One Day in Boston Itinerary – Top things to do in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the oldest cities in America and has played an important role throughout the country’s history. Harvard university was the first university to be built in America (1636), the Revolution began here, the first public school was built here, and the first state constitution was written here. Boston has given to the world the Kennedy’s, Sam Adams (and his beer), and Aerosmith. In this city, you will find friendly locals, die hard sports fans (home of the Red Sox), great bars, good restaurants, and a mountain of American history. Do not miss out.

One day in Boston itinerary


Guest post by Keith Evans
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What’s the best time to visit Boston?

Boston is a very popular city break destination for both American and for the Wider World. The mercury in the thermometers will rise into the Mid 80’sC during the summer months where days are long. The winter months can fluctuate. They can be either cold and damp or cold and shoulder deep in snow. Of course the most infamous season to visit ‘New England’ is during the autumn months when the trees change color to all sorts of beautiful colors.

Boston Skyline
Boston Skyline, Author: Ariane Middel, Source: Flickr


What’s good to know about Boston?

– Architecture! The buildings are stunning. Boston is a very British colonial from back in the day and the city oozes of 17th Century Georgian architecture. The history of this city is incredible. There is so much to see and do.

Boston Architecture, Author: Kris Runstrom, Source: Flickr

– From Boston Logan airport the cheapest and fast route into the city is to use the Silver Line, which is FREE inbound to South Station (including a free transfer to the Red Line).

– The Silver Line Route SL1 (Logan Airport – South Station via Waterfront) bus rapid transit service is your best direct option to South Station Rail & Bus Terminal, for connections to Commuter Rail, Amtrak and Bus and to the Red Line.

– For those food guru’s, Boston serves some incredible seafood. Make your way down towards the harbor front and Quincy Market for some great treats.


One Day in Boston Itinerary

Top things to do in Boston, USA

To do this city in 24 hours would actually be an injustice. However, if 24 hours is all you have then get out early and explore! Boston offers a bunch of tours that are all free to do. Follow this guide and make the best of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do on your one day in Boston.


Freedom Trail

Spend a day outdoors, put on comfortable shoes, and follow this red-bricked trail walking its 2.5 mile route full of historical information covering sixteen sites. All sites along the route are free. This trail takes you to all the must see historical places throughout the city and teaches you the history of the city and its role in the founding of the country.


Faneuil Hall And Quincy Market

Faneuil Hall And Quincy Market is a popular place for locals and visitors to hang out. During the day, a lot of people go shopping. At night, the restaurants are filled with people and the spot is one of the big bar destinations in the city. The cheap Irish pubs that fill the area are widely popular. Everyone should eat in Quincy Market at least once. Grab your meal from one of the many restaurants in the colonnade, head outside to watch the people go by, and enjoy a street performer’s show.

Boston Quincy Market
Quincy Market, Author: Keith Evans

Boston Common

Boston Common is a huge outdoor open public park. On a Summer’s day this park is filled with locals looking to enjoy the nice weather. Lie out, play some sports, read a book or just relax. Wander around to the Public Gardens, or sit by Frog Pond. It is a great way to enjoy the city without spending a penny.

Boston Common
Boston Common, Author: Keith Evans

George Washington Memorial

Boston Common is also home to the George Washington Memorial. The height of the statue is 22 feet, and the fine granite pedestal 16 feet; so that, with its pedestal, it reaches 38 feet in total. The foundation is of solid masonry, resting on piles 11 feet deep. The location of the statue is most attractive. It is placed in the centre of one of the finest thoroughfares of the Garden, handsomely enclosed, and surrounded by beautiful flower beds. It was placed into position and unveiled on 3rd July, 1869.


Boston ‘NEW’ Statehouse And Beacon Hill

If you visit Boston Common then you need to visit the Statehouse and Beacon Hill. The Statehouse forms part of the Freedom Trail, this is a neighborhood that is brimming with history. Beacon Hill backs onto Boston Common: this area was home to the likes of John Adams and John Hancock (Colonial Revolutionaries) and resembles parts of historic Philadelphia.

