Tips for a sustainable vacation in Berlin

Germany’s capital is one of the greenest cities and has legendary nightlife. In addition, there are a growing number of sustainability projects and activities to enjoy. Be inspired by innovative urban planning concepts and exciting community projects. Visit the annual environmental festival or one of the many conferences like Berlin Questions. You can do your part, too: use eco-friendly mobility providers, eat at organic restaurants and shop sustainably, or plan a yacht charter in Germany. Berlin is so much more than nightlife and beer festivals. We’ve compiled a list of tips for your sustainable trip to Berlin.

Tips for a sustainable vacation in Berlin

Go for sustainable food trends in Berlin

Berlin has long since become a powerhouse of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. With the abundance of food trends in Berlin, you will hardly find a restaurant that doesn’t have delicious alternatives to meat and fish on the menu. A wide variety of vegan restaurants can also be found in the city.

Berlin’s culinary scene is growing stronger and stronger, with more and more restaurants focusing on regional and seasonal organic products that are responsibly produced and fairly traded and doing business in an environmentally friendly way. Some restaurateurs even grow the fruits and vegetables to prepare the irresistible delicacies themselves.

Sustainable food in Berlin

Vacation by sea from Berlin

With its 2,000 km of sandy beaches, the Baltic Sea coast is a popular place to return to again and again. The diverse landscape consists of high cliffs, forests and green landscapes. Islands like Rügen or Usedom are perfect for a beach vacation. They are among the most popular tips for a holiday in Germany. And don’t worry, you don’t have to take off your clothes if you don’t feel like it.

A sailing vacation on the Baltic Sea is a great pleasure. If you want to rent a yacht, Germany and its Baltic coast are perfect. The Baltic Sea coast is ideal for a vacation in Germany. Less than 300 km away, it is easy to reach by train.

The basics of sailing have remained unchanged for thousands of years. The wind is free, and sailing is one of the cleanest and most ecological pursuits available to humankind. Therefore, sustainability is a concept that can be applied to well-built boats – even older boats. Few other consumer products have a comparable life expectancy when properly maintained.

Renting a yacht in Berlin

Stay in sustainable hotels

More and more hotels in Berlin are attaching importance to sustainability. Less plastic, more seasonal and regional products in the hotel’s own restaurants, less food waste, more awareness of greenhouse gas emissions, vegetarian and vegan hotels and organic hotels: You can stay at these accommodations with a clear conscience. Many hotels elaborate on ambitious sustainability standards so you can familiarise yourself with their practices. This way, you can fall asleep with a clear conscience after a rollicking night out in Berlin’s nightlife.

Sustainable Hotel in Berlin

Berlin Insider Tips: Flea and weekly markets

A weekly market, a flea market, an organic market, a vegan market, a Christmas market, an indoor market – Berlin loves its markets. There’s rarely a day in Berlin when someone isn’t buying or selling some kind of unique speciality at one market or another.

The weekly markets offer regional and seasonal organic products grown by farmers from Berlin and Brandenburg. Within the historic walls of the market halls, you can also take a trip back in time while shopping and make environmentally friendly and health-conscious purchases at organic and vegan markets.

Flea markets in Berlin

Make sure you have everything you need

What to pack for your next trip?

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