One Day in Cartagena Itinerary – How to Spend a Perfect Day in Cartagena, Colombia

When traveling to Cartagena, one feels as if coming upon the fortune of a great secret. If any city captures the essence of magical realism, that distinction is bestowed upon none other than Cartagena, the adopted home of the world’s most beloved magical realism author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The seaside city combines the best of Caribbean and Latin flavors with effortless flare and color. Like many best kept secrets, the word has gotten out, and now is the time to get to know this gem brimming with old world charm and hospitality. And don’t worry, one day in Cartagena is plenty of time for that.

One day in Cartagena Itinerary

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What’s the best time to visit Cartagena?

Cartagena is near the equator with typical Caribbean weather. While temperatures rarely sway beyond the range of 24C to 31C, humidity is a factor that should be considered. September and October are the wettest months. December through April is considered the sweet spot for weather, which is also the busiest tourism time. Regardless of time of year, warm days give way to balmy, breezy nights.

What’s good to know about Cartagena?

The UNESCO heritage site was founded in 1533. To ward off intrepid pirates and political adversaries and protect city inhabitants and the precious metal and jewel exports, a giant wall and series of fortresses, which still stand to this day, were built around the city.

Old City is beautiful and is made up of two neighborhoods: San Diego and El Centro. Bougainvillea-draped balconies shade tiny streets and alleys. Getsemani, just outside the wall separating Old City from the rest of Cartagena, is the former slave quarters. It is up and coming and is often compared to New York City’s neighborhood SoHo. The street art is not to be missed.

Torre del Reloj Plaza
Torre del Reloj Plaza, Author: Reg Natarajan, Source: Flickr

Skip the tourist trap jewelry shops, but don’t miss an opportunity to barter on the street for a Wayuu mochila!

One day in Cartagena itinerary

Follow this guide and make the most of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do during your one day in Cartagena.


Visit Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

Start the day early. While walking to the Castillo, order an arepa con huevo and jugo de fruita from one of the street stands. This is fast food at its best.

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas
Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, Author: Jorge Láscar, Source: Flickr

Not only is this imposing fortress a stunning example of Spanish colonial architecture, but by also being situated on a hill, the best vistas to be had of Cartagena’s evolving skyline will be from here. Across the bay, the sleek, shiny high rises of Boca Grande will have you wondering if you are looking at Miami or if you are still in Colombia.

Cartagena Skyline as seen from the Castillo
Cartagena Skyline as seen from the Castillo, Author: Reg Natarajan, Source: Flickr

The development in action is a sign of a changing economy. Avoid the tour and rent a radio lanyard that can be adjusted for language preference for the self-guided tour. Don’t miss the chance to take a selfie with the cannons!

Stroll the Old Town and have lunch at La Cevicheria

After spending a couple of hours at the Castillo, head back toward Old Town. Reach the city’s landmark Torre del Reloj, the impressive 19th century gate and the clock tower.

Torre del Reloj
Torre del Reloj, Author: Reg Natarajan, Source: Flickr

Once you pass through the wall, slow down your pace to a meander so you can notice the exquisite details in the building facades. Many of these buildings are several hundred years old. Be shameless and take some pictures in front of your favorite doors in an array of colors as impressive as the ornate door handles.

Colonial architecture in Old Town Cartagena
Colonial architecture in Old Town Cartagena, Author: Jorge Láscar, Source: Flickr

On the corner of Calle 39 and Carrera 7 is a remarkable little restaurant, La Cevicheria. Order a mojito and a basket of patacones, which is a delicious twice fried and smashed plantain to savor while you choose which of the various ceviches you want to eat. If you are a Gabriel Garcia Marquez fan, you will be happy to know his house is a block from the restaurant.

Reach Plaza Santo Domingo

Admire La Gordo Getrudis. If you happen to see one of the las palenqueras in their brightly colored dresses with massive bowls of fruit, stop and engage with her. For a small fee, usually the purchase of some fruit from her, she will happily pose for a picture with and for you.

As you make your way toward Museo del Oro, you’ll come upon La Paleteria. Even though you likely just had fruit, step inside for a sweet snack that will be utterly refreshing. They have a variety of flavors to suit anyone’s fancy! Try one of the local fruit flavors such as the Lulu.

Visit Museo del Oro Zenú

Channel your inner gold digger. Stop at Museo del Oro Zenu for a beautifully curated collection of gold and its historical significance to the region. Enjoy the respite from the humidity because the air conditioning will likely be quite cool. As you pass through the various plazas, don’t be surprised if you spot a parrot or two.

Make Time for Siesta

Afternoons in Cartagena are meant for rest. Go back to your room for a brief nap and shower before going out for a sunset stroll along the wall, dinner, and soul shaking salsa dancing. In this city, night begins late. And the nightlife is one absolutely not to be missed.

