Top Travel Items You Must Bring to Your Next Trip

You’ve already planned your next trip, but you still haven’t started preparing your “what to bring on your trip” list? Well, here are some of the top travel items you must bring on your next trip. These items will make your trip a lot more relaxing, and you’ll surely get rid of some extra hassle. Make sure to travel light, safe and stylish by following our travel item guide for 2018.

Top travel items for your next trip

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Travel Light

You should always make sure not to overpack on your travels. Why? Well, first of all – in case you travel with carry-on luggage only, you can get a much better flight deal. Also, lighter luggage will cause you less hassle, and on top of it all – you’ll have more space for your travel souvenirs.

Travel Luggage

The first thing to do is to make sure you pick the right luggage size. Some airlines have strict rules on the size of a cabin bag, so make sure to check that first before buying any new luggage. Always make sure your luggage is lightweight and easy to organize when buying a new one. This great Amazon luggage comes in different sizes and colors and is surely one of the best value deals.

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage
AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage
Buy here

Lightweight Travel Backpack

Not all people use luggage, especially for a day trip. If you prefer using backpacks, but you still want something super light yet affordable, this lightweight backpack from Amazon is definitely the best deal for you. This Amazon backpack comes in many different colors, so pick yourself a favorite one. There are more options if you are looking for the perfect backpack, therefore we reviewed and made a list of top 10 sling backpacks for travel. Go and check it out!

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack
Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack
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Packing Cubes and Organizers

Since you want to have your luggage super-organized, these packing cubes will help a lot. There’s a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes – you only need to pick the one that suits your needs. These are the top selling packing cubes and organizers from Amazon. Pick YAMIU Packing CubesGonex Luggage Organizers or OEE Luggage Packing Organizers.

Silicone Travel Bottles

Another great item for making your luggage lightweight and well organized are these silicone travel bottles. You don’t need to bring your big shampoo bottle if you only plan to travel for a few days, plus the silicone will save your luggage from any shampoo spills.

Kitdine Portable Soft Silicone Travel bottles Set
Kitdine Portable Soft Silicone Travel bottles Set
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Among top useful travel gadgets is definitely Kindle, since you can spend a lot of time reading on your travels. Reading is one of the best things to do while waiting at the airport or during your flight. Forget about paper books – they are heavy and they just take up too much space. In case you don’t have one – order your Kindle before your next trip.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
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Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

This item won’t make any luggage weight difference – but it’s a super useful thing to have on your trip to make sure you don’t overpack. Some airlines have strict rules on the luggage weight, so make sure to check that first before doing an airport check-in. Use this portable luggage scale on time instead of overpaying for any additional weight.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale
Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale
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Travel Safe

The next thing you need to make sure of is that you travel safe. Losing your money, credit cards or, even worse, the passport are surely things that can ruin any travel. Even though some destinations seem safer than others – make sure to ALWAYS keep your valuable belongings secure.

Here are some of the top travel items that will make your trip super safe:

Passport and money holders

Number one rule – never keep your money and passport visible. Stay away from keeping it in big purses or back pockets. You need to have full control of your stuff during your whole trip. This may sound kind of exhausting, but it’s actually super simple with these two items from Amazon. Pick up a leather belt holder or the one that goes around the neck.

If those two aren’t your cup of tea, maybe one of these 10 travel wallets we’ve reviewed might be what you were looking for.

Luggage Tags For Suitcases

Hundreds of people each day have to face losing their luggage, so it can easily happen to you. In most cases, you’ll get your luggage back in a few days, but you should always tag it to make that whole process much easier. Order these luggage tags and put your name, address and phone on them so that everyone can contact you in case of any luggage loss.

Luggage Locks

Keeping your luggage locked is also one of the most important steps for keeping your belongings safe. You never know who will be dealing with your luggage at the airport, and you surely don’t want to lose a thing from your luggage. Well, in that case make sure to order these luggage locks and use them whenever your luggage is not under your control.

Travel Stylish

Seizing your wardrobe and makeup may be a bit challenging, especially under unpredictable weather conditions, but it’s still kind of easy to look stylish and elegant on your travels.

Travel Hats

If you’re planning your summer trip, don’t forget to pack a hat. Getting sunburned can damage your skin or cause you a headache, and you surely don’t want any of that on your trip. Check out these amazing travel hats that take only a little space in your luggage. Pick the one from SIGGI or the one from SOMALER.

Travel Scarf

Scarfs are one of the most useful travel items. While it can make your whole look more stylish, it can also be used as a cover while visiting some religious sights or as a blanket in an airplane or a bus. Pack your own one or order one at Amazon.

Clothes Steamer

Of course you won’t bring your house iron on your trip, but that doesn’t mean your clothes should be wrinkly. This portable clothes steamer will make your clothes look like right from the store.

HOBFU Garment Steamer
HOBFU Garment Steamer
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Hair Travel Set

Taking care of your hair can be a big challenge while you’re on your trip. For some people, hair care takes a lot of products and hair care tools that can’t fit easily in the luggage. Luckily, you can order this hair travel set with lots of super cute mini tools for your hair care.

HSI Professional Travel Set
HSI Professional Travel Set
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Compact Travel Umbrella

First of all – check your weather forecast in advance. In case you notice any chance of rain, pack these compact and stylish umbrellas. They easily fit in any purse and don’t add much extra weight.

Fidus Mini Compact Sun&Rain Travel Umbrella
Fidus Mini Compact Sun&Rain Travel Umbrella
Buy here

Passport Holder

A passport holder keeps your passport from any liquid spills and creasing, plus it’s super stylish – perfect for taking any airport instagram photos. Order these holders from Amazon in your favorite color.

GDTK Leather Passport Holder
GDTK Leather Passport Holder
Buy here

Travel MakeUp Bag

Keep your makeup well organized and clean with these amazing travel bags. Actually, you can always use them once you’re back home, as well.

DreamGenius Portable Travel Makeup Bag 2
DreamGenius Portable Travel Makeup Bag
Buy here


Top travel items 2018Top travel items for your next trip

We really hope you found this article helpful. If you have anything to add to our top travel items list, share it in the comments below!

Logistical Tips and Tricks

Organize your trip in five easy steps!


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If you want the ultimate sense of freedom while on your trip, a car is a must. Fortunately, there is a simple way to get one – just visit Booking’s Rentalcars and they’ll have your vehicle ready in a jiffy. Now you’ll be able to explore the new city thoroughly and, who knows, maybe even make a trip outside it.


Accidents, mishaps and other troubles happen to everyone. The key is to be prepared. That’s why getting a travel insurance is such a great idea: it can help you deal with any health issues, theft and even cancelled flights. World Nomads know full well about the problems that can arise on a trip because they are passionate travelers themselves. That’s why they can offer you the very best deals.


Want to have some company as soon as you land? Through, you can find a local to meet you at the airport and help you find your way around the new city. They can also set things up for you, give you some useful tips and be helpful in general. The whole project is a great idea and very well executed, so do go and see how these people can make your trip a more pleasant one.


Here are some of the top travel items you must bring to your next trip. These items will make your trip a lot more relaxing and you’ll surely get rid of some extra hassle.

Make sure to travel light, safe and stylish following our travel item guide for 2019.

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