Boston New Statehouse
New Statehouse, Author: Keith Evans

Boston ‘OLD’ Statehouse

Following the Freedom Trail will take you past the Old State House before it moved towards Beacon Hill. The Old State House has stood as an emblem of liberty in Boston for over 300 years. Built in 1713 to house the colony’s government, the Old State House was at the centre of civic events that sparked the American Revolution.


Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial is an outdoor space, open and accessible to the public at all times. It is located in Carmen Park near Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, on Boston’s historic Freedom Trail.


Boston Harbour

Boston Harbour is a long stretch of pedestrian walkways that incorporate the Charles river where you can take a ‘Duck Tour’, catch the Harbour Islands Tour, or catch a ferry to Provincetown and Cape Cod. The area is accessible from Quincy Market and in the Summer months is a hive of activity.

View of Boston from harbour
View of Boston from harbour, Author: Keith Evans

Food And Drink

Food and drink is huge in this city. The locals are social drinkers and adore post-work drinks on a Friday after work. Locals have a great way of making you feel welcomed and are interested in your holiday. If you have enough time, make your way to the Sam Adams Brewery and learn how this locally brewed beer is made, including sampling some ‘tasters’. Of course as Boston is a coastal city seafood is high on the menu. Although a little more expensive than the rest of the city, head to Quincy Market – it’s just a hive of activity.


Time Permitting

If you really do have enough time in Boston make your way to the harbour and catch a ferry that takes 1 hour 30 minutes to Provincetown on Cape Cod. Even if you only have a couple of hours to spend here (and trust me, you will need much longer) it would be a trip worthwhile. The area is best known for its scenic beaches, art galleries, and the Pilgrim Monument. Many people do not know that Provincetown was actually the first landing area of the first Pilgrims coming across from England on the Mayflower in 1620.

Provincetown Boston
Provincetown Boston, Author: Ariane Middel, Source: Flickr


Where to stay in Boston?

Charlesmark Hotel

Charlesmark Hotel is a boutique hotel, located in a historic building in Boston‘s Back Bayneighborhood at Copley Square. The hotel is one of the best value deals in the city. Compact rooms come with the modern furniture and great lightning.

Book here
Charlesmark Hotel
Charlesmark Hotel
Charlesmark Hotel
Charlesmark Hotel

Harborside Inn

Harborside Inn is a modern and stylish hotel located in Boston’s waterfront district, only a 10 minute walk from the beach. The cream-colored rooms provide relaxing and comfortable stay. The hotel features on site restaurant and a business center.

Book here
Harborside Inn
Harborside Inn
Harborside Inn
Harborside Inn

YOTEL Boston

YOTEL Boston is a 4 star hotel offering a tech-forward concept of living. The hotel is situated in Boston’s Seaport District, and offers a rooftop terrace with the panoramic views of the city. The compact cabin rooms provides tech and trendy features like SmartBed, mood lightning etc.

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YOTEL Boston
YOTEL Boston
YOTEL Boston
YOTEL Boston

HI – Boston Hostel

HI – Boston Hostel is an ultimate hostel experience in the heart of Boston, only a 5 minute walk to Boston Common. The hostel offers both dormitory style rooms and private rooms. The hostel features the game room with a pool table and TV.

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HI - Boston Hostel
HI – Boston Hostel
HI - Boston Hostel
HI – Boston Hostel

Find the Best Hotel Deals in Boston


Final word

– Boston has what I call the “Cool Vibe” like those of San Francisco (California), Manchester (England) and Melbourne (Australia). The city has a great relationship with itself and the surrounding harbour.

– The people are friendly, the history, that much of the US lacks, is vibrant and the city is clean. There is so much to do and see and surprisingly much of the outdoor activities are free. It’s a great place to chill out and grab a few drinks in the many bars or public parks. The skyline views from the harbour front are stunning and the weather favorable. If you are still new to the idea of Boston you will not be disappointed at all. Go and do it!

– Make your trip to Boston even more exciting! Check out Tripadvisor for all the activities and organized tours in Boston or around the area. Make sure to purchase your tickets to all the attractions right away to skip the queues.



Boston USA Top things to doBoston USA One day itinerary

If you have any other propositions for this One Day in Boston Itinerary feel free to share it in the comments below!


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