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During a recent trip to Budapest, my accommodation turned out to be the highlight of the trip. That is not to say that Budapest is in any way a boring city, not even close, but the hotel we stayed in was absolutely spectacular. Mystery Hotel Budapest gives you a unique and enchanting experience, primarily because of the features it has and the building it’s in, but the service is just as good, if not even better. If you’re planning a trip to the Hungarian capital, this is the place you want to stay in, and if not you may want to travel there just for the opportunity to book a room there. Here’s why!

Fantastic first impressions

Let’s take it from the top. Mystery Hotel Budapest is located close to the city’s main railway station, which is a pretty good location because it’s not exactly in the bustling city centre but close to it. You can even walk there if you feel like it. However, there is much more to this hotel than its location.

As soon as you walk in, the impressions are spectacularly good. The interior immediately hits you like a truck, but in a good way – you can immediately see that this is a five-star hotel for a very good reason. The luxury can be seen in every detail, with the stone steps and marble floor being just a few examples. The whole place is furnished with the intention of creating a sense of mystery, and they have done a splendid job with it. Although the hotel was only opened last year (2019), the building has been around since the end of the 19th century and used to be the headquarters of Hungarian Freemasonry! The interior reflects that perfectly, and you really feel like you’re entering a secret society. But that’s just the beginning.

Mystery Hotel Budapest Bar Terrace
Mystery Hotel Budapest Bar Terrace

The rooms are incredible…

As we were walking to our rooms, we were still trying to process where we are. Beautiful crystal chandeliers were on every floor (we were on the top floor) and were an amazing detail that really helps you get into the mood.

When we finally got to the doors and went in, the surprises just kept on coming. The rooms were staggeringly luxurious, with luscious red curtains serving as doors to the bathroom and closet doors. The bathroom itself in my room was decorated with wooden tiles, with a wonderful shower, and the toilet was separate from that. A huge painting was hanging above the bed, and you somehow felt perfectly relaxed when you got it. The whole place was furnished to further emphasize the sense of mystery, and the atmosphere was spot on. Perfect!

After taking in the room for a while, I noticed that there was a bowl of fresh fruit waiting for me. Furthermore, the view from the window was great and I even eventually got complimentary treats from the hotel. They hand out those here every afternoon, and it really complements everything perfectly. This, however, was still not the most impressive thing about the hotel.

.. but the restaurant is even more spectacular

The most impressive thing about the hotel is without any doubt its restaurant. We found that out when we were going down for dinner that evening. What was once a secret masonic hall is today an exquisite restaurant with fantastic service and even better food. It certainly complements perfectly the five-star hotel that it is a part of. The black-and-white checkered motif is at the centre of the lavishly equipped room which has tables on the sides but also a few sofas and chairs too. So, it gives you a somewhat homely sense, although it never lets you forget that you’re in a high-class hotel.

Duck breast with goat cheese and polenta was absolutely superb, and the selection of cheeses we went for after that was just as good. That’s the kind of dishes you can expect here – well made, a bit fancy, but incredibly delicious.

Mystery Hotel Budapest restaurant
Mystery Hotel Budapest restaurant

A drink with a view

After a dinner like that, we weren’t quite ready to get back to our rooms, so we went to check out the rooftop bar. It was a great decision because The Sky Garden, as it is called, offers fantastic views of the city in a very serene ambiance. It really is like a garden up there, with lovely little tables surrounded by some very pretty greenery. Cocktails and snacks were served there, so we were able to relax fully after a whole day of travel.

I caught myself staring at the city a few times as the evening fell because the sight of Budapest slowly lighting up was quite magical. If you ever need a place to relax in this city, just come to this rooftop bar and soak in the view. The stress simply melts away.

Mystery Hotel Budapest Terrace
Mystery Hotel Budapest Terrace

Relaxation at the spa

Before we left the hotel, however, we tried out another great aspect of its offer – the spa centre. The spa centre takes the theme of the garden to a whole new level because, in addition to the Finnish sauna, the steam room and the jacuzzi it offers, it also has loads of greenery within it. Even palm trees can be found there! Sculptures and fountains complete the setting, and you can get a great view of the hotel’s overall architecture from this place, which is another big plus.

Obviously, I didn’t hold back while here, so I got myself a facial massage after spending some time in the sauna. After that, it was time for a body ritual, so by the end of the session, I felt so relaxed that I thought I was going to fly away. You can also choose treatments for couples if you find yourself on a romantic getaway in the city.

Mystery Hotel Budapest Secret Garden Day Spa
Mystery Hotel Budapest Secret Garden Day Spa


To conclude, Mystery Hotel Budapest is a unique five-star hotel. The story behind it is quite fascinating, and the interior is simply jaw-dropping. The rooms are luxurious and extremely comfortable, but the restaurant is arguably the star of the show. And you get a great spa center to go along with that. What more could you ask for? Book a room now!

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