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Dear readers and fellow travelers, welcome to our travel blog!

First of all, who are we?

We are a group of European travel writers and designers who enjoy traveling more than anything in this world. We are all working full time and we know how hard it is to combine both work and travel. But it’s definitely not impossible.

We try to make the most of our weekends and free days, so we travel even if that means we’ll stay at the destination only for a day. Even when we have a few weeks of time on the road, we always try to maximize our time while traveling.

So, what’s this site about?

Therefore, we came up with this site. It’s actually a collection of travel itineraries for those who are time limited or just want to maximize their time while traveling. We’re doing our best to make our site the ultimate travel source for those who don’t have more than 24 hours on a certain destination.

Our formula is simple: quality content plus clear design.

We’re all into making this site the most comprehensive itinerary site on the internet. The final goal is to cover as many countries and cities as possible and we can only achieve it if there are people who will read it and support it.

Therefore, if you’re reading this, we would like to thank you for stopping by and for supporting us.

Also, we’re always happy to hear your suggestions or ideas for our blog, so we can improve it.

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One-Day-Itinerary Team


Travel Inspiration - One Day Itinerary - More than 200 travel destinations in one placeTravel Inspiration - One Day Itinerary - Biggest collection of travel itineraries in one placeOne Day Itinerary - More than 200 travel destinations in one placeOne Day Itinerary - Biggest collection of travel itineraries in one place




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