One Day in Tijuana Itinerary – Top things to do in Tijuana, Mexico

The beautiful Mexican border town of Tijuana is home to some of the most elegant tourist attractions, great beaches and a sprouting cultural scene. With its galleries, monuments, museums and beaches, this place offers a diverse and wide-ranging blend of attractions. This town of Mexico has been working hard on becoming a famous tourist destination, and you can see that wherever you look. Interestingly, Tijuana is located right across the US border – just follow other visitors crossing it, and you’ll move straight to Avenida Revolucion, which is the main tourist street here. So, if you’ve got your visa for Mexico ready, here are few things to know about this beautiful place in Mexico.

One day in Tijuana Itinerary

What’s the best time to visit Tijuana?

Though it is true that no season is a bad time to visit Tijuana, the best period is certainly the one from May through September as the temperatures are warm, there’s no rainfall, and you can be a part of various cultural festivals.

Tijuana Callejera
Tijuana Callejera, Author: Alejandro Cabrera, Source: Flickr

Weather in Tijuana

Tijuana has a mild climate with cool rainy winters and dry summers. For the biggest part of the year, the temperatures range between 50 and 75 degrees F, while dips below 45 degrees F are rare. The warmest temperatures appear in August and September when it’s pretty dry. Summer is therefore the best season to visit Tijuana.

Tijuana Callejera
Tijuana Callejera, Author: Alejandro Cabrera, Source: Flickr

Events to check out in Tijuana

The Guadalupe Valley festival celebrates wine, food and music and this is held in a place that lies south of Tijuana every year in the month of March. Expo Artesanal is a special folk art festival that is held in the month of May in a place called ‘Andador Centenario’ in Zona Rios. The Tijuana Jazz and Blues Festival are held in the month of June with concerts held on Avenida Revolucion.

A Few Facts about Tijuana

Tijuana and its geographical details

Located on the Baja California Peninsula on the border between Baja California and California, the city is very much influenced by its US neighbours. The border that separates Mexico and the US is the most heavily crossed border in the world.

Road to Tijuana
Border, Author: Matt Wade, Source: Flickr

Tijuana is a resort city that known for racetracks and bullfighting, but its industry products are exported on behalf of America.

Tijuana Beach
Tijuana Beach, Author: cesar bojorquez, Source: Flickr

Birthplace of a culinary classic

It is surprising to many that Tijuana is where Caesar Salad was invented. In 1924, Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant, moved towards the south of the border while the Prohibition was still a thing in the the US. He opened a restaurant in Tijuana with limited supplies, and he simply threw together whatever was there in stock. And presto – Ceasar Salad was born.

One day in Tijuana Itinerary

Apart from the interesting shops, terrific nightlife and donkeys painted as zebras that made Tijuana appealing once upon a time, this place is back on the map thanks to its excellent coffee shops, fantastic Mexican cuisine and a unique scene of urban art. Here are few things to do while you spend your one day in Tijuana.

Tijuana Callejera
Tijuana Callejera, Author: Alejandro Cabrera, Source: Flickr

Soak in the experience of Mercado El Popo

Like in any other Mexican town, Mercado El Popo is a bustling and famous food market that you shouldn’t miss for the world! You can get amazing waist-high wicker baskets here that are stuffed with Mexican chilis and exotic fruit. This is an ideal place to take some interesting food photographs.

Savor the best breakfast at Telefonica Gastro Park

This is a park filled with eight food trucks that offer you a wide array of cuisines from Mexican to Italian to Japanese and Argentinean. It is an open space that is lit up with fairy lights and wooden benches to give you a cool festival feel.

Tijuana Street Food
Tijuana Street Food, Author: Rob Bertholf, Source: Flickr

Check out the street murals in Pasaje Rodriguez

Pasaje Rodriguez is an alley that is filled with Oaxacan food stalls, coffee shops and some of the best craft shops. This is a proof of the soaring urban art scene of Tijuana. The walls are covered in bright graffiti murals, most of which comment on the human rights and political issues of the place.

Tijuana Street Food
Food Stalls, Author: Rob Bertholf, Source: Flickr

Get involved with the craft beer scene of Tijuana

Following its neighbour’s (San Diego) trend of brewing, Tijuana is gradually establishing itself as a great player in the scene of craft beer. While there are several breweries that serve the famous IPAs, they even try things with their own techniques and ingredients to create beers that have an authentic Mexican flare.

