One Day in Universal Studios Hollywood Itinerary – A Perfect Day in Universal Studios Hollywood, LA

Universal Studios Hollywood is a perfect place for film and entertainment lovers. It has been the heart of Los Angeles for decades now and is also recognized as one the best tourist spots in the United States. No doubt, you will find everything here needed to make your stay memorable and fun: television film sets, adventure theme parks, eateries, and other attractions that make people come back for more. Yes, one day in Universal Studios Hollywood is something very special.

One day in Universal Studios Hollywood

Plan your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood

1. What’s the best time to visit Universal Studios Hollywood?
2. A few facts about Universal Studios Hollywood
3. One Day in Universal Studios Hollywood Itinerary
3.1. Go on a Universal Studios Tour
3.2. Experience Minion Mayhem
3.3. Face the zombies
3.4. Go to the Lower Lot
3.5. Travel the world of Harry Potter
3.6. Check out other rides
3.7. Stop by the Three Broomsticks
4. Where to stay near Universal Studios Hollywood, LA?
5. Day trips from Universal Studios Hollywood
6. Extra tips for visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

What’s the best time to visit Universal Studios Hollywood?

If you want to get a not-so-crowded experience of Universal Studios, do try and see it during the week. It is generally recommended that you try and avoid weekends and national holidays as a tourist or a first-time visitor since people tend to flock there during their days off. But the place is great for any and all visitors, from families with children to groups of friends.

Universal Studios
Universal Studios, Author: Thank You, Source: Flickr

A few facts about Universal Studios Hollywood

Apart from being one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood film studios in the world, Universal Studios Hollywood boasts many other fascinating facts, including:

– Carl Laemmle, the founder of Universal Pictures, opened this place on March 15, 1915

– The first studio tour, called Glamours Tour, started in 1964, with the ticket costing $2.50 per ride.

– The first year of USH only attracted 38,000 visitors, while in 2017, it welcomed 9.056 million visitors.

Universal Studios
Universal Studios

– USH’s backlot suffered fire damage nine times ever since its inception.

– E.T. Adventure that opened in 1991, was the first real ride in USH.

– The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the largest themed ranch in the Upper Lot. It was inaugurated on April 7, 2016.

One Day in Universal Studios Hollywood Itinerary

Between this and the rest of LA, you could easily spend a few days exploring and experiencing fascinating places. However, if you have only one day in Universal Studios in Hollywood, this is what you really should see.

Go on a Universal Studios Tour

When in Universal Studios Hollywood, one of the best ways to travel around is to take the Universal Studios Tour (you can get a ticket here). These are available in multiple languages, last between 40 minutes and an hour and are really something you should do when visiting this incredible place. 

Universal Studios
Universal Studios, Author: vagueonthehow, Source: Flickr

Experience Minion Mayhem

If you are a fan of the blockbuster animated film Despicable Me (and its sequels, of course) and the adorable minions that appear there, a visit to Minion Mayhem is a must. It could be the ride of your life, and it will definitely make you feel like you are part of the fun and madness that is the movie.

Despicable Me, Universal Studios
Despicable Me, Author: vagueonthehow, Source: Flickr

Face the zombies

Not for the faint-hearted, but certainly, if zombies are your thing, visiting AMC Walking Dead is just for you. However, ensure that you check the time during which the place is open. Yes, you will get to encounter zombies here, something so many of us have thought of so often. Try not to be too scared!

The Walking Dead, Universal Studios
The Walking Dead, Author: Jeremy Thompson, Source: Flickr

Go to the Lower Lot

When visiting Universal Studio Hollywood, you must visit the Lower Lot. It is where the Transformers Ride, Revenge of the Mummy, and Jurassic World exist. No matter what type of movies you like, all of these things are very much worth your time. So, though the hours you may have are limited, you really should make time for a visit to the Lower Lot.

Jurassic Park, Universal Studios
Jurassic Park, Author: Kurtis Garbutt, Source: Flickr

Travel the world of Harry Potter

The different rides here are certainly something you have to look at. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will undoubtedly enjoy immersing yourself in the wizarding world.

Harry Potter, Universal Studios
Harry Potter, Author: Thank You, Source: Flickr

Go on the rides, look at the different parts of the villages, and more. If you like the brave little wizard and his friends, this will be everything you ever dreamed of.

