How to Travel to Santorini From Athens

Oh, beautiful Santorini! The only land with more wine than water. The gorgeous turquoise water, unique Greek cuisine, charming, picturesque villages, and lots of things to do makes this a perfect holiday destination. Over the years, the small Greek Island has transitioned from somewhat known to a must-visit spot thanks to its incredible views and gorgeous sunsets over the Caldera. Besides, there is so much to do here, from wine tasking to the exciting boat executions, given its ideal location, making it perfect for island hopping.

How to travel to Santorini from Athens

How to Get to Santorini From Athens

There are two ways of traveling from Athens to Santorini: plane and ferry.

Athens to Santorini by Plain

Taking a flight is the easiest and most convenient way of getting to the beautiful sceneries of Santorini from Athens. Besides, numerous companies fly this route every day, including Skyexpress, Olympic Air, Ryanair, Volotea, and Aegean. Usually, a flight to Santorini from Athens takes approximately 45 minutes. Plains departing Athens take off from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, situated about 30-4- minutes from the heart of Athens by Metro. Flights arriving at Santorini land at Santorini International Airport, located approximately 15 minutes from Fira town. Thousands of passengers travel via this small airport, so it might be a little crowded. Some of the major companies flying this route include:

Volotea: It flies every day from mid-April towards the end of October and two to three times every week the rest of the year.

Sky Express: It has between 3-9 flights every day, depending on the season. It flies all year round.

Ryanair: It flies from Athens to Santorini all year round. This company has around two return flights per day during the high season and one returning flight per day during the low seasons.

Olympic Air and Aegean: They fly from Athens to Santorini throughout the year. However, this company has more planes flying this route during the high seasons.

So, Why Take a Flight to Athens

When you are on a tight schedule: It takes a shorter while to get to Santorini from Athens via plane. Taking a ferry is the only other alternative. Generally, a ferry takes between 5-8 hours to sail from Athens to Santorini. Though cheaper, it might not be the most convenient option if you are in a hurry. Taking a flight might also be the better option if you get seasick. If you can, you might want to travel during the off-peak seasons when it is less crowded, and the plane tickets are cheaper.

Travel to Santorini from Athens

Taking a Ferry From Athens to Santorini

Let’s get this out of the way. A ferry is one of the most exciting ways of getting to Santorini from Athens. It gives you an incredible chance to enjoy the beautiful views of the gorgeous Aegean Sea. You will also be mesmerized by the magical islands of the Cyclades. Compared to taking a direct flight, a ferry is relatively cheaper but might take much longer on the journey. The Piraeus Port is the most popular and closer to Athens with a wide boat variety. Usually, the boats traveling this route depart from gate E7 directly opposite the Piraeus metro or train station. Taking the X96 bus is the easiest way to connect to this port, which will take between 50-80 minutes.

Generally, 4-6 ferries travel to Santorini from Athens every day, depending on the season. This makes it incredibly easy and convenient to travel this route, especially if you are traveling light. There are several companies operating at various ports in Athens and Santorini. Each of these companies has different traveling schedules, facilities, and amenities for its passengers. There are several high-speed ferries, most of which are smaller sized, while the other options have larger decks. Some of these companies include:

How to travel to Santorini

Blue Star Ferries

It is the main ferry operating company whose vessels serve Athens and Santorini itineraries. Two Blue Star Ferries run from Athens Piraeus port to Santorini every day. Book a ticket from Athens to Santorini via Omio, which offers the cheapest and most convenient way of traveling this route.

Seajet Ferries

If you are on a limited schedule, you might want to book Seajet Ferries on your next trip to Santorini. This ferry will get you to Santorini from Athens in just 5 hours. They are smaller, high-speed, and equipped with closed compartments. Seajet ferries make about three journeys from Athens to Santorini every day. The only concern with this and other high-speed vehicles is that they might cancel at any time due to bad weather conditions.

Taking a Ferry From Athens to Santorini

You can take a flight or ferry from Athens to Santorini and enjoy the vacation of your life. Taking a flight is faster and therefore more convenient for people on tight schedules. However, it is more expensive and limits you from enjoying the breathtaking surrounding. While a ferry is much slower, it is cheaper and gives a perfect glimpse of the clear, calm waters of the Aegean Sea.

Make sure you have everything you need

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