One Day in Udaipur Itinerary – Top Things to Do in Udaipur, Rajasthan

One day in Udaipur ItinerarySituated in the state of Rajasthan, Udaipur has many things to offer. The place is famous for its historical, cultural and delightful integration together with the essence of true indigenous flavor. It will be a real miss on your part if you do not travel to this place which is adequately blessed with natural beauty, archeological treasure and cultural hub.


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What’s the Best Time to Visit Udaipur?

The best time to visit Udaipur you can choose is from September to March, In the winter months, November and December, a famous fair and cultural program is organized which attracts many tourists from different areas of the world. Apart from these months, if you choose May to August, you might get cheaper hotels and more options as per higher availability.


Few Facts About Udaipur:

Udaipur is known as the city of lakes. The vivid landscape view that one gets to encounter and experience is indescribable. Udaipur was a city build with unique interconnected underground water lines from the lakes located in the city. The water helps in managing agriculture, potable water and other water conservation techniques.

The most attracting spots includes places like large forts, Pichola lake, traditional food and local market places.

View from City Palace - Udaipur
View from City Palace – Udaipur, Author:
snikrap, Source: Flickr


One Day in Udaipur Itinerary:

Top Things to Do in Udaipur, The Lake City


Visit the Fateh Sagar Lake

There are quite a few places and activities that can be covered in One day tour to Udaipur. To begin with, you can start with visit to Fateh Sagar Lake. The blue unending horizon is a pleasurable picture perfect scene to view.

Fateh Sagar Lake
Fateh Sagar Lake, Author: Jonathan Laroche, Source: Flickr


  • Visit Shilpgram

  • Secondly, visit Shilpgram, which is a true example of traditional center for art and handicrafts. The local people gives shape to their creativity in this place. And tourists can buy the items available there. An annual program is also organized in the month of November or December where people from all places gather around.
Shilpgram Udaipur
Shilpgram Udaipur, Author: José Morcillo Valenciano, Source: Flickr


Pichola lake

Next, in the list should be Pichola lake. It is another beautiful lake that contributes to the conservation and availability of water in the city. You can easily go to Monsoon palace and view the entire city from this view point.

Pichola Lake
Pichola Lake, Author: Arnie Papp, Source: Flickr


The city palace

The city palace is another extraordinary architecture that will surprise you, once you enter the compound. The specialty of the palace is due to the presence of peacock mosaic that is sure to attract many visitors.

City Palace Udaipur
City Palace, Author: Dennis Jarvis, Source: Flickr


Taste the authentic Rajasthani food

Udaipur, is famous for authentic Rajasthani food. If you want to taste some, then you have to visit the places near Gulab Baug. It offers amazing traditional local preparations in cheap prices and mouth-watering taste.

 Rajasthani Thali
Rajasthani Thali, Author: Connie Ma, Source: Flickr


Take a boat ride in Pichola lake

Not to disappoint you, take a boat ride in Pichola lake to relax and take some rest. Next take another boat ride that will keep you until sunset time and reach Jag Mandir island, just to the opposite end of City Palace. This place is the best to experience sunset in the entire city. The large doors wide open in the palace design look beautiful amidst the sunset backdrop.


An evening show

Last, but not the least save your time for an amazing evening show, conducted daily in the Haveli of Bagore. The cultural program is more exciting to watch and stand out from others for an unimaginable, rhythmic Bhavai dance form that can easily increase your adrenaline.


Ambrai river banks

You can spend your night, until sleep at the banks of Ambrai river. This night experience in Udaipur will remove all your tiredness and refresh your mind and body. The peacefulness of the place is what one can enjoy after a long day’s roam around. You can easily spend some quality time just by looking at the shining stars high above in the clear sky.


Extra Tips for Visiting Udaipur

Udaipur, even though is a small area compared to the rest of Rajasthan, still will not disappoint you or fail to impress you. If you are visiting Udaipur, you can prefer to travel in a group which will reduce the cost of the tour by a considerable amount. The journeys are quite cheap in terms of transport and do make a list of the places, so that you can spend your time fruitfully.

Guest post by Rahit “TransIndia Travels”


In case you have more than just One Day in Udaipur check out Tripadvisor for detailed list of all the top things to do in Udaipur.



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