Ultimate Tips For The Solo Travellers That’ll Make Their Trip More Fun

Solo traveling is more than traveling. It’s a supreme kind of self-indulgence. It’s an experience that turns you into a different person. Traveling alone is rewarding in many ways. It makes you confident and independent. You begin seeing life from a different perspective. It lets you gather the experiences which you can never get when traveling with your family and friends. And, hence, everyone should travel solo at least once in their lifetime.

Ultimate Tips For The Solo Travellers

If you haven’t traveled solo yet, it is time for you to embark on a solo journey. Here are the ultimate tips to help you plan a solo trip:

Do your homework

Before arriving at the destination, read well about it. Spend some time on the internet and research about the place you are planning to visit. For instance, if you plan to visit the Outer Banks, check out the complete guide to the Outer Banks to know everything about it. Find out the distance between your hotel and the airport, the transportation options to reach there, the distance between the city center and your hotel, etc.

Don’t forget to check the weather condition so that you can pack accordingly.

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Pre-book everything

Right from your accommodation, transportation to guided tours, pre-booking everything ahead of time can be quite beneficial. Booking everything in advance keeps all the end moment hassles at bay and ensures that you stay comfortable throughout your trip. 

Select the right accommodation

While traveling solo, always consider your safety first. Exercise extra precaution while selecting accommodation. Book accommodation that offers round the clock front desk service or is otherwise secure.

Before booking the hotel, check the reviews on the online booking websites. Check what measures they take for their security. Is there a security guard? Does the hotel have CCTV surveillance?

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Also, when you reach the hotel, refrain from shouting your room number aloud. Request a room on the middle floors (2nd, 3rd, or 4th) and away from the elevator.

Do not arrive during night

Most of the places are deserted during the night. It can be dangerous when you are traveling alone. Also, if not pre-booked, you may not get a cab to take you to your hotel. So, instead of arriving during night, plan it at a time during the day so that you reach your accommodation before it gets dark.

Leave your valuables home

Never travel with valuable items. Leave all your expensive gadgets, jewelry, and other pricey items home.

Do not keep your cash in one bag. Instead, keep it in different bags so that even if you happen to lose a bag, you will have some money left in your hand.

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Share your itinerary

Once you plan your itinerary, tell it to your family or friend. Leave a copy with them.

Also, share the hotel’s contact number and your room number with them. Let them know before you leave your hotel for sightseeing.

Blend in

If you don’t blend in, you may garner a lot of attention, which is not a good thing, especially when you travel alone. Try to blend in like locals. Dress like them. Talk to them. Do not roam with maps or guidebooks in your hand.

Observe the people around you and exercise extra caution while roaming around at night.

Trust yourself and exude confidence

Last but not the least, exude confidence. Do not look confused or perplexed as you may invite unwanted attention. Even if it’s your first solo trip, try to have a confident demeanor to keep unwanted surprises at bay.

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The bottom line

Traveling alone teaches you many valuable life lessons that no classroom could ever teach. It is the most fulfilling experience that you could ever have. But, if not planned properly, it can turn out to be the disaster.

So, plan everything in detail beforehand and have a safe and fun solo trip.

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Ultimate Tips For The Solo Travellers - That’ll Make Their Trip More FunUltimate Tips For The Solo Travellers That’ll Make Their Trip More Fun

Make sure you have everything you need

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  1. That’s a great read!!! I have started traveling solo. I am open to any tip that can make my traveling better. and I must say, these tips are really gonna help me travel better! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading more of these awesome blogs!

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