10 Most Popular Travel Destinations Around the World in 2017 – Reader’s Pick

Spring 2017 – Part 1

Most Popular Travel Destinations 2017 Spring


Last week we published the 50th itinerary on our site. Just 6 months ago we published our first.

And even though 50 may not seem much, to us, it’s a lot. We’ve covered 6 continents, 31 countries and 50 amazing travel destinations.

We were also pretty lucky for two reasons.

First – we had a huuuge help of our amazing contributors. Dozens of amazing travel bloggers wanted to be a part of this project. They all wrote amazing travel itineraries that are both useful and inspiring.

Second – we gained a truly amazing readership. Just last month we hit 20 000 monthly pageviews. How amazing is that?

However, some itineraries were more viral then the others. And even though we don’t know what’s the secret to it, our analytics for the past 6 months clearly show which travel destinations you’ve liked reading the most.

And then, we came up with the idea. From now on – we’re going to track it every 3 months.

This very first list should definitely be inspiring for those who plan their spring or summer vacations.

Therefore, here are the 10 Most Popular Travel Destinations Around the World among you, our readers.


10. Oslo

It may be the last on this list, but it’s northernmost. While Oslo owns the title of the capital and the largest city in Norway, it still maintains the relaxed atmosphere of a much smaller town. Oslo will definitely win you over with its world-class museums, a thriving cafe and bar culture, top-notch restaurants, and nightlife options ranging from opera to indie rock.

Top thing to do in Oslo: Visit Vigeland park and its artwork

Read the full Oslo itinerary written by Kevin Hodgon

Sculptures Vigeland Park
Vigeland Park, Author: Andrea Puggioni, Source: Flickr


9. Amalfi Coast

Forget about Venice and Rome. Amalfi Coast is the new ultimate Italian destination to visit. Why? Well, this beautiful coastal stretch on the Sorrentine Peninsula is one of the most beautiful in the whole Mediterranean. Craggy cliffs, crystal clear waters, beautiful villas and gardens make it a UNESCO cultural landscape.

Top thing to do on the Amalfi Coast: Drink limoncello on the terrace overlooking the sea

Read the full Amalfi Coast itinerary

Positano Cafe Bar Terrace
Positano Bar Terrace


8. Colombo

Everyone wants to go to Colombo these days. The city, once unattractive and unsafe is rapidly transforming into a popular travel destination. However, this Srilankan capital still owns a relaxed vibe and authentic street life.

Top thing to do in Colombo: Visit the island temple of Seema Malaka

Read the full Colombo itinerary written by Sarah Crake

The island temple of Seema Malaka on Beira Lake
The island temple of Seema Malaka on Beira Lake, Author: Sarah Crake


7. Naples

Another Italian destination on this list. It’s both chaotic and artistic, but full of charm. Explore the archeological sites, visit the world-class monuments and museums and of course – don’t skip Italy’s best pizza.

Top thing to do in Naples: Stop at Sorbillo’s to eat the original Napoli pizza

Read the full Naples itinerary

Sorbillo Naples Best Pizza
Sorbillo Pizza


6. Cartagena

This Colombian seaside city combines the best of Caribbean and Latin flavors. This travel gem is brimming with old world charm and hospitality like only Colombia knows how to do.

Top thing to do in Cartagena: Explore the Old City neighborhoods: San Diego and El Centro

Read the full Cartagena itinerary written by Jennifer Mims

San Diego Cartagena
San Diego, Author: Jennifer Mims


5. Paris

Oh Paris. Either you’ve been there or you want to go there. It is an incredibly beautiful city that remains authentic and traditional in a modern world. With its stunning architecture, breathtaking monuments and delicious food, no wonder that at the end, we all fell in love with it!

Top thing to do in Paris: Climb the Eiffel Tower!

Read the full Paris itinerary written by Chloe Martin

Eiffel Tower Paris
Eiffel Tower, Author: Chloe Martin


4. Los Angeles

Home to some of the worlds most well known film, fashion and music, Los Angeles is a destination that everyone should visit at least once. Whether you want to spend the day on one of the Golden States beautiful beaches or roam around the city’s trendy and gentrified downtown, LA has it all. Los Angeles is your favorite curated Instagram feed come to life.

Top thing to do in Los Angeles: Rent a bike in Santa Monica and ride down the beach walk to Venice Beach

Read the full Los Angeles itinerary written by Angela Sterley


Los Angeles Venice Beach
Venice Beach, Author: Abir Anwar, Source: Flickr


3. Austin

Austin is a place where everyone is welcome, and the stranger you are, the better. Where the city motto is literally “Keep Austin Weird.” At the same time, it’s rated the #1 place to live in the United States in 2017. Need more?

Top thing to do in Austin: Visit the Castle Hill Graffiti Park and do your own spray mural

Read the full Austin itinerary written by Kiona

Graffiti Park Austin Texas
Graffiti Park, Author: Kiona


You wonder why so many cities in the States on this list? Well, actually, half of you guys live there.

So let’s continue with another one…


2. San Diego

Nicknamed America’s Finest City for a reason, San Diego really has something for everyone. Each neighborhood exudes its own vibe and lifestyle, creating many unique little villages within the city. The mild climate has resulted in a strong outdoor culture that provides a variety of activities for every type of visitor.

Top thing to do in San Diego: Stroll through the famous Balboa Park

Read the full San Diego itinerary written by Kamelia Britton

Balboa Park San Diego
Balboa Park, Author: Harold Litwiler, Source: Flickr


1. Tirana

Maybe you’re surprised with his one, maybe you don’t even know where Tirana is – but it’s our absolute winner. This post went so viral that even a Mayor of Tirana retweeted it. How cool is that?

So why you should visit the Albanian capital? Well, there are many reasons. The weather is nice, the people are nice, the food is amazing and the atmosphere is just special. It’s also the ultimate budget destination in Europe.

If you’re planning to visit the amazing Albanian coast this summer, don’t skip Tirana for a world. Even if it’s just for a day.

Top thing to do in Tirana: Visit the Cloud Pavilion

Read the full Tirana itinerary

Tirana Serpentine Cloud Pavilion Fujimoto
Cloud Pavilion


Dear readers, hope you’ve liked this list. At the end, you are the one that made it.


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