One day in Frankfurt itinerary – Top things to do in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is an ancient city on the Main in Germany. It is ideally located and is considered to be the gateway to other important German cities in the east, Southern Europe in the south, France in the west and Scandinavia in the north. With such importance, Frankfurt has become one of the biggest financial centers of Europe. But this city is not only known for its financial and strategic importance. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. From all the historical landmarks to the scenic parks, high rise skyscrapers, museums, and business centers; Frankfurt is truly a vivid and cultural place to see.

One day in Frankfurt Itinerary


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Frankfurt has always enjoyed an important status as a great tourist destination in Europe. It has some of the finest museums in the world that showcase history, art, architecture, culture and the tradition of people who have lived here from the very beginning. This city is also rich in bars, pubs, DJ clubs, restaurants and discos. So if you want to get a complete package of everything that entertains you, Frankfurt am Main is the place to visit. The best thing about this city is that you can get the best from it in just a single day. For this reason, tourism in Frankfurt is on an all-time high. There are always some exhibitions, book fairs and other events taking place here.

What’s the best time to visit Frankfurt?

The best time to visit Frankfurt am Main is from spring to late autumn. The weather is best during this part of the year, and you can enjoy the different colors of this enchanting city. However, summers and the early autumn season are swarmed by crowds, as everyone wants to visit this city in its best form and shape. So if you want to beat the crowd, see everything closely and save some time and energy, visit it in early spring or late autumn. The crowds will be minimum, and you will be able to have a great time in the city. The weather will also be mild, so you won’t feel excess cold, wind or heat.

Frankfurt in Spring
Frankfurt in Spring

Spring is the best season, and we recommend you go there at this time as the gardens are all coming alive. Although you may get some rain, it won’t trouble you much. But visiting in the autumn season is a great choice, too. These two kinds of weather are ideal to visit this city, and everything is tailor-made for you. Prices of hotels, transportation and accommodation are all very reasonable compared to the peak season of late spring and summer.

Frankfurt also hosts some of the best cultural festivals and fairs:

  1. Berger Strassenfest
  2. BruckenWall Fest
  3. Dippemess (autumn)
  4. Dippemess (spring)
  5. Rotlintstrassenfest
  6. Museumsuferfest
  7. Jazz zum Dritten
  8. Shisha Messe Fair
  9. Marathon Mall
  10. Frankfurt Apple Wine Festival

a Few Facts about Frankfurt

Frankfurt is an ancient city that was founded even before it became an important Roman settlement. But due to the destruction in World War II, much of the city has developed with new buildings and structures all around. So it is a mixture of old and new architecture and heritage. This leads to some very interesting facts about the city.

  1. Frankfurt enjoys a huge stock market.
  2. Buchmesse is the largest book fair in the world.
  3. The city’s Opera House was a ruin before being fully restored to its glory.
    Opera house, Frankfurt
    Opera house, Frankfurt
  4. Due to tall skyscrapers, it is also known as the Mainhattan.
  5. As an economic hub of Europe, Frankfurt is also known as Bankfurt.
  6. Frankfurt am Main means ford of the Franks beside the River Main.
  7. Due to its matchless strategic location, Frankfurt has become an emerging transportation hub.
  8. The first Wikimania was held in Frankfurt.
  9. Frankfurt has the largest inner-city forest in Germany.
  10. Frankfurt was one of the biggest cities in ancient Europe and was used as a coronation place for emperors and kings.
    Frankfurt Skyline
    Frankfurt Skyline

One Day in Frankfurt Itinerary

Spending one day in this city of wonder is not enough. However, with some thorough research and planning, we are able to share a great one day trip itinerary for Frankfurt. So, follow it and we guarantee you will get a great taste of this city and want to make another trip soon.

Follow this guide and make the most of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do during your one day in Frankfurt.


Visit Romerberg and the iconic Town Hall

Romerberg is a historical market square in Frankfurt and a great place to start your day. Translated from German, Romerberg stands for “Roman Mountain”.

Romerberg, Frankfurt, Author: Marco Verch, Source: Flickr

This place has a great historical association because it is surrounded by administrative buildings, medieval houses and landmarks such as Frankfurt’s Town Hall from 1405, the Renaissance Fountain of Justice from 1543 and on the opposite side of the square Old St Nicholas Church dating back to the 15th century.

Frankfurt’s Town Hall
Frankfurt’s Town Hall

Visit the Goethe House and a Museum

The Goethe House is considered to be the birthplace of the German polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe where he lived until the age of 16, in the period of life in which he wrote The Sorrows of Young Werther. Right next to the house, lies the Museum of German Romanticism where you can learn more about the history of literature.

Goethe’s house, Frankfurt
Goethe’s house, Frankfurt, Author: ptwo, Source: Flickr

Visit different museums on Museumsufer

This Museum Embankment, known as the Museumsufer, is a cluster of 12 museums on the banks of the river Main. Be sure to get yourself a Frankfurt card. Not only it gives you a discount for museums and other attractions, but also for public transportation.

