Where to Go With A Loved One In Stockholm

Stockholm can rightfully be called Scandinavian Paris. The romance of the capital of Sweden attracts millions of couples from around the world. We recommend several places for the most unforgettable romantic experiences in Stockholm.

Where to Go With A Loved One In Stockholm

1.    Grona Lund 

In Stockholm, much has not changed for centuries, unless it has modernized and supplemented. For example, the amusement park Grona Lund is still one of the most visited places in Stockholm. You need to go there not so much for the sake of attractions but because of the views that open from them and the amazing atmosphere that is created here in the evening thanks to the lights and music of the carousels.

Grona Lund, Stockholm
Grona Lund, Author: Bruno Jargot, Source: Flickr

2.    Stortorget Square 

This is part of Stockholm’s huge landmark – the Gamla Stan district. Once upon a time, there were different fairs and festivals on this square. Today many old alleys and facades in the square are preserved in their original form. If you look for good date ideas for winter, then start with this place.

Stortorget Square, Stockholm
Stortorget Square, Author: Shadowgate, Source: Flickr

3.    Stockholm Old Town 

Gamla Stan has perfectly preserved the spirit of the Middle Ages. The oldest square of the city of Stortorget remembers the noisy markets, executions and pathetic speeches of the rulers. And nowadays, it turns into a wonderful fair on Christmas Eve. There is also the Nobel Museum where you can go and remember the names of outstanding scientists and their achievements that changed the world. And there is the impressive Royal Palace where ceremonial receptions are still held, and at noon, there are amazing ceremonies for changing the guard.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Gamla Stan, Author: Bruno Jargot, Source: Flickr

4.    Royal Palace 

The embankment of Stadsholmen Island is decorated with the majestic Royal Palace, which has 7 floors. The residential complex of the palace is made in the Renaissance style. The palace today serves as the current residence of the kings of Sweden. In their absence, you can see some chambers and halls in the castle.

Royal Palace, Stockholm
Royal Palace, Author: Ninara, Source: Flickr

5.    Stockholm metro 

This is a real art gallery where more than a hundred artists realized their wildest fantasies. At the station Kungstradgarden, you can find antique statues and a fountain, Hallonbergen platform is decorated with children’s drawings, and at the Solna Centrum, an elk is in wait for you – the main symbol of the country.

Stockholm Metro Station
Stockholm Metro Station

6.    Millesgarden 

This sculpture park is usually called an open-air museum. The fountains, sculptures and natural beauties of Sweden, combined into a single composition, create an indescribable atmosphere in the Millesgarden park. The park has a functioning art gallery. Excursions in the wonderful garden are conducted in different languages. The park is open daily seven days a week.

Millesgarden, Stockholm
Millesgarden, Stockholm, Author: Blue Sonicboy, Source: Flickr

7.    Djurgarden Island 

This is a nice picnic place. Grab a large blanket, foods, and drinks, and pretend locals on the lawns that have belonged to the royal court since the 15th century.

Djurgarden, Stockholm
Djurgarden, Author: Francisco Anzola, Source: Flickr

8.    Kungstradgarden Park 

Walking through the park, you can see statues of kings and knights, as well as find out the facts from Swedish mythology. In past centuries, royal gardens were located there. Then they were turned into a place for walking. The park has trees and shrubs inherent in Swedish nature. There are fountains and many places for entertainment and relaxation.

Kungstradgarden Park, Stockholm
Kungstradgarden Park, Author: Shadowgate, Source: Flickr

9.    Fotografiska 

The center of modern photography Fotografiska, located in the old customs building, will be interesting to everyone. It hosts exhibitions of both classic photographers, for example, Henri Cartier-Bresson or Anna Leibovitz, and modern authors. And after you have enjoyed art, you can catch the “golden hour” of the photographer in the lounge cafe with panoramic windows on the bay.

Fotografiska, Stockholm
Fotografiska, Author: Susanne Nilsson, Source: Flickr

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