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When it comes to booking your accommodation online, a real revolution is upon us. Although it hasn’t been around for that long, LockTrip has taken the market by storm and every day more and more people are making their reservations through this website and saving loads of money on each transaction. What is this company’s secret? Why is it at the very top of booking alternatives these days? Well, you’re about to find out. And once you do, you’ll never go back to the old way of doing things. Yes, this is that good, so just read on!

Free Booking With LockTrip Marketplace

What does LockTrip do?

The main advantage of using LockTrip Marketplace for you as the end user are lower prices. SIGNIFICANTLY lower prices. In fact, compared to some other booking websites, these guys allow you to save more than 30% on your accommodation. How is that possible? Simple – LockTrip booking is actually booking without commissions.

LockTrip - Free Booking

You see, when you make your reservations online, a part of the money is transferred to middlemen who are involved in providing the service. However, LockTrip has cut these people out of the equation thanks to the use of smart contract technology, which results in lower prices and allows you to save a lot of money on booking. And the best thing about this is the fact that this is no small platform – literally hundreds of thousands of hotels, apartments and rooms around the world are in on this and are willing to work with these people to provide better deals. Essentially, no matter where in the world you go, you’ll be able to find a LockTrip hotel or some other form of accommodation. Don’t just take our word for it, check out what LockTrip users say below.

LockTrip feedback

After reaching out to people who have already used this intriguing platform, we received some interesting feedback about how it all went. Paul from Berlin, for example, told us that “everything went extremely smoothly during our trip to Rotterdam. I booked a room at a hotel via LockTrip and even got in touch with the hotel to confirm that the whole arrangement was in order. The hotel just said I have nothing to worry about and that I’m welcome to stay. Saved almost 30%!”

LockTrip Hotel Review
Similar LockTrip feedback was given to us by Juan from Seville: “Went to Frankfurt with my girlfriend for a week. The room was waiting for us in perfect condition and the process of booking on LockTrip saved us about 20% and gave us more money to spend on our trip.”

Roberto from Milan also had nothing but praise: “Went to Zurich on a business trip. From the moment I checked in everything was just like any other trip for me. There were absolutely no problems with my reservation and I managed to save about 15%. From now on I’m only using LockTrip, no doubt about that.”

Impressive for a new platform, right? But there are some pretty intriguing details of doing business on this website and some of them could even bring you more profit. Keep reading to learn more.

LOC tokens or fiat currencies?

If the term “smart contracts” reminded you of cryptocurrencies, you’re right – LockTrip cryptocurrencies are called LOC. As a matter of fact, that’s how the prices here will be shown to you when you first come to the website. However, don’t be afraid that this is some website that deals with virtual coins alone. No, all you have to do is register and the prices will become visible in USD. Furthermore, you can pay in LOC when making a reservation, but you can also use credit cards without a problem. The virtual coin is just an extra option.
Do be aware, though, that booking without commission, i.e. with the commission being 0%, is ONLY possible if you’re paying with LOC. Credit cards have a fee of 2.5% attached to them, but given how much the prices are lower here, you are bound to save money on booking no matter which way you pay.

LockTrip - Free Booking

You can also view your LOC purchases as an investment. Since this is a currency (albeit virtual), its value can go up and down. If you think the value will go up, you can simply invest in buying a bunch of these coins and sell them later for a bigger price or use them for a better deal for your trip.

How does LockTrip make money?

That’s all lovely, you may be saying, but what’s in it for the company? Well, freemium is a very popular concept these days, and that’s exactly how LockTrip works. They simply offer some extra features which you can access for an additional charge. You don’t have to worry about the best offers being denied to you if you don’t pay extra, though – that’s not what they do and you’ll always have a way to save on booking here, no matter if you’ve come to the website for the first time or if you’ve had your account for months. Think Skype and the way they do business. In other words, if you’re delighted with what they offer, you can reward them and upgrade your account, otherwise you are not obligated to pay a single cent to them. Fair, right?

LockTrip Hotel Booking

Final word

LockTrip Marketplace is here to change the way online bookings are made and save you a LOT of money in the process. They use the latest technology to make this possible, and hotels and businesses around the world have already recognized the opportunity this presents. As a consequence, the booking process becomes an incredible deal for you, regardless of what kind of accommodation you choose. The platform is easy to navigate, simple to use and gives plenty of options, all you have to is sign up. What are you waiting for?! Create your profile now and get the best possible deals no matter where you’re going!

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