Off the Beaten Path: 4 Unique & Lively Spring Escapes in Eastern Europe

A significant part of Europe may fall low on the average traveler’s must-see list, having places of unparalleled beauty that don’t ring a bell on the international stage. For the destinations in these countries have long been the victims of wars, conflicts, conquests, border disputes, and other harsh events, much of the region still bears the bitter marks of the unwelcome past. Unsurprisingly enough, many of them make the most attractive landmarks and spots, drawing a large enough faction of visitors, or history buffs, to explore these spots full of cultural significance. And despite a potentially sorrowful picture depicted, Eastern European countries are also magnets for partying, having entertainment and nighttime lovers flocking to some of the most vibrant spots in this regard.

Spring Escapes in Eastern Europe

As you’ll get to see, Eastern European countries tick some of the most important boxes you may look for in your travel, such as friendly and hospitable people, a vast musical repertoire, an abundant cultural legacy, swooping mountains and sprawling lakes, and pastel-colored medieval cities, to name a few. If you’re into visiting specific points such as culinary destinations, you’re a click away with your Holafly Europe eSim, offering you quality and speedy internet and roaming fees erasure.

So, are you ready to pack your bag and visit some of the best Eastern Europeans this spring? Will you enjoy your journeying solo or accompanied?


Transylvania is a Romanian historical and cultural region that attracts savvy travelers with its lesser-known but unique spots and landmarks, primarily appealing to those enamored with the beauty of the Southern Carpathian mountains and related activities. The Carpathians’ natural landscape, close to some quaint old towns, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, breathtaking villages, some world-famed castles, and one of the best highways worldwide named Transfagarasan, makes it hard to believe that unhindered, jam-free travel is still possible.

The core of Transylvania is globally known for the bloodthirsty vampires, Dracula, and the spooky spots around. While some of the storylines heard are simply captivating rumors passed around, the Bran location remains mythical and shocking regarding its natural beauty. Similarly, the vibrant restaurant scene made from famous eateries like La Ceaun, Roata, and Torzburg Restaurant will also leave you with a plate full of stories for when you return home.

Transylvanian travels will transport you back to the slow-paced, medieval realm where hills are blanketed by forest-green nature, and the views look like they are taken from SF movies. You have the Bran Castle, aka Dracula’s Castle, within reach, the Peles Castle, aka the first castle worldwide to be powered entirely by locally generated electricity, and other one-of-a-kind gems. Plus, Romanians are internationally known for being very friendly, hospitable, kind, and candid people, being quick to lend a helping hand when approached by foreigners and tourists specifically. Get there, prepare for an unforgettable time and don’t worry about feeling alone – Romania’s full of amiable people.


Sofia, the Bulgarian capital that’s only 10 hours away from Transylvania, resides in the country’s west side and, thus, has been injected with Western influences along the way. Due to its favorable position as a European crossroad, it has been targeted by settlers and invaders for hundreds of years, wherefrom the intrinsic and vast architectural legacy, the landmarks suggestive of the region’s history, and the richness of spots taking you back in time. Roman ruins, Greek temples, Ottoman mosques, and Soviet monuments are only a few historical and cultural places abundant in significance that will leave you breathless and stunned – or chilled to the marrow, depending on your experience and points of view.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria

Despite the city’s maturity, you can find an enchantingly young and dynamic populace and relaxed atmosphere, making the journey overwhelmingly inspiring. From Magnito Piano Bar to Yalta or EXE Clubs, and from the abundant bar concentration on the Vitosha Bulevard to the events held at the NDK, the nightlife and entertainment opportunities are endless. If you’re into dancing the night away, you’ll have plenty of places to unleash your party animal on techno and retro sounds.

Furthermore, you can find nature-filled parks and valleys like the Zaimov Park, City Garden, and South Park. Expect to come across numerous galleries and museums like the Social Art Museum or Mausoleo Battenberg, a dynamic restaurant landscape featuring top-rated spots like Staria Chinar and La Cattedrale, manicured gardens such as Borisova, and cultural buildings like Swingin’ Hall, to name a few of the noteworthy visitable elements.


While Poland may not be the first Eastern European country to pop into one’s mind when this region encompasses inimitably beautiful places like Croatia and Montenegro, it’s safe to say that a city full of treasure troves in this country is worthy of more promotion. Inspiring travelers opting for budget itineraries or for splurging fortunes, Kraków has everything for everyone, from terrific museums and a medieval center to opulent and luxurious local experiences. Hotel Saski, Sheraton Grand, Bachleda Luxury Hotel, and H15 Luxury Palace are only several attractions for those looking for a terrific vacation in some world-class luxury accommodations where opulence and excellence are guaranteed. For top-notch culinary experiences, Pierwszy Stopien, Dolabella Due, Wentzl, and Cyrano de Bergerac are unmissable eateries.

Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland

On the other hand, those seeking budget-friendly breaks can find anything they want and more in Krakow, like the possibility to visit some of the most sensational historical spots, namely the Wawel Castle, St. Mary’s Basilica, and Rynek Główny. For a romantic escape and sublime views of the city, Vistula River Boulevard is a must-visit on your itinerary list. And for literally anyone who’s down to gain some insights about one of the most touching and history-rich spots in the world, touring Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest concentration camp and a turning point in the world’s narrative, is unnegotiable.

As you’ll get to see, Kraków, one of the worthiest travel cities in Europe, will leave you longing for another escapade the moment you’ll be leaving it.


With an estimated population of up to 2 million and crossed by the Danube River, the capital of
Hungary is one of the biggest and most architecturally stunning cities you can meet in Eastern
Europe. Budapest is filled with sublime places to visit if you’re a lover of art nouveau
architecture, such as the Liszt Academy of Music, the György Ráth Villa, the Miksa Roth
Memorial House, or the Sonnenberg House, to name a few. The latter, for instance, was finalized
in 1904 and designed to reproduce the sensual Barcellona atmosphere through a quaint style
dominated by decorations and sculptures. And if you want first-rate treatment and pampering,
you can confidently go to the Gresham Palace, where luxury is at home and the fine dining and
top-notch amenities will make you want to return as soon as you leave.

Lastly, Budapest is renowned for knowing how to throw a good party. One of the city’s top party
venues has 18 bars and 7 dance floors, making it one of the few places you may encounter where
you can have a blast every day of the week. As you’ll see, it’s irrelevant whether you’re down to
celebrate on a lazy Thursday or an early Sunday, for good vibes are a guarantee there.

So, what’s the spot that best caught your attention? What other destinations that meet the preferences of those seeking out rich history, cuisine, and nightlife do you know?

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