One Day in Kotor Itinerary – How to Spend a Perfect Day in Kotor, Montenegro

It seems that these days everybody’s talking about the beautiful Montenegrin coast. Kotor, the city located in the stunning Kotor Bay, is one of the most popular European summer destinations at the moment. It has a little bit of everything for everyone’s taste, and it equally attracts young people, families and even the elderly. Perfect weather, vicinity of the crystal clear Adriatic waters, amazing natural landscape, rich cultural heritage and loads of newly open bars and restaurants – Kotor is a dream summer destination.

One day in Kotor Itinerary

What’s the best time to visit Kotor?

Definitely during the warmer months. During the winter, many activities can’t be done and many bars and restaurants are simply closed. Summers are sunny and hot, but they are definitely the best time of the year to visit Kotor. To escape the crowds, visit in early June or early September. May and October also offer nice weather and pretty affordable accommodation.

Kotor, Author: Vojtech Holoubek, Source: Flickr

A few facts about Kotor

This coastal city of Montenegro was first settled during the Roman times. During the rule of the Venetian Republic, the fortification system surrounding the Old Town was built. It’s still very well preserved and listed as a World Heritage Site.

Kotorortification Walls, Kotor
Kotorortification Walls, Kotor

The natural landscape is a pretty impressive one as the limestone cliffs hang over the Gulf of Kotor. It may seem like one of the fjords, but it’s actually a ria, a submerged river canyon.

One Day in Kotor Itinerary

Follow this guide and make the most of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do during your one day in Kotor.


Start your day with a breakfast

There are numerous breakfast options in Kotor, but there’s one special place only a short walk from the Old Town. Ladovina kitchen and wine bar offers amazing egg dishes, super healthy oatmeals and a wide range of sandwiches. All of that served on a beautiful patio. In case you enjoyed the atmosphere, you can always come back for either lunch or dinner.

Stroll around the Old Town

The best time to explore the Old Town of Kotor is right in the morning, especially during the peak season. Pass through the Gurdich Gate and get lost in the narrow streets and passages of the Old Town. Even if you wander without any use of a map, you’ll easily manage to explore everything during a two-hour walk.

Gurdich Gate, Kotor
Gurdich Gate, Kotor, Author: Charlie, Source: Flickr

There are many churches and piazzas inside the walls. Besides the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, don’t skip Saint Luke’s church on the lovely Piazza Greca square. The church of Saint Luke has traits of Roman and Byzantine architecture.

Kotor Cathedral
Kotor Cathedral, Author: Arnie Papp, Source: Flickr
Saint Luke's church, Kotor
Saint Luke’s church, Kotor, Author: francois schnell, Source: Flickr

Another lovely square is the Wood Square and the church of Saint Mary’s Collegiate near the Northern Gate. Finish your Old Town tour at the Piazza of the Arms square and exit trough the Sea Gate onto the lovely Promenade.

Drink an espresso coffee

The Old Town is literally packed with bars and restaurants mostly because Montenegrins really have a vibrant cafe culture. Order an espresso coffee, relax in the shade of stone walls and just people watch. You’ll easily fall into the local mood.

Have a spectacular panoramic view

For a spectacular view of Kotor Bay and the old city of Kotor, climb the stairs that go all the way to the San Giovanni fortress. The climb up may be a bit exhausting, especially during the hot months, but you’ll happen to forget everything once you’re there. In case you’re not able to climb all the way to the fortress, there is a nice viewpoint not far from the point of the entrance which is still a great spot to capture some amazing photos.

San Giovanni fortress view, Kotor
San Giovanni fortress view, Kotor, Author: Vojtech Holoubek, Source: Flickr

Taste the Montenegrin flavours

Montenegrin cuisine is best described as a mix of Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine. You can have amazing meat stews and grilled meat as well as some of the most delicious seafood in Europe. Meat and vegetables from the grill can be a great order, but if you want something more traditional order japraci (dolma made with rastan leaves), pasulj (Bean stew with smoked ribs), meat tripes stew or simply go for an octopus salad. There are many restaurants around the Old Town, so pick one depending on your taste and your budget.