Dig into spectacular street tacos

Tijuana is one of the ‘taco meccas of the world’. There are visitors who cross the border only to have lunch in this city. So, if you’re a fan of tacos, don’t miss a street called Las Ahumaderas or Taco Alley to experience some of the tastiest tacos you’ll ever taste.

Tacos, Tijuana
Tacos, Author: Ben Stiefel, Source: Flickr

Where to stay in Tijuana

Hotel Rio Rita, Tijuana

Hotel Rio Rita

AVENIDA REVOLUCIÓN 968, Centro, 22000 Tijuana

Hotel Rio Rita is a great place to stay if you just want a nice, clean, comfortable accommodation that’s going to provide a wonderful place at a reasonable price. The people working here are exceptionally friendly, and you get free toiletries, too. Thumbs up!


Hotel Ticuan, Tijuana

Hotel Ticuan

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla no. 8190, Col. Zona Centro, Centro, 22000 Tijuana

A great four-star hotel, Hotel Ticuan has delighted thousands of visitors over the years. Not only is it in the town’s centre, but you can also use an incredible gym, enjoy a very cool bar and relax in your comfortable rooms with private bathrooms and loads of other equipment. Great stuff.


Quartz Hotel and Spa, Tijuana

Quartz Hotel & Spa

9580 Paseo del Centenario, 22320 Tijuana

If, however, you’re aiming for something truly luxurious, Quartz Hotel & Spa is the place for you. As you can see from the name, you will be pampered here, and this five-star establishment really knows how to make your stay a memorable one. An outdoor pool, a wonderful garden, even a hot tub are at your disposal here.


Hotel Caesars, Tijuana

Hotel Caesars

 Ave. Revolución #1079 Zona Centro, Centro, 22000 Tijuana

Finally, if you need another budget-friendly suggestion, Hotel Caesars is a good choice. The location is excellent as are the prices, and you get some really high-quality service here, too. Free toiletries, flat-screen Tvs, free WiFi… more than enough for a pleasant stay!


Day trips from Tijuana

Here are few day trip destinations that you can plan from Tijuana:

Valle de Guadalupe

This day trip from Tijuana is most certainly for foodies as Valle de Guadalupe is known for excellent wine and dishes that accompany it perfectly. Just sit back and enjoy.


For those of you who want to explore other Mexican cities, Ensenada is a great choice. Known as Cinderella of the Pacific, it will provide you with some stunning sceneries, as well as an urban feel.


With its numerous breweries and wineries, Tecate is a heaven on Earth for those who appreciate a good drink. Add to that the ranches you can visit, and you have yourself a wonderful day trip from Tijuana.

Rosarito Beach

Spend your day on a huge sandy beach full of excellent bars, and get a tan everybody is going to talk about. Great for young people since there are also plenty of dance clubs around.

Puerto Nuevo

Lobsters are what this small community is all about, so if you can get enough of this delicacy, a trip here will be a dream come true.

Extra Tips for Visiting Tijuana

If you’re an American who is curious about crossing the border and entering Tijuana to experience the tacos, tequila and fun, read this before you go:

Tijuana, Author: Matt Wade, Source: Flickr

– Forget the gringo stereotypes as they were considered to be a sign of poor taste both then and even now.

– Don’t ask people in Tijuana how they feel about Trump as they simply feel lucky that Trump was not their president.

– Don’t do anything that you’re restricted from doing like taking alcohol or drugs.

– Don’t forget to look down while walking on the roads of Revolucion as there are sudden knee-deep potholes in the sidewalk that can hurt you if you don’t pay attention. They never discriminate between sober and tipsy people!

– Some think zebras are an irrefutable part of Tijuana and they’re truly there in this place, as they’ve been for the last 100 years.

Graffiti Art, Tijuana
Graffiti Art, Author: Martha Silva, Source: Flickr

– If you’re coming from afar to spend your one day in Tijuana, make sure you have your visa for Mexico ready.

So, if you’re ready to keep in mind all the above mentioned points, pack your bags and head towards Tijuana, Mexico to spend a great day in a fantastic town.

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