One Day in Medellin Itinerary – What to do in Medellin, Colombia

Narcos, Pablo, and violence – the things associated with Medellin, Colombia and the things Medellin is no longer! The city of eternal spring has undergone a massive change in the last twenty years and what was once the most dangerous city in the world is now one of the top cities in the world for digital nomads and travelers from all over the world. Do yourself a favor and visit this city, and if you can only stay for one day, cram it up with as many things as you can. But you’ll want to stay longer!

One day in Medellin Itinerary

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Medellin is named “the city of eternal spring” so the weather will always be in the 20-degree sweet spot. Christmas is an amazing time to be in Medellin because of its festival of lights and as the tourist season starts in January – you won’t have as many crowds of tourists but experience a more local Medellin. March through August is the rainy season and the Holy Week is from March 25th to April 3rd – at this time everything in the city will be a bit more expensive so avoid this time if you’re on a budget. The end of July is the flower week – a great thing to experience but also a bit more on the expensive side!

Aerial view of Medellin
Aerial view of Medellin


Medellin is one of the most innovative cities in the world. Largely due to its massive transformation from the “tragic era”. What were once shady alleys and dark squares are now libraries, galleries, and universities. Medellin is a part of the Antioquia region and people from this region are referred to as “Paisa” and they are very proud to call themselves that. In fact, the locals will more often call themselves “Paisa” than Colombians.

Street of Medellin
Street of Medellin


Welcome to Medellin, a fascinating city with quite a story to tell. Learn how this place was able to reinvent itself despite numerous obstacles, some drug-related, some caused by mother nature. In any case, one day in Medellin is quite an experience, and with a good itinerary like this, you will have an amazing time!

Take the Famous Medellin Metro to the Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens in Medellin are located at the Universidad Metro station. The Medellin metro has an interesting story. The city was building it in the 80s when Medellin was the most dangerous city in the world. At the same time, there was a massive volcano explosion in Colombia killing over 10 000 people. The locals see the Metro as something good that overcame all the bad in the city at the time and they treat it as almost a holy site. You will find one of the cleanest spaces right in the metro, and it’s worth seeing!

Medellin Metro
Medellin Metro, Author: Jorge Gobbi, Source: Flickr

Take the metro to the Universidad and visit the botanical gardens – a great first step to your day in Medellin. The gardens are open to the public and with over 1400 flowers and over 100 recorded bird species and butterflies this 14-hectare beauty makes for a relaxing morning in the otherwise busy and energetic city of Medellin. You can also find a rainforest exhibit and see many of Colombia’s wildlife!

Jardin Botanico, Medellin
Jardin Botanico, Medellin

Explore Parque Explora

Located right next to the gardens is Parque Explora – an interactive science museum and the largest South American freshwater aquarium. You will find over 300 interactive attractions in the museum but you can also enjoy the planetarium as well as a 3D auditorium and a vivarium. You can easily spend a few hours here and the cost of admission for all of the interactive attractions as well as the planetarium is only 9 USD, and if you want the whole thing including the planetarium and the vivarium it goes up to 13 USD.

Parque Explora, Medellin
Parque Explora, Medellin
Parque Explora
Parque Explora

Enjoy Some People-Watching at Botero Plaza and Parque Berrio

A few stops south of the Universidad Station is the Parque Berrio station named after the park you want to go to! This place is perfect for people-watching or trying some of the street food. The locals will approach you but don’t be intimidated. They are always welcoming tourists and they want to know all about you! A short walk north is the Botero PlazaFernando Botero is a painter and sculptor famous for his unique style also called “Boterismo” which depicts his subjects in a unique disproportionate style.

Botero has donated numerous art to his hometown Medellin (as well as Bogota) under the condition that his work is always available to the public for free. You can see his sculptures all around the Botero Plaza and if you take a short walk south you will find the Birds of Peace – two identical sculptures but one destroyed and the other in one piece.

The original statue was destroyed when a bomb was planted inside and exploded during a celebration so Botero made an identical one and placed it right next to the original to send a message of rebirth and recovery.

Plaza Botero
Plaza Botero, Author: Jorge Gobbi, Source: Flickr
Botero's new pidgeon
Botero’s new pidgeon, Author: Laurent de Walick, Source: Flickr

Eat Bandeja Paisa

By now you have worked up an appetite and nothing satisfies the hunger more than the massive Bandeja Paisa. You can try Bandeja Paisa anywhere in Colombia but it is a Paisa meal so Medellin prides itself on having the best one. Bandeja Paisa is a food extravaganza and you will find beans, white rice, chicharrón (pork belly), carne en polvo (ground beef), chorizo sausage, fried egg, ripe plantain, avocado, and arepa all on your plate. Close to the Botero Plaza is Hacienda – a great place to try the real Bandeja Paisa. Two people can share one order as you will get a huge portion, if you manage to eat it yourself, you will want to take a nap!

Bandeja Paisa
Bandeja Paisa, Author: Jorge Láscar, Source: Flickr

Try The Colombian Coffee and Shop At El Poblado

Once you’ve recovered from Bandeja Paisa take the Metro or Taxi (you can download the app called Tappsi for all taxi rides in Colombia, just to stay on the safe side) to El Poblado. This is the most popular neighborhood for foreigners and one of the most upscale places you’ll find. Colombia has excellent clothes for an amazing price so this is the place to renew your wardrobe (go to Carrera 35 or 37 for the best stores) or if you need to wake up try the coffee! Colombia is known for its coffee but contrary to popular belief, the locals don’t indulge in it as much, most of it is sold to Europeans.