Harry Potter, Universal Studios
Harry Potter, Author: HarshLight, Source: Flickr

Check out other rides

If you show up at Universal Studios Hollywood, you simply must check out all the different rides available. Things like Dino Play and Raptor Encounter are some of the best adventurous rides that you can go on, and they are sure to give you quite an adrenaline rush.

Universal Studios Ride
Universal Studios Ride

Stop by the Three Broomsticks

If you’re spending an entire day at the Universal Studios Hollywood, you must try and get a meal at the Three Broomsticks. Order yourself a beer and go over all the amazing experiences you have had.

Three Broomsticks, Universal Studios
Three Broomsticks, Author: HarshLight, Source: Flickr

Where to stay near Universal Studios Hollywood, LA?

Hilton LA – Universal City

Hilton LA – Universal City

555 Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City, Los Angeles, CA 91608

Another great choice for a stay close to USH. Hilton LA – Universal City is a lovely, fairly luxurious hotel with an outdoor pool surrounded by beautiful greenery. The rooms (especially the beds) are extremely comfortable, plus you can enjoy a very nice view. A great place to come and just relax.


Best Western Plus Hollywood Hotel

Best Western Plus Hollywood Hotel

6141 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90028

If you’re looking for something slightly more budget-friendly but still within reasonable distance from Universal Studios, Best Western Plus Hollywood Hotel is an excellent choice. It has well-equipped rooms, an on-site restaurant and even a pool, so you can rest assured this is a great place to stay on your LA adventure.


El Royale Hotel

El Royale Hotel

11117 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, Los Angeles, 91604

If you want a great hotel near Universal Studios in LA, El Royale Hotel is the perfect solution. The rooms are excellent, with a flat-screen TV, microwave, coffe/tea maker, and a fridge. Breakfast is included, but maybe the best thing about this place is that it’s so peaceful despite being within walking distance from Hollywood Blvd.


Samesun Hollywood

Samesun Hollywood

6820 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Need a hostel close to Hollywood? Samesun is where you want to stay! Located right there on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame, it will help you find a place right in the middle of it all. Free locker, free towels and free bag storage are offered, so you can just relax and focus on exploring this part of LA.


Day trips from Universal Studios Hollywood

Coming to visit Universal Studios Hollywood but have more than one day to spare? Great! You can see some wonderful places apart from the movie world. Here are some of the suggestions for day trips from Hollywood.

Beverly Hills

Another famous part of Los Angeles, you could easily spend one day in Beverly Hills and shopping, fashion, and a general sense of luxury.

Wider Los Angeles area

Don’t let the size of this great city scare you. You can see quite a bit in one day in Los Angeles. Do this, and you will be amazed by what one of the greatest cities in the world has to offer.


Why not visit another city in California while you’re here? If you want a break from all that glamour and glitz that is Hollywood, spend one day in Sacramento and enjoy the state’s capital.

Extra tips for visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

Plan in advance: Planning lets you enjoy the place better without the stress. If you plan in advance, you will make the most of your time here. Since you only have one day in USH, this can be very important.

Research: Read about what you want to see and what you may want to skip. For instance, if you prefer not to want to watch zombies and instead choose minions, then that is what you can spend more time on.

Get an easy QR-code: Get yourself easy QR code tickets to get easier access to the different rides and spaces. This takes less time in transactions.

Avoid carrying your bags: Many of the rides may require you not to have your bag. Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s also time-consuming to submit bags and then take them back.

Carry the maps: This could easily be the most important thing to do. Get a map of the area and make sure you identify where you want to go. This eases the process of deciding what you want to see and where to go next.

Follow the Covid Guidelines: You will have to follow Covid 19 guidelines issued by the authorities regarding visiting Universal Studio Hollywood. It includes wearing a face mask, maintaining social distancing, regular hand sanitization/washing, temperature check upon arrival, contactless payments for gratuities, and more.  

There are special events happening throughout the year, such as Halloween Horror Nights, Christmas Night, and more. So, no matter which time of the year you plan your trip to USH, it will be a trip of a lifetime.

Make sure you have everything you need

What to pack for your next trip?

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Things like lightweight travel backpacks, for example, are ideal for short trips and allow you to move around with ease, and a passport holder will make sure you keep your documents safe at all times.
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