One day in Park City Itinerary – Top things to do in Park City, Utah

Park City started out as a humble mining town but has since grown into so many other things. It is now popular for different activities such as snowboarding and skiing, as well as the famous Sundance Film Festival. A large number of accommodation options make it a good choice for many vacationers, especially during winter. So, if you want an active vacation, you’re in the right place, but there are also many other great things to see and experience. There’s undoubtedly a lot you and your family can do in Park City.

One day in Park City Itinerary
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What’s the best time to visit Park City?

If you are visiting Park City, your best bet is to come between December and March, especially if you love winter sports. The season for ski runs typically from November to April, for instance. As you would expect, the winter months are the coldest. There is also an average annual snowfall here of 300-400 inches of snow. Yet, the town is the busiest in January.

Nature around Park City
Nature around Park City, Author: utahwildflowers, Source: Flickr

This is due to the Sundance Film Festival, which this place hosts every year during that month. This festival alone attracts thousands of film lovers from all over the country. You can also enjoy the celebrity SkiFest during this time.

Park City in Winte
Park City in Winter, Author: Ewen Roberts, Source: Flickr

A few facts about Park City

Apart from being a fun place to visit during the winter, there are several fun facts about Park City that you will enjoy.

Park City in Summer
Park City in Summer

– The ten o’clock whistle has been in existence since 1905, and the aim is to warn the people of a curfew. The bell was made originally to warn people about fire danger. It is now an electric siren, and it still does the same thing. No one needs to tell you once it is 10 pm.

– The town has a total population of about 8000 people, but the locals are outnumbered by tourists most of the time.

– The Sundance Film Festival is the biggest in the US. It is held every January and often has more than 50000 film enthusiasts, movie makers, and celebrities in attendance. 

Sundance Film Festival, Park City
Sundance Film Festival, Author: Raffi Asdourian, Source: Flickr

One Day in Park City Itinerary

If you have one day to spend in Park City, you should follow this guide to make the most of your time here. Here are the best things to do while you’re in this part of Utah!

Start From the Historic Park City

There is no better place to start your itinerary than the historic center of Park City itself. This town’s western mining heritage and mining history are best seen in Historic Park City which shows you that this town was once famous due to the mining of silver that went on here.

Main Street Sign, Park City
Main Street Sign, Author: ArtBrom, Source: Flickr

Make sure you stop at the Historic Park City Museum just midway through Main Street, with many wonderful details of the town’s mining history. Hop on the free trolley here to really get in the mood.

Main Street, Park City
Main Street, Author: David Boyer, Source: Flickr

Go Skiing at the Deer Valley Resort

This is one of the two major ski resorts in Park City and is also regarded as one of the country’s finest. There are several lodging options with 101 ski runs, over 20 chairlifts, and 15 dining outlets, ranging from fine dining to casual cafes.

Park City Skiing
Park City Skiing, Author: dennis crowley, Source: Flickr

It also has amenities such as the Mountain Hosts, offering up to 4 complimentary ski tours daily. If you have a baby with you, you can drop them at the on-site licensed childcare facility. There is also a very large ski school within the resort that has over 500 ski instructors. This is one of those places where you are bound to have the most fun in Park City.

Visit the Utah Olympic Park

If you want to know the secret to America’s success at the Olympics and other competitions, then you should check out the Utah Olympic Park. A lot of that success starts from this point.

Olympic Park, Park City
Olympic Park, Author: Thomas Kriese, Source: Flickr

During the winter Olympics of 2002, the Utah Olympic Park came into the limelight as it hosted numerous evasive events. To date, it remains a major Olympic center and is home for current and future Olympic athletes to train. You are allowed to visit the park and many other attractions for free.

Olympic Park, Park City
Olympic Park, Author: Bill Rand, Source: Flickr

You get to see attractions such as the Discovery Zone obstacle course and other sports-related attractions. There are also priced activities within the park, such as an hour-long tour around the highest Nordic ski jumps in the world, a zip line, climbing and rope tours with up to 3 levels, etc.

Enjoy Your Lunch at the High West Distillery & Saloon

Your visit to Park City will be incomplete if you don’t clock in at High West Distillery & Saloon. This is one of the most popular locations in Park City, just next to the Historic Park City’s town lift and around Quittin’ Time ski run base.

