Best of Alaska: From Glacier Hiking to Dog Sledding

If Alaska is your next holiday destination, we just want to say – well done! The best country to be transfixed by natural beauty, the northern lights, wildlife adventures, Alaska has many activities to offer. So, naturally, you want to do as much as possible, but for that, you should know what you are looking for. Just read through our list of the best places and things to see and do on this vacation!

Best of Alaska

Glacier Hiking

Being able to see the glaciers up close and, especially, walking through them has got to be one of the most surreal experiences in your life. And Alaska is one of the top places to do that!

There are special roadsides prepared for tourists who are looking to experience these natural attractions firsthand. And, though it is entirely safe, this kind of hiking usually appeals to risk-takers and people looking for a thrill and a surge of adrenaline. The ice creaks beneath your feet as you are surrounded by sheer glassy walls high up on the mountains.

Glacier Hiking Alaska

Glacier hiking is one of the most popular tourist attractions here, so just be brave and curious – experiences like these are rare!

The most popular glaciers to visit here are the Mendenhall and Matanuska!

Alaska Day Cruises

Seeing the glaciers are usually a huge part of any tours to Alaska, and if hiking is a bit too extreme for you and you would rather feel the solid foundation under your feet – just plan a day cruising the premises!

This way, you will see all of the natural beauty of the country, not just the glaciers! It is an opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of whales, orcas, bears, mountain goats, and bald eagles. Also, you will pass gorgeous fjords and inlets on your way!

Alaska Day Cruises

Indulging in a day cruise is a must for nature-lover, so if that is you, you know what to do! There are numerous different cruises for several purposes, so pick what seems closest to your heart – you will have a great time either way!

Northern Lights

Traveling here to see the Auroras is so popular nowadays that many people associate Alaska with them right away. And, well, they are not wrong! The increased possibility of seeing Northern Lights in this region allows tourists to explore the night sky and enjoy the colorful canvas that it creates.

Even though it is not an exact science and the Auroras can be a bit unpredictable, statistics show that over 90% of people traveling here just for those views actually get to see them! So, your chances are outstanding.

Northern Lights Alaska

The best area for this is Fairbanks, so keep that name in mind before setting off. Of course, make sure to do your research, but approximately, the Northern Lights in Alaska are visible from mid-November to March!

Flightseeing Tours

What is so great about this country is that you have so many options to view it from. You can walk on your own two feet, you can choose the comfort of water, and you can even explore Alaska soaring through the sky!

The locals like to call it air taxis, and it will take you basically wherever you want. You will get to see the giants of ice, rivers, greenery, and other untouched attractions. As unique as the experience sounds, you will not have to go through much trouble to get in one of the taxis. Flightseeing tours are incredibly popular here, and some planes are even equipped to land on the rivers! Unreal!

Dog Sledding

Yet another way for you to explore Alaska, dog sledding is like a religion here! Not only is it a top-rated activity for newcomers, but it is actually celebrated every March in a dog sledding race. We strongly suggest you make time for it because making your way through thick snow with champion dogs guiding you is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dog Sledding
Photo credit: NPS / Jacob W. Frank via Flickr

Feel the crisp air on your face, and cuddle with the puppies of the trained dogs. See? This is both calming and revitalizing event that should end up on your itinerary!

Of course, options vary, but the most popular places to take part in dog sledding are Anchorage, Denali, Fairbanks, and Girdwood!

Alaska is an excellent choice for you to enjoy an exciting and fulfilling holiday. You will have fun, learn new things, and find peace and serenity here. So let yourself go and give in to the surroundings of nature around you – this might just be your best holiday ever!

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