Creative Tips to Make Amazing Travel Vlogs for Travel Vloggers

Travel as a category has seen exponential growth in recent times. Post-COVID, everyone wants to travel, and the travel industry has exploded. If you love capturing memories while you travel to some of the best places, you should try creating travel vlogs and promoting these vlogs across social media channels.

Creative Tips to make amazing travel vlogs

Travel vlogs have a huge audience as people always look for travel recommendations to plan their next trip. There is a huge demand for these videos, and you can fill in the gap by creating engaging travel vlogs. You can also integrate your efforts to promote your videos across channels and make them popular. Read on to get some great tips for creating engaging travel vlogs and becoming a successful travel vlogger.

Tips to Create Travel Vlogs

There are different ways to approach a travel vlog. We have brought together some of the best tips to help you create a fantastic travel vlog that you can promote across channels. Let’s look at these tips so that you can kickstart your travel vlogging journey or improve it.

Don’t shoot everything

This is the key rule of every travel vlog that you create. You should try to experience what the destination offers rather than filming everything. Only when you immerse yourself in the place will you be able to add those experiences creatively to your vlog.

Ensure that you capture all the interesting aspects of the destination but don’t forget to have fun. Only when you enjoy the place will you be motivated enough to create a vlog.

Avoid recording yourself

People don’t want to hear you or see you speaking in a travel vlog. You can add a voiceover but let the people enjoy the beauty of the place. You should center the vlog around a fun activity or a location. For instance, if you are in a place full of ice, you can film people skiing or enjoying any other sport.

If you feel that a place is surreal, you should try to film it from different angles so that you can use the best shots in your vlog. You can use an online video editor to make color corrections and bring all the footage to the same level.

NYC Travel Vlog

Short videos

While you can choose to make a long video if you are trying to tell your viewers the story of a particular place, you should try to keep your vlogs short and crisp. People love small bursts of entertainment, and when you give them a glimpse of a beautiful destination, it will leave them excited. You can shoot the most exciting highlights of the place and stitch them together using a video editor. They will want to visit the place and explore it further.

You should try to limit your voiceovers to 30 seconds. You can skip the voiceover altogether if you are creating a timelapse video. You should try to keep the vlog under 3 minutes so that people watch it till the end.

Include other people

People who live in that city or have accompanied you to the place should be a part of your video. People add authenticity to vlogs. Also, you can take some of the best shots with people in the frame. You can add some snippets of the group you are traveling with and the locals you meet at the place.

If you are creating an experience vlog, you can interview a local and add it to the video. Locals can give you the facts about the place that is not quite known by the general public.

Use your viewpoint

Every traveler sees a place through their lens. Hence, shooting videos or clicking pictures from your perspective brings freshness to the vlog. Also, people get to know your perspective on things and will follow you if they like the uniqueness you bring to the vlogs.

Grand Canyon Travel Vlog

Add a beautiful cover

Everything is quite fast-paced in the world of social media. Hence, your job is to attract the viewer in the first 10 seconds. You should start your travel vlog with a beautiful shot of the place on which you are creating a vlog.

Generally, this cover should be a picture or a video of a view or a place for which the destination is known. Make sure the picture is beautiful, and the colors are in sync. You can use an online video editor to make necessary color corrections and enhance the appeal of the video.

Keep your phone steady

You will not be able to include shaky footage in your travel vlog. You should ensure that the device is steady and that the footage is proper. You can buy a tripod to help you record a steady video. If you are filming a skyline, you cannot record a shaky video.

Shaky videos impact viewability, and people will conveniently switch to another vlog if they lose interest in yours. You must invest in the right equipment for a long-term career in travel vlogging.

Film calm videos

Travel is all about exploring new places and finding calm. If you are in a setup where you hear the water flowing and birds chirping, you should try to capture these sounds. This will add to the aesthetics of the video and transport the viewers to another land. However, you should avoid loud noises and disturbances like the sound of heavy winds, etc.

If these unwanted sounds have become a part of your videos, you can use a video editor to reduce the sound or remove it altogether. You can add a piece of calm music to your vlog.

Girl Travel Vlog

Select Good Music

All travel vlogs become much more exciting when you add music to them. However, you cannot add party music to a vlog where you show a river flowing. Therefore, you should try using different audio pieces for the draft before you publish the final vlog on social media channels.

You can use different video editors to find good music for your video. You can also use the YouTube audio library to select a copyright-free music piece.

Take Inspiration

While you might have several ideas flooding your brain, you need to sit down and jot them down to give structure to your thoughts. Before you start creating your vlog, you should check out the vlogs posted by other vloggers to understand the different formats working for them.

You can take inspiration from these vlogs, take up a few elements from multiple vlogs, and incorporate them into your vlog. Alternatively, you can try something fresh but understand how you can make your vlogs better.


Travel vlogging is a unique area and is evolving into a great space. If you are someone who loves traveling, you must explore this space. You should watch travel videos, capture your travel memories and create a beautiful vlog for your audience. Once you understand how videos work for you, you can start creating more vlogs to attract your audience.

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