One Day in Baku Itinerary – How to Spend a Perfect Day in Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku is the capital and the largest city of Azerbaijan. In addition, it is the largest city on the Caspian Sea and in the Caucasus region. Founded in the 5th century, it is revered as the historical, cultural, and business avenue of countries of West Asia. This grand and newly-emerged tourist destination has a population of 3.2 million and is also the sole metropolis of the country. In other words, your one day in Baku will be filled with some amazing things!

One day in Baku Itinerary

The name ‘Baku’ means ‘The City of God’ or ‘The Land of God’. The city is regarded as the architectural child of Paris and Dubai and has three prime divisions, i.e. the ancient city, the Soviet-built city, and the newly-built city. It is also 28 meters below the sea level, making it the lowest-lying country’s capital. Azerbaijan was annexed into the USSR in 1920, where it remained for decades but finally got its independent status in 1991.

So, are you excited for your one day in Baku? If the answer is yes, get your backpacks ready! There is a lot to see.

What’s The Best Time To Visit Baku?

If you’re planning on visiting Baku and exploring the deep history, culture, and eye-opening architectural views, you’ll love every second of your one day in Baku. But what’s the best time to visit the city?

‘Time flies; it’s up to you to be the navigator.’
(Robert Orben)

Planning always plays a pivotal role in any work you do! It is rightly said that an hour of preparation can save you 10 hours of doing. Have a look over the statistics presented here to evaluate and plan when the right time is to visit the mini-Dubai, Baku.

Baku, Source: Flickr, Author: Francisco Anzola

May and September are most likely to be the months of adequate and pleasant weather conditions with an average temperature between 20 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius.

The warmest months are July and August. Additionally, the weather remains dry in February, April, May, June. By far, the coldest month is January, when the temperature falls to 6 degrees Celsius. If you are a big fan of rain, then November is the month in which you should plan your visit as it is the wettest month.

Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku 2
Heydar Aliyev Centre, Source: Flickr, Author: Francisco Anzola

Events and Festivals in Baku

Baku, the charming city of Azerbaijan, is a fantastic place for events and festivals. People enjoy them throughout the year, no matter if they focus food, culture, music, wine, and music.

There’s always something exciting and fascinating happening in the country, especially in its capital. Below are some of the famous events that you must see if you’re planning on visiting Baku.

International Baku Jazz Festival

The music festival forum is set up with 115 members from 34 different countries in Baku for this festival. It has several phases and follows with a competition for getting the ‘Best Jazz Performer’ award. This festival has been held since 2005.

Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition

The food industry of Azerbaijan is so important not only because it meets the country’s demands but also because it exports to many other places. The goods include freshly-grown fruit, herbs, vegetables, and spices. Every year in May, an exhibition is held in which all the exports good are displayed.

Azerbaijan International Auto Show

Are you a car/motorcycle lover? If you nodded in agreement, then you really should travel to Baku because the city hosts an annual exhibition every year between March, April, or May.

Maiden Tower International Art Festival

International Art Festival at Maiden Tower has been held since 2010. It is an international environment that brings artists from diverse backgrounds under the same roof. The festival includes street art, workshops, exhibitions, and much more.

Baku Shopping Festival

If you are a shopaholic, then this gathering is for you. It is a seasonal shopping festival that happens twice a year and goes for as long as a month. What makes it unique? This shopping gala has special discounts and is Tax-free.

Baku International Tourism Film Festival (BITFF)

Every November, an annual cultural event is held to promote films on various subjects related to domestic and international tourism, which is viewed by a large audience.

