Skydive Australia literally pushed me over the edge

Skydive Australia

Looking for something more from your trip to Sydney? Something unique that will get your blood flowing? Well, look no more because Skydive Australia will provide you with an incredible adrenaline-fueled experience. After going for a jump myself, I have absolutely no problems recommending these guys (and tandem skydiving, for that matter) to anyone who asks because the whole thing was marvelously organized from start to finish.

In fact, this will be a detailed account of the whole day of the jump, so that you can get a perfectly clear idea of what to expect. And it really doesn’t matter how experienced you are at tandem skydiving – you are bound to have a blast even if this is your first time. Read on and discover a fantastic way to spend a day near Sydney.

Great first impressions

As I said, everything is very well organized, so all you have to do is show up at the previously arranged pick-up point in front of Wake Up Sydney hostel. The sweet thing is that skydivers can get a discount there on their coffee and breakfast, and this is also where you check-in. You will be greeted by Skydive Australia’s fantastic staff, a group of incredibly cheerful and friendly people, so you can really count on a great start to your day.

Once everyone is ready, the bus (whose driver was absolutely hilarious) will take you to Wollongong, a city south of Sydney which is reached in about an hour and a half. That’s where the dropzone is. The ride is just along the coast, so you will see some very scenic sights and time will simply fly by. Once you reach your destination, you will then be allocated to one of several groups of usually about 8 jumpers and based on that you will know when your jump is scheduled. Since I had free time before my jump, I decided to explore the area a bit.

Plenty to do at the dropzone

Dropzone really is a fantastic place to visit. Very pretty nature is all around you, a beach is like 50 meters away, plus you have can choose between spending some time it the nearby cafe and restaurant. There are some excellent grilling facilities you can use there to whip something up, which is what I ended up doing as I prepared a chicken wrap the night before. There is even a lighthouse you can visit, so you really have plenty to do as you’re waiting for your turn to get into the plane. In short, you can easily spend a wonderful day outside here enjoying yourself and make the jump the highlight of your day.


As the time for my jump drew closer, the feeling of anticipation grew. Everything was going perfectly up until that point and I couldn’t wait to finally get aboard the plane. Eventually, it was time to get ready, and I reported back to the dropzone. There I first received a detailed briefing and all the equipment, but what really sparked my interest was when one of the guys there said that if you’re lucky you can sometimes see whales and dolphins in the sea below you when you jump. Unfortunately, I had no such luck. After the briefing was over, another bus was there to take us to the plane.

The jump

Upon arriving at the airfield, I got another briefing of what to do and how to behave during the jump. My instructor was very patient and thorough, so I felt confident and couldn’t wait for everything to start. Soon enough we got on the plane and above the clouds, at about 15,000 feet, the door opened…

The feeling you get when you plunge down from such a height is really hard to describe. A mixture of exhilaration, adrenaline and awe overwhelms you and you need a few seconds to get a hold of yourself when you’re first in the air. It’s awesome! Naturally, you will be jumping attached to your instructor who will take care of you so that you can take everything in. You have about one minute of free-falling before the parachute opens and if that doesn’t get your blood flowing nothing will.

Skydive Australia landing
Skydive Australia landing

When the parachute is deployed and you start gliding back to the ground you will be able to appreciate the fantastic view from above. Obviously, you get to operate the parachute a bit which only adds to the whole experience. It will take you a bit more than five minutes to land and the whole thing will be recorded which makes for a great souvenir. In the end you feel reborn, there’s no other way of putting it. It’s such a great way to escape the busy everyday life and recharge your batteries that you will want to come here again and again, be that alone or with a group of your friends (both options can be easily arranged).

Elevate Your Courage

Another thing that has to be mentioned concerning Skydive Australia is their campaign called Elevate Your Courage. It’s a unique way to help people confront their fears with the help of tandem skydiving, fears which just melt away once you complete your first jump. It doesn’t matter what issue you’re struggling with, be it heights or lack of control in your life or something completely different, the point is that the rush you feel when you jump out of a plane will deal with any and all anxiety or stress you may have.

After going through the experience myself, I can attest that the whole thing works. You feel powerful and all of your troubles seem insignificant because hey – you’ve just jumped out of a plane! Like I said earlier, this is a great way to spend your day and do something different in your life, and the Elevate Your Change campaign is a great way to spread the word about that.

Landing zone
Landing zone

In the end…

To conclude, tandem skydiving with Skydive Australia is an incredible experience that will allow you to relax completely and enjoy an incredible day. The organization is impeccable, the staff working with you is lovely and the city of Wollongong is a fantastic place to do the jump. All you have to do is show up. 

And the feeling you get when you’re above the clouds and jump… incredible is probably the best way to put it. Add to that the fantastic scenery you can witness below as you’re gliding down, and the whole things becomes an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. So, if you plan to visit Sydney, no matter if you’re alone or with someone, and want something more than just sightseeing out of it, get in touch with Skydive Australia and book a tandem jump. You will get something truly remarkable.

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