Museum of World Cultures is one of Europe’s top ethnological museums with more than 65,000 artifacts. Another important museum, Museum of Ancient Sculpture, is home to a large collection of Asian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman sculptures. The Icon Museum houses more than a thousand Christian Orthodox images. German Architectural Museum focuses on architectural design, German Film Museum on the history of cinema and the Lumière brothersthe Museum of Applied Art displays more than 30,000 objects of European and Asian decorative art.

Museum of World Cultures
Museum of World Cultures, Frankfurt, Author: David Stanley, Source: Flickr

The Städel Art Museum houses a remarkable collection of paintings from the 14th century that includes works by old masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Goya, but also modern painters like Monet, Degas, Beckman and Picasso.

Pick your favorite museum or just stroll around and enjoy this lovely area.

Look at the horizon from the observation deck of the Main Tower

The 200-meters high Main Tower is one of the highest skyscrapers in Germany and the only one in the city with a viewing platform. Enjoy the spectacular view with all the high rise towers, Main River and the horizon from its observation deck.

Make a stopover at St. Paul’s Church

Make a stopover at St. Paul’s Church, a 18th century church of great significance for the Germans. The church began as a Lutheran church with a circular plan that made a perfect space for the first democratically elected parliament in Germany in 1848, and even though the building returned to its original function, it still represents the birthplace of German democracy.

Be enchanted by the Frankfurt Cathedral

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral is one of the most magnificent structures in Germany built in Gothic style between the 13th and 15th centuries. During the Holy Roman Empire, it hosted the coronation of emperors that took place in the Election Chapel. If you decide to enter the Cathedral, don’t miss the magnificent Crucifixion by Hans Backoffen from the beginning of 16th century,  many numerous carved side altars dating from the 15th and 16th centuries, and the most important relic – Pieces of Saint Bartholomew’s skull.

St. Bartholomeus's Cathedral
St. Bartholomeus’s Cathedral, Frankfurt, Author: Steve Collis, Source: Flickr

Wander through Palmengarten

Wander through the beautiful Palmengarten, the 54-acre botanic garden first opened in 1871. You can find plant species from all parts of the globe, including the subtropical and tropical plant species inside of the greenhouses. It’s a great place to stop for a bit, enjoy the lush nature or relax in the sun.

Palmengarten, Frankfurt
Palmengarten, Frankfurt

Take a few snaps of Europaturm

Europaturm is one of the tallest telecommunications towers in the world, only a short walk from Palmengarten. Although the deck is closed, it is still a great landmark to visit and take a few pictures.

Europaturm, Frankfurt
Europaturm, Frankfurt

Taste the local flavours at Kleinmarkthalle

Kleinmarkthalle is a 1,500 square meters indoor market located in the hangar-like hall that dates from 1954. Nearly 160 market stalls sell everything from freshly prepared food, local products to flowers every day of the week except Sunday. In addition to gourmet treats from around the globe, you can easily find traditional regional specialties such as sausages, cheeses, pastries and the famous Frankfurt “Green Sauce”.

Kleinmarkthalle, Frankfurt
Kleinmarkthalle, Frankfurt

Plan your day

You can start your one day in Frankfurt by taking a ride on the sightseeing bus. This way, you can cover a lot of sights and buildings by a single ride. After the tour, you can make a lunch stop at one of the many top restaurants or Kleinmarkthalle and spend your afternoon wandering the Palmengarten or any other city park.

In the evening, you can watch the city lights and skyline from the observation deck of the Main Tower. Dine in another famous restaurant, and after enjoying its delights, attend any local concert or event. Afterward, treat yourself to a DJ club, disco or a pub crawl (on Fridays and Saturdays) and make the most of your night.

Frankfurt at Dusk
Frankfurt at Dusk, Author: Carsten Frenzl, Source: Flickr

Where to stay in Frankfurt?

NH Frankfurt Niederrad

NH Frankfurt Niederrad

Lyoner Straße 5, Niederrad, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany

NH Frankfurt Niederrad, being located quite close to the airport, is a convenient place for a short stay. Spacious rooms, amazing décor and international cuisine, make it a great pick for your stay in Frankfurt.


NH Collection Frankfurt City

NH Collection Frankfurt City

Vilbeler Strasse 2, Frankfurt City Center (Old Town), 60313 Frankfurt

NH Collection Frankfurt City offers a superior modern stay in the heart of Frankfurt. The hotel features a spa area with sauna, hammam and a gym. The bright and spacious nonsmoking rooms feature modern décor. The hotel is a great pick for both business travelers and leisure visitors.


Extra tips for visiting Frankfurt

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Best of Frankfurt, Germany - What to do and where to stayA complete one day itinerary for Frankfurt, Germany

If you have any other propositions for this One Day in Frankfurt itinerary feel free to share it in the comments below!

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