How to Keep Your Travel Costs Down by avoiding Sneaky Airline Fees

How to keep costs down by avoiding airline fees

Traveling by air has gained its popularity over the years, it’s been one of the most sought out modes of transportation for traveling whether domestically or internationally. It’s fast, convenient and sometimes the cheapest way to travel to your favorite destinations anywhere in the world. You will often get advertisements through social media, emails, and websites informing you about the cheapest rates available. If you see these discounted prices, calm yourself and do not rush into booking their services. There are things to be considered before you buy airline tickets from the cheapest provider. You should be careful and avoid getting yourself “locked-in” with their services that could have hidden fees.

It may seem that you have gotten a bargain for your trip, but if you end up paying for more it’ll cause unwanted frustration on your end. When people are traveling, they often have budgets to work around for them to have an assurance that they will not overspend, and avoiding unnecessary fees will help achieve this goal. There are ways of checking for hidden fees that may automatically be included in your airline booking, look out for extra baggage fees, preferred seats, more legroom, meals, and booking fees that could make you pay more than what was advertised. Knowing what you should be and what shouldn’t be included is a sure way that airlines would not be able to sneak in any hidden fees. 

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Here are some common “sneaky fees” you should look out for

Baggage Fees – most airlines would still allow you to bring a personal bag and a carry-on for free, but there are some airlines that don’t. Paying for extra fees will depend on the type of ticket you would be getting. If you are planning on traveling with a lot of stuff, it is suggested to purchase your baggage allowance ahead of time to avoid paying for unbelievable fees when you get to the airport.  

For example, if you would have anticipated purchasing an extra baggage allowance before flying it’ll be an additional of $10-20 per 20 pounds of baggage. If you would pay extra baggage fees at the airport right then and there it’ll be double the online amount like $30-40 for the same weight of 20lbs.

Preferred Seats – airlines saw an opportunity to make a profit out of something that was once free and that is selecting your seating in advance. You can choose from seats that have a window, the aisle for convenience, and seats that have extra legroom to maneuver. Usually when you book airline tickets online the “seat selection” option is automatically added, but if you are not prepared to pay an extra $5-$50 for your preferred seating just make sure that you untick the seat selection button. You might still have a chance of getting your preferred seat while checking-in for your flight, you can request for the window or aisle seats for free if your flight is not full and the airlines still have available seats.  

Over-the-phone and over-the-counter booking – Many airlines have surcharges for services that are rendered when you book airline tickets over-the-phone or over-the-counter. It is recommended for customers to use the airline’s online services because it will save you time and money. Although there are times when you would need the assistance of their operators, with regular situations, you can have the liberty of doing it by yourself with just a few clicks. The good thing about this is that you can oversee all the charges that are inclusive of your airline ticket. 

In-flight Meals and Beverages – Another thing that was complimentary is the meals that they serve on-board, which is no longer the case. During the flight, you might think once flight attendants ask you if you would like a full meal, snacks, water or soda, that it’ll be free. Do not fall for it because meals, snacks, and beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) can be enjoyed in-flight but you have to pay quadruple the price. A tip for people who do not want to pay an extravagant amount for something that should be free is instead of ordering and buying in-flight you can simply buy from your local grocery store and stash it in your carry-on and enjoy your favorite snacks without paying extra.  

Make sure you have everything you need

What to pack for your next trip?

Make your next trip as simple and as enjoyable as possible by packing smart. It’s amazing how much stress top travel items can save you, so choose carefully.
Things like lightweight travel backpacks, for example, are ideal for short trips and allow you to move around with ease, and a passport holder will make sure you keep your documents safe at all times.
Check our travel checklist guide for 2021 to make sure you haven’t missed anything, and travel to your next destination in style and with maximum comfort.

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