How to find the best accommodation for your next trip?

Accommodation is an essential part of any trip. While it can be one of the most exciting things of your journey, it can also literally ruin it. Being scammed and left without a place to sleep is definitely the worst scenario, but things like super uncomfortable beds, dirt and unpleasant smells can also make your stay a disaster.

How to find the best accommodationIn case you’re booking your accommodation for the first time or you just have any trouble with booking a place to stay, these few tips will make the whole process an easy one and hopefully you’ll find the best accommodation for your needs.

Tips for finding the best accommodation online


Find a convenient booking site

There are thousands of booking sites out there, but not all of them are highly protected and offer secure booking. To save yourself from any hacker attacks or credit card frauds, use only sites that are trusted worldwide. 

The most reliable site for online booking is Your card transactions are all safe, and you don’t have to worry about online identity theft.

West East Suites, Santorini
West East Suites, Santorini


Find a convenient property

However, booking through a secure site does not mean you’re safe from all scams. Booking from untrusted sources can leave you without a place to sleep or cause you to end up at a place that doesn’t even resemble the one you saw online. To save yourself from that hassle, book only properties that already have good reviews. Never book a place that has more negative comments than positive ones or those that only have a few reviews. Those reviews can easily be made from fake accounts and are therefore not relevant.

Room Mate Aitana, Amsterdam
Room Mate Aitana, Amsterdam

Book your accommodation on time

Booking your accommodation at the last minute during the high season can end up being more pricey. Good value deals will surely be booked months in advance, so you’ll end up either without any great property or overpaying for it.
Hotel Reginella, Positano
Hotel Reginella, Positano

Find a place that suits your needs

Even though some properties seem more exclusive than the others, not all of them suit your needs. Some hotels offer a great range of amenities and extra features, but do you actually plan to use them? Having a free breakfast can be a great thing, but the meal can sometimes be overpriced and more expensive than grabbing a great breakfast in some great local restaurant or coffee shop. A swimming pool can seem like a great feature too, but if you’re limited by time maybe you won’t even get to use it.
Nine Hours Shinjuku-North, Tokyo
Nine Hours Shinjuku-North, Tokyo


Look for the amenities you need

Most of the properties offer some basic amenities, but you can never be sure what they provide until you read their full listing. Make sure to check for the things you plan to use like the hair dryer or the coffee maker. During the warm months always look for an air conditioner. If booking a place in a hostel, check if they provide a towel free of charge, or at extra cost. If you prefer a stay in an apartment and you plan to use a kitchen, make sure the kitchen is well equipped and has everything you need.
Four Seasons Safari Lodge
Four Seasons Safari Lodge

Count the extra cost

Some properties may seem like a great value deal, but if you count the extra cost, like the transport price to the city center and back, it can end up being much more expensive than it seems. Count the extra costs before making any bookings and check if it’s still the best value deal.

Hotel Reginella, Positano
Hotel Reginella, Positano

Check the final price

While it may seem at first that the final price is right there in front of you while you’re browsing the properties, it still may not be what you need to pay. At some properties the tourist taxes and cleaning fees are not included in the price you pay online – it’s something you pay once you’re there. Some apartments ask for deposits and charge you for extra amenities. Check the final price carefully before proceeding to payment.
Grace, Santorini
Grace, Santorini


Start searching for the best accommodation deals


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How to find the best accommodationHow to find the best accommodation

We do hope you found this article a great one. If you have any other propositions for finding the best accommodation online feel free to share it in the comments below!

Make sure you have everything you need

What to pack for your next trip?

Make your next trip as simple and as enjoyable as possible by packing smart. It’s amazing how much stress top travel items can save you, so choose carefully.
Things like lightweight travel backpacks, for example, are ideal for short trips and allow you to move around with ease, and a passport holder will make sure you keep your documents safe at all times.
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  1. Thanks for the advice that it’s best to count the costs like transport to our destination to see if the accommodation that we’ll get is ideal for our budget. My sisters and I are going on a trip to the beach next month, so we’re planning to stay somewhere instead of taking the RV with us because the upkeep for it is too expensive right now. I think I would prefer to stay in a hotel with my family if this will make sure that their needs are met.

  2. My two sisters and I are going on a girl’s trip in March and we need to find the perfect accommodation. It makes sense to only choose a place to stay that has good reviews from their past customers already. We’ll be sure to find a motel that is well-reputed online so we will be satisfied with our stay.

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