What Travel Requirements Do You Need To Meet Before You Say Ariba to Aruba?

Are you looking to travel to a place with a rich history and beautiful scenery? With blue skies and sandy beaches? Then look no further than Aruba!

Aruba Travel Requirements

Aruba is a country that officially belongs to the Kingdom of Netherlands but is situated towards the southern portion of the Caribbean Sea. It has a moderate tropical climate that is just right for outdoor activities without being too much to bear. You can enjoy one of the many beaches on the island during your every day in Aruba or go to Oranjestad to shop for merchandise and go sightseeing. With so many things to do on this interesting island, you will always be entertained!

The country’s name comes from the word Oruba which translates in English to mean “well-situated island”. Hence, it was named Isla de Aruba when the Treaty of Westphalia was finalized in 1648. The Dutch gained control of the island and the country’s name eventually established itself as Aruba over time.

E-Visa and ED Requirements for Traveling to Aruba

Before you jump on a plane to this wonderful island, here are the Aruba travel requirements that you need to meet first. The country that issued your passport will be the deciding factor as to whether or not you need an Aruba e-visa.

Residents from countries like Belize, Jamaica, Malaysia, Norway, United States, United Kingdom, Iceland, and all European Union countries can visit Aruba without an e-visa for up to 90 days. Even if your country is on this list, however, you will be required to apply for an Aruba ED for legal entry into the country.

Hence, you will need your passport, an Aruba ED, and an Aruba visa if you are not on the list of visa-free countries. So, Aruba ED is pretty much obligatory for all visitors coming into the country. All you need to apply for this is:

  • Your passport for identity verification.
  • A credit or debit card to pay the application fee.
  • Information about your flights to and from Aruba.
  • Confirmation of your booked accommodations in the country.
  • An email address to receive the Aruba ED upon approval.
Aruba Palm Beach
Aruba Palm Beach, Author: Tom Hannigan, Source: Flickr

Vaccination Requirements for Visiting Aruba

You should be vaccinated for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and tetanus before your trip to Aruba. If you come from a country that has a high risk of yellow fever, you must receive vaccination for it before entering Aruba.

If you get any mosquito bites during your stay, receive treatment accordingly. While the risk is not that high for malaria in Aruba, there is a risk of contracting dengue fever or the Zika virus.

Other Things To Bring With You On Your Trip To Aruba

When going on a trip to a new country, it’s always good to stay prepared for anything. Besides bringing your necessary travel documents, here is a list of other necessities that you should pack:

  • Any prescribed medications that you take. Ask your doctor for enough doses to accommodate you during your stay.
  • Sunscreen to help your skin deal with the high temperature and sun exposure on Aruba’s beaches.
  • Proof of travel insurance in case anything goes wrong during your trip.
  • A lock for your baggage to protect your personal possessions.
  • Enough changes of clothes for your trip.
  • A couple of bathing suits and multiple towels so that you can hit the beach whenever you want.

Oranjestad, Aruba
Oranjestad, Aruba

Other Travel Tips for Going and Leaving Aruba

As you board your airplane to Aruba and travel around the country, here are some traveling tips to adhere to for a seamless trip:

  • Reduce the amount of metal you wear (belts, jewelry, etc.) so that it does not set off gate checkpoints.
  • Weigh your carry-on baggage to be sure that it does not exceed the weight limit. Not doing this step can result in you paying additional penalty fees for not adhering to the weight limit
  • Your keys and other metal possessions can go in your carry-on luggage so that you do not have to get checked with a metal detector at the gate checkpoint at the airport.
  • Do not leave your most important personal items in your hotel room. Keep them on your person at all times just in case. 
  • When you are leaving Aruba, any gifts you receive need to be unwrapped and checked at a security checkpoint.

Now Book Your Trip To Aruba!

Now that you know how to apply for an Aruba ED or an Aruba visa, we hope you have a better idea of how to plan your trip to this beautiful country. Once you get approved for one or both of these documents, go ahead and book your trip to Aruba as soon as you can. Hotel accommodations can fill up quickly, especially around popular holidays like Christmas, so do try to make the necessary arrangements in advance to get the best results!

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