Enjoy a Happy Hour, Sea Wall Stroll, and Dinner

Take a walk along the city wall and admire the view. Make your way to Café del Mar and grab a table. This is a great vantage point to be for sunset. Have dinner at one of many highly regarded restaurants, with Restaurante Don Juán Cartagena a favorite (reservations are strongly suggested).

Pegasus near Torre de Reloj
Pegasus near Torre de Reloj, Author: Reg Natarajan, Source: Flickr

Go From Salsa Dancing to Street Party

Following dinner, venture to Getsemani for salsa and champeta dancing. Two popular salsa clubs are the legendary Café Havana and Bazurto Social Club. If you don’t feel like dancing, order a mojito and watch the scene unfold. The salsa bands are some of the best you will hear. What if you want to try to dance but don’t know how? It does not matter if you are still as a steel rod with two left feet. Your local partner will help you find the rhythm!

Your night cannot be complete without a street party in the most colorful plaza in South America, Plaza de la Trinidad! Only one block away from Café Havana, this plaza will be brimming with life and street performers. Find a table at one of the numerous patios or at the bar in Demente, where the décor is as stylish as the drinks are delicious. Once your feet have rested well from the dancing and walking, if you notice you built up an appetite from that dancing, say hola to the fellas operating that hot dog cart right in front of the church and do yourself a solid by ordering a Colombian hot dog for your late night snack. You earned it!

Where to stay in Cartagena?

It’s best to book a room or apartment within El Centro, San Diego, or Getsemani.

El Centro

La Passion Hotel Boutique

La Passion Hotel Boutique

Calle Estanco del Tabaco 35 – 81, Centro

La Passion Hotel Boutique offers a stylish and relaxing stay only a few minutes walk from the beach. The hotel features a beautiful terrace lounge, swimming pool and a hot tub. All common areas and rooms are soberly decorated with marble floors and classy furniture.


Tcherassi Hotel + Spa

Tcherassi Hotel + Spa

Calle del Curato No. 38-99, Centro, 130001 Cartagena

Tcherassi Hotel + Spa is a five star luxury hotel set in a refurbished colonial mansion only a short walk from San Diego and Santo Domingo squares. The hotel features a restaurant and a terrace with a swimming pool. Guests can enjoy spa facilities and wellness treatments, including massage sessions.


San Diego

San Pedro Hotel Spa

San Pedro Hotel Spa

Centro Historico, calle San Pedro Mártir Numero 10-85

San Pedro Hotel Spa is a luxurious boutique hotel in an elegant Colonial style. It features a swimming pool surrounded by Coral Stone pillars. Rooms are decorated with Colonial-style artwork and decorated tiles.



Casa Pizarro Hotel Boutique

Casa Pizarro Hotel Boutique

Getsemaní Calle del Pozo # 25- 56, Getsemani

Casa Pizarro Hotel Boutique is perfectly located boutique hotel that offers stylish and modern accommodation in the heart of Getsemani neighborhood, only a short walk from Museo del Oro. The hotel features a lovely terrace with an outdoor pool, as well as the hot tub.


Casa Venita Hostal Boutique

Casa Venita Hostal Boutique

Calle San Antonio 25-37 Getsemaní, Getsemani

Casa Venita Hostal Boutique offers a great value stay in of the most famous neighborhoods of Cartagena, only a short walk from Plaza de la Trinidad. The hotel features a sun terrace and views of the garden, and certain rooms feature a balcony or a patio.


Extra tips for visiting Cartagena


It is possible to get around the city by walking. The traffic patterns and flow can make a taxi ride longer than the walk would be. If taking a taxi, always negotiate and agree to the fare before beginning the ride. A taxi ride from the airport to Old City or Getsemani should cost about $10,000 COP. Have cash on hand because the driver will not be able to take cards.


While language may be a barrier if your Spanish skills aren’t up to snuff, Cartagenans are tremendously friendly and will attempt to assist and understand in any way they can. Still, keep in mind that the majority of people to only speak Spanish. But it’s all a part of the charm of getting to explore this charismatic spot before a boom of tourism changes the character.

– Most international cards are accepted at larger establishments but anticipate to primarily use cash for your transactions.

– If you happen to have the luck to be able to spend more than one day in Cartagena, rent a tour or hire a driver to take you to spend the day at Playa Blanca!

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  1. Super usefull post. Im going to Catagena in January and I was looking for things to do and this post was Just what i was looking for. Thank you so much.

  2. I have visited many times to Cartagena. If you have only one day, don’t visit Cartagena. These city has too many places and activities to enjoy minimum in 4 days.

    • Hi Ana, ofcourse it is always better to stay longer wherever you travel to, but for those that aren’t able do that, visiting Cartagena is still worth it, even for a day! 🙂

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