One Day on Brac Itinerary – Top things to do on Brac, Croatia

One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia has a little bit for everyone. From divine beaches, adventure sports, delicious Mediterranean cuisine all the way to the incredible nature with olive fields and vineyards. It’s just an hour’s ferry ride from Split so don’t miss a chance to spend at least one day on Brač while there.

One day in Brac Itinerary

What’s the best time to visit Brač?

Summer – definitely! While it’s true that some places can get a bit busy during the high season (July-August), it’s also the time of the year when you can get the most out of this place. Not to mention that a lot of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs close during the cold months.

What’s good to know about Brač?

Brač is the highest and most populated Croatian island. Being just an hour’s ferry ride from Split, it’s a popular weekend destination for many locals and a nice summer getaway for tourists. It’s famous for its olive oil tradition as most of the locals produce one of the best virgin olive oils in the world. The white stone excavated from the Pucisca quarry was used as construction material in many famous building, including Diocletian’s palace in Split and the White House in Washington DC, at least according to a widespread claim.

Beaches around island
Beaches around island

One Day on Brač Itinerary

Follow this guide and make the best of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do on your one day on Brač.

Take a Ferry Ride to Supetar

Take a ferry ride early in the morning from the Split ferry port. Drink your morning espresso on the ferry deck and enjoy the scenic morning delight. The ferry operates very frequently at any time of the year, especially in the summer.

Ferry to Brac island

Stroll Around Supetar Town

Once you set foot on the island, you’re gonna find yourself in Supetar, the biggest and most populated town on Brač. The town itself is picturesque and charming, but busy compared to other places on the island.

Supetar Old Town
Supetar Old Town, Author: Stéphane Gallay, Source: Flickr

Visit the Pucisca Town and Check out the Stone Masons School

Take a bus or taxi to the Pućišća town, one of the most charming places on the island. The place it’s known for its quarry and the nicest white stone products. Visit the Stone Masons School to check out the work and the techniques of stone modeling and sculpting.

Try the Local Olive Oil and Wine

There are many people on the island selling their wine and olive oil products at their homes. If you see a sign that says you can buy some, don’t hesitate to do so. If you’re interested, you can always find somebody to explain the traditional production methods.

Enjoy the Panoramic View at Vidova Gora

On your way to the other side of the island stop at the highest point of the island – Vidova Gora. The place can’t be reached by bus, so either take a cab or hitchhike. The view from the top of the hill is stunning – you’ll see the whole surrounding archipelago in front of you.

Vidova Gora panoramic view
Vidova Gora panoramic view, Author: Brendan Adkins, Source: Flickr

Visit the Town of Bol and the Famous Zlatni Rat Beach

Thanks to the stunning beaches and loads of adventure and sports activities, Bol has become one of the most famous island destinations in Croatia. The main beach, Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn), with its unique shape and crystal clear waters on both sides, was recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Spend some time at the beach and try some of many sports activities. There is a nice summer breeze each afternoon, so it’s a great spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Zlatni Rat Beach
Zlatni Rat Beach

Explore the Hidden Beaches of Murvica

If you want to escape the Golden Horn crowds and have a private beach of your own – check out the Murvica area. There are many well-hidden pebble beaches in the area. There’s no real road that goes there so you can mostly reach it only on foot.

Beaches around Zlatni Rat
Beaches around Zlatni Rat, Author: gravitat-OFF, Source: Flickr

Try One of Many Croatian Seafood Dishes

The cuisine of Brač is famous for its combination of authentic dishes and Mediterranean gastronomical influence. This combination resulted in dozens of very delicious seafood dishes prepared with local olive oil and served with local wine. It’s recommended to find a great restaurant near the sea and have a taste.

Grilled Fish
Grilled Fish, Author: PRORui Ornelas, Source: Flickr

Spend a Night at Varadero Bar

In spite of being a small island town, nights in Bol can be exciting. Check out the Varadero bar in the very center of the old town for some dance music and cocktails. The bar is open during the summer and has a nice summer vibe.

Where to stay on the Brač island?

Hotel Osam

Hotel Osam is a luxurious, adults-only hotel, located in the historic center of Supetar town. It features an à la carte restaurant, a wine room, outdoor pool and a rooftop bar with a beautiful view of Supetar harbor. The hotel is open throughout the year.

Book here
Hotel Osam
Hotel Osam
Hotel Osam
Hotel Osam

Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa

Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa is one of the most exclusive hotels on the island located in the town of Bol, right next to the beach. Its wide range of room amenities and extra facilities such as the fitness center, tennis center, and outdoor and indoor pools will make your stay both active and relaxed.

Book here
Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa
Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa
Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa
Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa

Boutique Hotel Bol

Boutique Hotel Bol is a small boutique hotel that blends contemporary design and luxurious extras where you can relax with all your senses. It features an outdoor swimming pool with sundeck, a gym and sauna facilities.

Book here
Boutique Hotel Bol
Boutique Hotel Bol

Find the Best Hotel Deals in Supetar

Find the Best Hotel Deals in Bol


Brac Island Full-Day Tour from Split

If you are staying in Split and don’t have the time or the know-how to explore Brač on your own, your best bet is to book a day trip to Brač from Split. You don’t have to wait in line, worry about driving, parking, and keep tabs on the complicated ferry schedule. Instead, get picked up in front of your hotel, relax, and enjoy the ride. After a scenic cruise to Supetar, explore the island in a 4×4 and visit all of the famous landmarks, including the olive oil museum, the Vidova Gora viewpoint, and the beautiful Zlatni Rat beach. The experienced and knowledgeable tour guide will show you some hidden gems you wouldn’t have been able to come across on your own. With lunch at a local vineyard, you will experience a side of Brač you never knew existed.

Brac Island Full-Day Catamaran Excursion

For something more exclusive, consider a sailing excursion aboard a luxury catamaran. Private, laid-back, and mesmerizing, this tour is for those who truly know how to enjoy life. On this unforgettable island-hopping adventure, you will visit all of the island’s mainstays, but you will also have a chance to swim in secluded, distant bays, sample some great food and drinks, and enjoy beautiful music at sunset, just for you.

Brac Island Gourmet Tour from Supetar

Not all of the day trips to Brač start from Split. This exciting adventure from Supetar, although just as interesting, is primarily aimed at foodies who want to learn more about Croatian and Mediterranean cuisine. You’ll have a chance to learn about the island’s rich culture and history with visits to the Kopačina Cave and Škrip’s ruins. The highlight of the trip, however, is the excellent traditional 3-course lunch with specialties including local lamb dishes with home-grown potatoes.

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