High West Distillery and Saloon, Park City
High West Distillery and Saloon, Park City

This gastro-pub has a menu that serves caribou sausage rolls and High Country pot pie with bourbons, whiskeys, and ryes to accompany it, not to mention the spirits and craft whiskeys made from the High West Distillery. This distillery also offers access to ski-in and ski-out.

Round Off Your Evening with Beautiful Art Sightseeing at the Kimball Art Center

There are very few places where you can get as much art as the Kimball Art Center. This center is just a few blocks from Main Street, with art exhibits from both national and regional artists.

If you are visiting around August, you shouldn’t miss the Kimball Arts Festival that is held every August. It is one of the most significant events in this town and the neighboring cities, with 225 jury-selected artists coming from different parts of the country. No matter if you’re a skier or not, you will enjoy visiting this place.

Where to stay in Park City, Utah?

Montage Deer Valley

Montage Deer Valley

9100 Marsac Avenue, Deer Valley, Park City, UT 84060

A great place to stay in Park City is Montage Deer Valley. This five-star resort has a full spa and also offers six restaurants with accommodation options for ski-in/ski-out. A hot tub and an outdoor and an indoor pool are also available, so you can enjoy a visit here any time of the year. The rooms are amazing, and the fireplace in each of them is wonderful in the middle of winter.


The Chateaux Deer Valley

The Chateaux Deer Valley

7815 Royal Street East, Deer Valley, Park City, UT 84060

The Chateaux Deer Valley is a hotel whose rooms are inspired by lodges and come with a fireplace. So, you can get really cozy in here. However, there you can also enjoy a hot tub, a heated pool, and a nice Italian restaurant for the whole family. A shuttle bus is also available to the visitors, so all you have to do is relax.


Hyatt Place Park City

Hyatt Place Park City

4377 North Highway 224, Park City, UT 84098

With a hot tub, an outdoor pool and jaw-dropping scenery behind it, Hyatt Place Park City is a lovely hotel at a reasonable price. All rooms allow you to enjoy a fantastic view and come with free toiletries for your convenience. Pets are allowed, and a shuttle is also at your disposal. Enjoy!


Park City Hostel

Park City Hostel

1781 Sidewinder Drive, Suite 201, Park City, UT 84060

If you need affordable accommodation, Park City Hostel will deliver. Not only that, but it will provide you with impeccable service, plenty of room, and an opportunity to go down an Olympic downhill run if you dare. Just buy a ski pass here and get ready for a ride of your life!


Day trips from Park City

You’re probably here for the skiing and the slopes, but if you have the time, do make an effort to set up a day trip from Park City. It will be worth it!

The Salt Flats

The famous Bonneville Salt Flats are about two hours’ drive away from Park City and make for an amazing day trip, especially if you’re a car enthusiast because people race here all the time. If you come in August, you just might stumble upon Speed Week.

Salt Lake City

Less than 45 minutes from Park City is Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital. It’s a great place to spend a day, no matter if you’re looking for adventure or just good old sightseeing. Make sure you pay a visit to the Mormon Temple while you’re there, but there are many other great places to visit, like Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Hogle Zoo, etc.

Diamond Fork Hot Springs

If you’re up for a hike, head to Diamond Fork Hot Springs, to the south of Park City. A lovely forest hides this natural gem, and the incredible cobalt-blue color of the water will astound you. Exploring and being out in the open is a great idea for a day trip.

City Creek

Craving some shopping? Then City Creek is the place for you! Shops, restaurants, and smoothie bars will keep you going while you’re exploring all the stores, and visitors can also feed the fish every Saturday at 10 AM in the stream on the lower level. Just relax and shop away!

Extra tips for visiting Park City

– You should note that getting around Park City, especially the main street, will take a lot from you. This is because you are likely going to do it on foot. So, it would be best if you prepare yourself. However, there is also the option of a trolley to take you from one end of the street to the other.

– However, there is a public transport system that you can also use for free to most of the attraction centers in Park City. There is also the option for you to rent a vehicle if you want to drive yourself down the snowy roads during the winter. 

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