manok

This super affordable street food dish can be bought all over the island. The Lechon Manok is actually a grilled pork, but its crunchiness and juiciness makes it so delicious. If you prefer chicken over pork you can order that one too, either way it’s gonna melt in your mouth.


Visit the Chocolate Mountains at the sunset time

The Chocolate Hills, numerous mounds of limestone formations, are an island’s most recognizable attraction. Climb hundreds of stairs to the viewpoint for the spectacular Chocolate Mountains view and preferably do it right before the closing time. Sunset makes it even more magical than it really is.

Chocolate Mountains Bohol Attractions
Chocolate Mountains


Have a night walk on the Panglao beach

Panglao beach doesn’t get less crowded in the night. It only transforms to an endless line of restaurants and bars with the live music. If you want to skip the crowd, order a beer and have a seat on the sand just next to the sea.

Panglao Beach Bohol
Beach on Panglao Island


Try some seafood Filipino specialities for the dinner

Either you pick to stay at the Panglao beach, or you want to check out the restaurants in the Tagbilaran city, you should definitely go for a seafood dinner. If you want to have a real local dish, try tuna kinilaw . It’s a raw tuna dish marinated in an acidic solution, often vinegar or calamansî juice.


In case you have more than just one day on Bohol Island check out Tripadvisor for detailed list of all the top things to do in Bohol.

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