One Day in Playa Larga Itinerary – Top things to do in Playa Larga, Cuba

Located about halfway between Havana and Trinidad, in the Bay of Pigs, Playa Larga is a perfect destination to enjoy Zapata’s lush nature, clear Caribbean waters and amazing seafood. The rich marine fauna, full of corals and exotic fish, makes it a diving paradise. Even if you only have one day in Playa Larga to spend, thanks to its relaxing ambiance, you’ll surely enjoy every minute of it.

One day in Playa Larga Itinerary


What’s the best time to visit Playa Larga?

The best time to visit Cuba in general would be during the dry season, from November to May. The summer is way too humid and warm, and during the rainy season it’s expected to rain almost every day. Keep in mind that the time around Christmas can get too busy, packed with travelers from the Northern Hemisphere.


a Few facts about Playa Larga

Playa Larga is placed at the Bahia de cochinos, or the Bay of Pigs, the place invaded by US-backed exiles in 1961. The invasion is famous because it culminated in a victory for the army and Cuban militias. Today it’s a touristy place, famous for one of the best diving spots in Cuba. Many resorts, restaurants and private accommodations can be found around the area. Located very close to the Zapata Peninsula, it’s also a great base for some environmental excursions around the area.

Playa Larga
Playa Larga


One Day in Playa Larga Itinerary

Top things to do in Playa Larga, Cuba

Follow this guide and make the most of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do during your one day in Playa Larga.


Start your day with a rich breakfast at casa particular

In Cuba, private accommodation known as casa particular is the most common and most affordable. Make sure to book one of these, since there are many of them in Playa Larga. It’s fully recommended to pay additional few dollars for a breakfast they offer. It mostly consists of fried eggs, ham and cheese, fresh juice and seasonal fruits, and it gives you enough energy for any activities during the day.

Casa Tiki, located very central, is a great recommendation and a very good value deal. They also serve their breakfast in a perfect ambiance, on a terrace just next to the sea.


Snorkeling or diving tour at Punta Perdiz

We already said Playa Larga is a diving paradise. It really offers unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters and rich marine fauna. Even if you don’t have your diver’s certificate, snorkeling can be an interesting thing to do.

Punta Perdiz, Playa Larga
Punta Perdiz, Playa Larga

In Cuba, all the diving centers are owned by the state, so there’s basically just one diving center with a fixed price. It’s necessary to book your tour a day in advance, either on your own, or with the help of your casa owner. Their private bus will pick you up at your casa in the morning.

The best tour to take is the one that has two stops – one at Punta Perdiz and the othe at Cenote Mar. The latter is also famous because of the La Cueva de los Peces – the natural pool of unsalted water especially great for children.

Crystal Clear Sea in Playa Larga
Crystal Clear Sea in Playa Larga


If diving or snorkeling is not your thing, then we suggest you  book a Zapata National park guided tour. The Zapata Peninsula is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, located very close to Playa Larga. It’s great for those interested in fauna and flora exploration and bird watching. Its fauna includes 160 species of birds, 31 types of reptiles and 12 varieties of mammals.

Zapata National park, Playa Larga
Zapata National park, Playa Larga, Author: Javier Ignacio Acuña Ditzel, Source: Flickr

Book your tour in the morning at the Zapata information centre. The tour includes a private guide and a private driver to the park and back. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get the chance to see pink flamingos, the ultimate attraction at the park.

Zapata National park, Playa Larga
Pink Flaminos in Zapata, Playa Larga, Author: Javier Ignacio Acuña Ditzel, Source: Flickr

It’s very important not to forget to take your mosquito repellent, since they can really ruin the whole excursion.


Afternoon at the beach

The huge, sandy beach is a great place to spend an afternoon at. Play volleyball with the locals, sunbath or just relax in the shadows of palm trees while drinking a Mojito.

If you’re hungry by now, and you surely are, head to Villa El Paraiso and have super delicious lunch for a cheap price. Their grilled lobster is a must try.

Playa Larga Sandy Beach
Playa Larga Sandy Beach, Author: Javier Ignacio Acuña Ditzel, Source: Flickr


Watch the crab invasion

Playa Larga is famous for huge crab invasions. That also means you can order crabs in almost every restaurant in the area. At evenings, the streets are covered with plenty of crabs roaming freely all over the place. It’s definitely an interesting thing to see, so don’t miss a chance of checking that out.


Casa Tiki Dinner

The best place to get your delicious dinner is at Casa Tiki. They have a nice terrace overlooking the Bay of Pigs and the atmosphere in general is very nice. They serve a variety of seafood, so don’t miss the chance to try some of those. They also have super cheap and delicious fresh juices you should definitely try.

The Bay of Pigs, Playa Larga
The Bay of Pigs, Playa Larga, Author: Javier Ignacio Acuña Ditzel, Source: Flickr


Evening with the locals

Just across Casa Tiki, there’s a great local gathering place with live music. It’s a great place to meet some locals and to learn more about their culture. There is also an outdoor bar over there, so you can order drinks and even food. Try their Mojitos, they’re really good.

Locals in Playa Larga
Locals in Playa Larga


Where to stay in Playa Larga?

Casa particular (Private apartments) may be the best (and at times the only) choice for your stay in Playa Larga. Even though it’s possible to find your casa once you’re there, due to a limited number of casas it’s better to book it online or to reserve it via phone. The accommodation there is pretty affordable and they usually prepare breakfast at a cost of a few dollars.


There are some apartments that can be booked online through so you can check out some of them: Casa Tiki, Casa Otto, Casa 46.

Book here
Casa 46
Casa 46

Find the Best Hotel Deals in Playa Larga


Extra tips for visiting Playa Larga

– There are two currencies used in Cuba – CUC and CUP, neither of which is international. That means you’re gonna need to change your money once you’re in the country. Make sure you don’t bring USD cause they’ll charge you additional 10%.

Tipping in Cuba is usually not compulsory, even though they sometimes charge additional 10% for the service. If not, at least 5% is expected.

– Always check your receipt in bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, many times the bill is incorrect, and you end up paying more than you should.

– The English is not widely spoken in Cuba. Before traveling there, learn some basic Spanish. You’ll definitely going to need it during your stay.

– Bring a mosquito repellent from your home country, since those that are sold in Cuba are not that efficient and you are really going to need it at Playa Larga.

– Don’t forget to take a sunscreen, especially if you’re planning to spend a day at the beach.

– Make your trip to Playa Larga even more exciting! Check out Tripadvisor for all the activities and organized tours in Playa Larga or around the area. Make sure to purchase your tickets to all the attractions right away to skip the queues.


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