A Few Facts About Baku

  • The name Baku is pronounced as ‘Baa-koo.’
  • The citizens of Baku take tea with jam. Yes! You heard that right; the drink is go-to for every occasion and every meet-up and is sweetened with jam.
  • The residents and citizens of Baku are known as ‘Bakuvians’ or ‘Azerbaijanis.’
  • The Currency of Azerbaijan is ‘Azerbaijani New Manat’, and 1 Azerbaijan Manat is worth about $0.60.
  • Baku has an exclusive and dedicated Museum for Miniature books. It opened in 2002 and is the finest of its kind in the world. It features over 6500 miniature manuals from 64 different countries.
  • Baku also has a Museum of Dedicated Carpets; with various designs and patterns.
  • The sport which is famous throughout Azerbaijan and especially in Baku is arm wrestling. Baku also hosts arm wrestling matches in bars and clubs.
  • Baku is located in close proximity to Mud Volcanoes.
  • Baku is full of exciting and famous tourist destinations like Little Venice on the Boulevard, Baku Flame Tower, Palace of the Shirvanshahs, and many more.
  • Baku derives its significance from its administrative functions and the oil industry.
  • Baku is indeed an enchanting place full of excitement. It has the ever-burning natural gas fire which burns throughout the year without ever stopping. It is called Yanar Dag.
  • Bakuvians love food. Azerbaijan’s national dish, which is also Baku’s most famous dish, is ‘Kutabi.’ These are filled and stuffed pancakes.
  • Baku’s literacy rate is 99%. Students are wise and do jobs too, but undergrads who face difficulties in managing job and studies take dissertation proposal writing service.
  • When it comes to weddings, Bakuvians are very meticulous. They have a great love for sugar – if there is no sugar, there is no wedding.
Baku Downtown
Baku Downtown, Source: Flickr, Author: Adam Jones

One Day In Baku Itinerary

Follow this guide and plan your trip accordingly, even if you are short on time. These are the top places you should visit during your one day in Baku. You can easily tour the city in a day by renting a car at low prices and riding around the city with ease. Just keep this in mind: wake up early and live the moment!

Visit Gobustan National Park

Exploring different landscapes has its charm, and when it comes to exploring Baku, some of its features will really make you say “Wow!”. Scientists have discovered prehistoric mud volcanoes in which you can put your hands. If you dare, of course. Just be careful – an eruption could cover you in mud. The scenery is quite surreal, and you feel very much like you’re on another world, but while you’re here you should also go see the fascinating rock art that can also be found on the national park’s premises.

Mud Volcanoes, Baku
Mud Volcanoes, Source: Flickr, Author: Peretz PartenskyFollow

Go and see the Heydar Mosque

Time for some architecture! The Heydar Mosque is a blend of modern and traditional as it has all the elements you’d expect from a traditional mosque, but it was only built in 2014. Nevertheless, it is exceptionally beautiful, with its minarets reaching 95 meters in height. It is an especially beautiful sight at night, when a white light illuminates the building from all sides.

Experience the astonishing beauty of the Heydar Aliyev Centre

The Heydar Aliyev Centre is an impressive piece of architecture created by architect Zaha Hadid. It outshines all buildings in the city with its curves and flows and often hosts concerts and festivals.

Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku
Heydar Aliyev Centre, Source: Flickr, Author: Francisco Anzola

On the second floor, there is a permanent exhibition called Mini Azerbaijan where you can take a look at all the most notable buildings in this country in their scaled-down version. They span from the Middle Ages to the current day, so it’s certainly interesting to see how far the country has come. Other exhibitions are also held here, so take a look and see what you can visit when you come here.

Inside Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku
Inside Heydar Aliyev Centre, Source: Flickr, Author: Dmitry Karyshev

Have some delightful food at Sumakh Restaurant

If you’re hungry, have a delectable lunch at Sumakh restaurant, which is a favorite old-time eatery for locals and tourists alike. It has a modern interior, vibrantly colored walls, wooden elements, and couches ornamented with kilim cushions, all of which creates the perfect ambiance. Oh, and the food is innovative and flavorful, so you are bound to enjoy your meal here.

Walk the Baku Boulevard

Once you’re done with your meal, a nice walk is a great idea. Close to the aforementioned restaurant is the Baku Boulevard. This promenade goes parallel to the city’s coastline, and is usually considered to start at Freedom Square and go all the way to the Old City. Built in 1909, this stretch has been more than doubled in length in the last decade, but the original park is still a beautiful place ideal if you want some time for yourself and to just soak in the city’s vibe and appreciate the fact that you’re here.