However, since you’re at the source, you have to give it a try, only know where to go. You can find a Starbucks in Medellin if you really want to, but you can also try the local Juan Valdez Cafe. If you want to support a local business you can try “Hija Mia” or “Cafe Velvet”

Juan Valdez Cafe
Juan Valdez Cafe, Author: Raul G., Source: Flickr

Go To Comuna 13

This neighborhood was once the most dangerous neighborhood in the most dangerous city in the world. Over the past 10 years, Comuna 13 has undergone a massive transformation and what was once a place for narco-trafficking and murder is now a place where you can feel safe and welcomed. Tourists wouldn’t dare to go into Comuna 13 just a few years back but now you can take one of the many tours offered. One of the tours is the “narco tour” but this one is for the most part very disrespectful to locals. Try the graffiti tour where one of the locals will explain the history and the messages behind the wall art.

Comuna 13, Medellin
Comuna 13, Medellin
Comuna 13, Medellin
Comuna 13, Medellin

Enjoy the Nightlife In Poblado or Laureles

There are millions of places you can go to a party in Medellin, it all depends on what you’re in the mood for. For a nice dinner and if the budget allows, try Carmen located in El Poblado or if you want to save your money for the party go to Sancho Paisa or Toro.

You will find salsa bars as well as Latin and pop music all over Poblado but if you want a more local experience with salsa or alternative music head over to Laureles. The places aren’t as large or extravagant but there is many to choose from and they are all within walking distance.
These neighborhoods are safe to be around at night but if you want to know where to go and more importantly where not to, follow this guide and you will be just fine!

Poblado, Author: Secretaría de Movilidad de Medellín, Source: Flickr


Celestino Boutique Hotel

Celestino Boutique Hotel

Carrera 37 # 8A – 60, El Poblado, 050021 Medellín

Spectacular views of the whole city make this hotel in El Poblado is one of the traveller’s favourites. The hotel offers amazing service, clean facilities, a pool and jacuzzi and its surrounded by vibrant nightlife, restaurants, shops and local cafeterias in the nicest and safest Medellin neighboorhood. Public transport is nearby and you can end your nights on a sun terrace enjoying the mountain view!


Hotel Revival Baltimore, A Joie de Vivre Hotel , Baltimore

Hotel Vivre

Carrera 70A #42-39, Laureles – Estadio, 050010 Medellín

Located in the convenient but safe neighboorhood of Laureles, Hotel Vivre is an excellent choice for a mid-range budget. They offer breakfast and are located near all public transport as well as many tourist locations. You can enjoy the hotel bar or walk out and pick one of the many offered in the area. The hotel is a clean, safe spot in the central location and great for anyone looking to get the best of Medellin!


Medellin Vibes Hostel Pool

Vibes Hostel

760 Carrera 47 CR 47 # 7 60, El Poblado, 050022 Medellín

Vibes Hostel is the best choice for the budget traveller. It offers all the conveniences of a hotel with a hostel price. The hostel has two pools to choose from and you are getting the most for your money right here. It’s located in El Poblado so you will always feel safe and welcome. There are plenty of places to go nearby and you can even visit the Poblado park or Museum of Modern Art!



Should you stay more than one day in Medellin, you may want to set up a day trip from the city. It’s a great way to get to know more of Columbia, and there are some really spectacular places within a reasonable distance. Here are a few popular choices.

Parque Arvi

Whether you have two days, a week or two months do not miss Parque Arvi. You can reach it by the cable car connected to the Medellin Metro and be there in less than an hour. It is a park and a historical site with breathtaking views of Medellin and the mountains. You will explore more than 50 km of trails and see the wildlife only native to Colombia! The prehispanic trail shows all the antique buildings as well as platforms and gardens!


Located just two hours away by bus is the stunning Guatape. You will see the massive rock that has an elevation of 2,135 meters and you can take the steps to the 360 platforms at the top for some spectacular views and of course that perfect Instagram photo. The view is of the lakes and a number of small islands and you can enjoy lunch while looking at this natural wonder.
Check out the town as well! It is a colorful charming town full of history and great ice cream!

Book the tour here


Three hours from Medellin you’ll find Jerico. It’s one of the least talked about trips to take and the best hidden gem. The town is packed with beautiful views and waterfalls without the crowds!
Here you’ll find a real Colombian coffee farm. Once you reach the town you can find one of the coffee farm tours and try the best coffee while learning the process of making coffee and enjoying the surrounding views and nature.
Do not miss this underrated location!


Jerico’s popular cousin and a must-see for coffee lovers is the town of Jardin. It’s a bit further away then our other day trips but if you have the time to enjoy it, you won’t regret it!

The charming town is full of coffee shops painted in the brightest colours and surrounded by waterfalls and coffee farms. It is the locals’ favorite as well so when in Medellin ask around and you will find just how popular Jardin really is! You can take the cable car to enjoy the views and for those looking for a bit of adventure you can try zip lining or just sit, people watch, and sip the greatest coffee you will try in your life!

Book the tour here


Medellin is the city with amazing energy and friendly locals, but stay smart. Be aware of your surroundings and stay away from bad neighborhoods. Act street smart and as Colombians would say – “No dar papaya”.

Avoid the Escobar topic. Many people here lived through the tragic times of Escobar and do not wish to talk about this – there are plenty of other topics.

Shorts and flip-flops only show you’re an easy target. Talk to the locals – they want to know all about you and you will learn so much about Colombians if you engage in conversation! They are the friendliest people in the world who just want to show you how beautiful Colombia and its people are!


One day in MedellinOne day in Medellin

If you have any other propositions for this One Day in Medellin Itinerary, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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