Old Town Restaurants, Kotor
Old Town Restaurants, Kotor, Author: Charlie, Source: Flickr

There’s a nice restaurant called Bokun (which means a little) that’s the best option if you’re not into eating a heavy meal. They offer great sandwiches, pizzas, salads and some great platters – and their Kotor platter is a must try.

Restaurant Przun is another great restaurant that offers wide variety of food – from delicious pasta, risottos, salads all the way to seafood and burgers. Pretty much for every taste.

If you’re into seafood specialties – don’t miss restaurant Scala Santa. 

For pretty cheap and the most delicious grilled meat in the Kotor, you need to get out of the Old Town and search for Mesara Tanjga grill. They serve meat sandwiches, burgers and meat platters.

Spend an afternoon at the beach

The waters around Kotor are clean and crystal clear. Only about 5 km far from the Old Town of Kotor you can find perfect pebble beaches and spend the whole afternoon sunbathing and swimming. Bajova kula and Orahovac are two beaches favoured by the locals and pretty close to each other, accessible both by road and by sea. Beach bars and restaurants offer deckchair rental where you can enjoy your summer cocktail overlooking the sea.

Night out

During the warm summer nights, the Old Town transforms into a really lively place with a great chilled atmosphere. After an exhausting day, the best thing to do is to find an outdoor terrace and enjoy drinks and some live music. A great bar for doing so is a Jazz Bar Evergreen. They mostly play jazz music and at nights hold live concerts. They have some nice Montenegrin wines on their menu, and they serve a lovely local dark beer. Other than that, live music can be found in restaurants Przun and Bokun, Square Pub and Karampana. 

Kotor Old Town
Kotor Old Town, Author: JD Lasica/, Source: Flickr

Where to stay in Kotor?

Old Town

Boutique Hotel Astoria

Boutique Hotel Astoria

Stari Grad 322, Kotor Stari Grad

Boutique Hotel Astoria is a luxurious and modern hotel located in the heart of the Old Town. Beautifully designed bathrooms, original painted room murals and unusual, artistic design all make a stay in this hotel a unique experience.


Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro

Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro

Stari grad 433, Kotor Stari Grad

Hotel Cattaro is a historic boutique hotel, in the core of a historical building which in the 18th century used to be Napoleon’s theatre. The hotel is actually a part of the Old Town walls and features a terrace with the most beautiful view of the main city square.


Near the beach

Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare-Pietra

Hotel Casa del Mare-Pietra

Dobrota bb, 85330 Kotor

Luxurious and elegant, Hotel Casa del Mare-Pietra is located in Dobrota, only 50 meters from the sea promenade and 3 km from Kotor Old Town. This fully designed hotel provides both comfort and luxury stay. Its stylish and individually decorated rooms come with a sea view and standard amenities. The hotel also features an outdoor swimming pool, sun terrace, small wellness center with Jacuzzi, sauna and massage treatments.


Hotel Casa del Mare - Amfora

Hotel Casa del Mare – Amfora

Orahovac bb, 85330 Kotor

Hotel Casa del Mare- Amfora is located by the sea, in the calm charming village of Orahovac. The hotel offers modern and comfortable suites with balconies and amazing views. Guests can also enjoy a small wellness club with a sauna and hot tub as well as the restaurant of traditional local and Mediterranean cuisine. The beautiful private beach is located only a few steps from the hotel.


Budget stay

Hostel Old Town Kotor

Hostel Old Town

Stari Grad 284, Kotor Stari Grad

In case you’re looking for a budget stay or you just want to meet fellow travelers – hostels may be the best option for your stay. If you want to stay inside of the walls of the Old Town – Hostel Old Town Kotor may be your choice.


Extra tips for visiting Kotor

– Even though Montenegro is not part of the EU, the Euro is their official currency.

– The tips in the bars and restaurants are never included in the price, and it’s customary to tip at least 10%.

– If you move just a bit from the Old Town and the sea coast, the restaurant prices can go up to 30% cheaper.


Best of Kotor, Montenegro - What to do and where to stayA complete one day itinerary for Kotor, Montenegro

If you have any other propositions for this One Day in Kotor Itinerary feel free to share it in the comments below!


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