Baku Boulevard
Baku Boulevard, Source: Flickr, Author: Francisco Anzola

Explore Baku Old City

At the end of your walk a very special prize awaits. Baku Old City is the very heart of Baku and the very first place in Azerbaijan to become a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Old City, Baku
Old City, Source: Flickr, Author: Francisco Anzola

This settlement dates back to at least the 12th century and has been beautifully preserved with people still living there. The city walls are still visible, which makes for a great tour through this beautiful place.

City Walls, Baku
City Walls, Source: Flickr, Author: Francisco Anzola

One thing you definitely mustn’t miss while you’re here is a visit to Maiden Tower, one of the symbols of Baku and Azerbaijan in general and another World Heritage Site. It houses a museum (which has a gift shop) dedicated to the city’s gradual development and is a part of many stories and legends. Climb to the top for a breathtaking view!

Maiden Tower, Baku
Maiden Tower, Source: Flickr, Author: Dan Lundberg

Relax on Fountain Square

End your one day in Baku, at least as far as sightseeing is concerned, on the beautiful Fountain Square (also known as Parapet). The locals absolutely love it, and its easy to see why: numerous fountains are surrounded with bars, restaurants and boutiques, plus there is a lot of wonderful greenery all around you. It certainly seems like a perfect day where you can rest and unwind after a whole day of walking and where you can do some people-watching to see what the local customs are when they have time to spare. Relaxing and very interesting at the same time.

Fountain square, Baku
Fountain square, Source: Flickr, Author: Francisco Anzola

Visit People Live Bar for a thrilling nightlife experience

Lastly, after visiting historical places and having some great food, you should visit People Livebar, a cheerful and stylish café. You can have drinks and listen to a live band while you mingle with the locals. The nightlife in Baku is genuinely astonishing, and the bar is open for 24 hours on Fridays and Saturday.

Where To Stay in Baku, Azerbaijan?

Baku is the largest city in the Caucasus region. Given its position as a significant gateway, it is a favorite choice of many tourists and many people from around the world have a lot of questions in their minds about where to stay in Baku. Getting a place which is in the city center and allows you to commute easily will be an excellent place for a foodie!

Deciding this without having an insight is the trickiest thing to do, so read this and thank me later.

Icheri Sheher Hotel, Baku

Icheri Sheher Hotel

Mammadyarov Street 1/34, Sabayil , AZ1001 Baku

Are you going to Baku for the first time? If yes, then Icheri Sheher must be the place of your stay. This fantastic hotel is located right next to the walls of the Old City, so you’ll have quite a backdrop for your stay. Oh, and the view from the place where you have breakfast is absolutely spectacular.


La Casa Baku

La Casa Baku

Zeynalabdin Taghiyev Street 15/3, Sabayil , AZ1005 Baku

Hotel recommendation in Baku is La Casa Baku, an attractive 4-star hotel in the Sibayil district of Baku with great features and affordable rates. It is located right next to Caspian Sea, about 300 meters from the shore. You can also rent bikes and enjoy numerous amenities, as well as a continental breakfast.


Oliva Inn & Hostel

Oliva Inn & Hostel

26 Həzi Aslanov Street Home 34, Yasamal , AZ1005 Baku

Best hostel recommendation is Oliva Inn & Hostel with great prices. Breakfast is available here every morning, the dorms are fairly big, and the kitchen is well equipped. On top of that, you are very close to many major attractions in the city.


Extra Tips For Visiting Baku

Things you must have in your mind before visiting Baku:

  • Do not speak about Armenia. Azerbaijan and Armenia are at war, and talking about Armenia can get you in real trouble.
  • Baku is a city that values cleanliness – don’t litter in Baku or you’ll be fined.
  • Women are highly regarded. Don’t be rude and arrogant to women.
  • Taxis and rent-a-cars don’t accept credit cards; they accept cash only.
  • Food and accommodation are cheap compared to other European countries. For a few dollars, you can eat a whole lot.

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