How to become a LockTrip host?

LockTrip Marketplace is an online booking platform that is taking the world wide web by storm. In just a few months, this website has become an absolute sensation in the tourism industry, especially among travelers. Why? Because they use the very latest technology to get rid of middlemen when making reservations, which results in their prices being a lot lower than anything their competition can offer. However, people and companies renting out accommodation, i.e. LockTrip hosts, benefit from all of this, too. They get free exposure, more satisfied clients and more recommendations. Interested? Just read on and learn how to become a LockTrip host!

How to become LockTrip host


So, what do you need for this exactly? Nothing much, really – something you want to rent out and an internet connection will be enough. If you have that, just go to the website, open an account and list your property. That’s all there is to it! It’s completely free exposure for your business. You also have plenty of options when it comes to managing your offer, like setting cleaning fees, communicating with your potential guests, deciding on deposit rates and stuff like that. Every step of the way, you are in complete control.

And what about the financial side of things? Will the fact that the prices here are so much lower than on other similar websites affect your profit? Not at all! Like we said, the savings in this respect are taken from the chunk that usually goes to the middlemen. Therefore, your rates stay the same as everywhere else. LockTrip Marketplace will not take anything away from you.


LockTrip host benefits

Becoming a LockTrip host can brings a lot of benefits to you and your business. We have already mentioned free exposure, but the way things are set up on this website automatically mean your guest will be more satisfied with their stay. The more money they save through lower prices of LockTrip booking, the happier they will be.

LockTrip Hosts Review
This is especially important if you consider the fact that we live in the age of social media. Your guests can (and will) easily recommend you to their friends and leave a review of your services, which means you will be able to reach a huge number of potential clients. No commissions also means that the prices you offer in the low season will also be more favourable, so your overall occupancy rate will also go up.

Last and not least, you will be joining a network of reliable and proven service providers, which will certainly help you out when it comes to attracting new guests. Hundreds of thousands of hotels and other accommodation types all over the world are already here. With all that said, allow us to show you how to become a LockTrip host step by step.

How to become LockTrip host step by step


Becoming a LockTrip host instructions


1) First things first – get to LockTrip website to initiate the process.

 Scroll down the website and find this:

Host on LockTrip

         then click the “Get Started” button


Since LockTrip also offers its users the possibility of using this website’s unique cryptocurrency (LOC), you will need to create a wallet for those. Keep in mind, crypto is only one of payment options here, so you don’t have to worry about credit cards, fiat currencies etc.


2) Click on “Create Wallet”

Create Wallet LockTrip

3) Create your wallet, choose a password and write it down


4) Once you’re password is approved, you will get the info about your wallet’s public address and your wallet’s mnemonic words.

Write those words down and store them somewhere safe.
Save your wallet info LockTrip

5) You will now be asked to enter mnemonic words that were given to you in the previous window

Confirm Wallet Information

6) If the words are correct and you successfully confirm your wallet, you will be taken to this screen:

LockTrip Hosts 1

Only your homes are available for listing at the moment, a section for hotels will be added soon. Also, as you can see, there are three steps in front of you now.

7) The first step is the most important one – here you input basic info about your accommodation.

Things like the number of guests you can take in, sleeping arrangements etc.

8) After that, you can describe the accommodation you’re offering and the neighborhood.

You can also add photos, so try to be as detailed as possible to show everything your potential guest would like to know about the place your renting out.

LockTrip Hosts 3


9) The last step is about other useful information: house rules, check in and check out time, stuff like that.

LockTrip Hosts 4


Once you take care of that, you’re all done. Congratulations, you’re now a LockTrip host with your property listed on the marketplace!



As you can see, becoming a LockTrip host is a very simple and straightforward process which can potentially bring you a whole lot of benefits. Follow the simple steps mentioned above and reap the benefits of no-commission booking and the latest technology. You will be able to offer the same service at a lower price, but with no diminished profits. This, in turn, will make your clients happier and your occupancy rate higher. You can’t lose! So, head on to the website and become a LockTrip host today!

LockTrip for Hosts

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