eSIM USA, a new alternative to roaming

Whether you are traveling for work, tourism or to visit your family, having a good internet connection has become essential nowadays. So if you have a latest-generation cell phone, don’t want to spend so much money on data, and plan to visit the United States very soon, we recommend you to use one of the latest technologies created for this purpose, the eSIM for the USA.


In case you still don’t know what roaming is, this is a service normally offered by all cell phone companies with which for a specific fee you can connect to data, make and receive calls and even send and receive messages from another country. Although these prices are usually very high because they charge per megabyte, per minute, and even on many occasions for the call establishment.

Advantages of eSIM over Roaming

Roaming is usually the first option that many of us think of when we are going to travel abroad to have mobile internet or in general stay connected, but it is true that roaming rates can be very expensive depending on the country where we are going to travel and if our operator has coverage there.

So if we are on a tight budget or want to buy several things during the trip, we will not want to skimp a lot of money on internet megabytes, much less if we go on a business trip and need to be constantly in video conferences.

eSIM on travels

All this makes eSIMs a very good alternative. And although they are becoming more and more famous every day, you may not be 100% aware of what they are. They are basically the prodigy child of the traditional SIM cards we all know, only that they can be acquired in a completely virtual way and without the need to insert anything in your mobile since they are already embedded in your latest generation phone. All you have to do is activate it when you buy one. However, if you want to learn more about eSIMs you can do so in the article Best eSIM for the USA.

Can I buy an eSIM for USA Online?

As we saw before, eSIMs can indeed be purchased online. You can find several companies that sell them on the internet and there are even several providers that have apps for Android and iOS where you can purchase the eSIM service and then just buy the package you want and need.

The only thing we recommend here is to try to purchase it before your trip to avoid inconveniences, but still for its ease of purchase you can do it directly in the USA.


Are eSIMs compatible with all phones?

Since eSIM cards are cards that are installed directly on a nanochip that comes by default in your phone, no, they are not compatible with all phones. Most of them are only compatible with the latest generation phones, with the iPhone being among their favorites. However, there are also many Android devices that are compatible, such as the latest generation of Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, etc.

Another thing you should take into account apart from your mobile being compatible is that the provider you chose accepts your type of phone since not all companies have coverage on all devices with their eSIM cards. So you should check this very well.

Disadvantages of eSIMs

In the course of the article, we have talked most of the time about the advantages of eSIM cards, but are there disadvantages? Like everything we encounter in this life, yes, there are some disadvantages. Among them is that not all eSIMs have a phone number, which means that you will not be able to make analog calls, but you can still always call through apps like WhatsApp or Skype.

This also means that you should be very careful with roaming, because even if you have purchased an eSIM if you activate your operator’s roaming service unintentionally, you may receive surprise bills for SMS received or calls.

Local operators offering eSIM in the United States

There are several local operators that have already implemented eSIM within their product portfolio, among which we find in the United States, T-Mobile, and AT&T, two of the best cell phone companies in North America. Although they usually offer this service only to people living in the country, not to tourists. But you can still take into account these two companies when selecting your eSIM provider to check very well if they have connections to the best networks in the country and thus do not have problems with coverage.

eSIM USA providers for tourists

Currently, there are many companies that offer eSIM service for the USA, normally all you have to do is type eSIM USA on the internet and choose the provider that best suits your needs.

Remember to always check their coverage and if your cell phone is compatible with the eSIM offered by the provider.

eSIM for travellers

eSIM or SIM Card, which is better

In the end, what best suits your needs will be the best, but it is true that the eSIM has several advantages that the SIM Card does not have, such as the fact that you can acquire an eSIM in a couple of minutes and from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is make the purchase, the company sends you the QR code, you scan it, activate it and that’s it.

You will also have the possibility of keeping your current SIM card in the mobile, which means that your cell phone will become dual SIM and you will not lose your contacts. In addition, you do not need to insert any extra card, nor will you have any problems damaging or losing it.

Frequently asked questions about eSIM USA and international roaming

If after reading the whole article you think it is a good idea to get an eSIM, here are some frequently asked questions that people usually have when getting one.

How much does an eSIM for the United States cost?

Although the price varies depending on the brand, most eSIMs for the US are usually between $19 and $120.

What happens if I have problems with my eSIM?

The best thing to do in these cases is to contact your provider immediately, without deleting the eSIM card from your mobile device, since by deleting it you will not be able to reinstall it in your cell phone.

What if my cell phone is not compatible with eSIM?

There are always other alternatives to both eSIM and Roaming, you can purchase an International SIM Card, a Pocket Wifi, or connect to free WiFi points wherever you go. Although this last option is usually a bit risky, since anyone can connect to them, so we recommend you not to put important personal data or enter your bank account when you are in a public network.

Can I share data with the eSIM USA?

With most eSIM cards you will be able to share mobile Internet with your friends and family, but it is best to check with the company at the time of purchase. This way you will avoid inconveniences.

How much does international roaming usually cost?

Depending on the phone company you have, roaming prices can range from one dollar to $10 USD per megabyte. However, if you choose this option, it is recommended that you check with your company the roaming prices and if they have benefits in the country you are traveling to, as sometimes they have international roaming packages. This will make it more economical.

Make sure you have everything you need

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