One Day on Amalfi Coast Itinerary – Top things to do on Amalfi Coast, Italy

one-day-on-amalfi-coast-italyAmalfi coast – that beautiful, craggy Mediterranean pearl. It’s one of the Italy’s most desirable coastal areas, just an hour away from the hectic and at times chaotic Naples. If you’re traveling to Naples and want to spend One Day on Amalfi Coast this itinerary will help you out.


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What’s the best time to visit Amalfi Coast?

Definitely choose the warmer half of the year (March to October). From June to early September can be pretty crowded and pricey, but it’s the best time to enjoy the shimmering azure Mediterranean sea. Ideally, if you can choose, pick late September. At this time the sea is still warm and the tourist crowds highly reduced.


What’s good to know about Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi coast is a coastal stretch on the Sorrentine Peninsula, that’s characterized by the craggy cliffs, enchanting bays and turqouise waters of the Mediterranen. Coastal towns that make this popular tourist destination are spread around 40 kilometers long Strada Statale 163, known as the “road fo 1000 bends”. In 1997, the cultural landscape of the Amalfi Coast was listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Positano One Day Trip
Positano, Photo source: Flickr


One Day on Amalfi Coast Itinerary:

Top things to do on Amalfi Coast, Italy


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Take a train to Sorrento

The cheapest and most convenient way to reach the Amalfi coast from Naples is to take a Circumvesuviana train at the Napoli Central train station. Grab a seat next to the window so you can watch the lush surrounding nature, picturesque villages and the divine Mount Vesuvius. The train ride takes a bit more than an hour and costs less than 4 euros.

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Sorrento One Day Trip

Do a short walk around Sorrento

Located on the very steep cliff, Sorrento is overlooking the Gulf of Naples and the Mount Vesuvius. Take a walk around the winding streets of the historic part and grab some espresso. On your way back to the bus terminal check out the ‘The valley of the mills’ – deep canyon hiding The abandoned mill in between the thick vegetation.

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Take a bus to Positano

It’s time for an hourly bus ride to Positano. The bus station is just next to the train station and the buses are going frequently, especially in the high season. Grab a widow sit for this one too. The bendy road offers an exclusive view at the shimmering azure sea, luxury villas, vast terraces and lush lemon gardens.

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Amalfi Coast Sea View
Amalfi Coast Sea View


Stroll around Positano

Positano often gets a label of the most beautiful town on the Amalfi coast. Colorful houses and villas scattered over the dramatically steep cliff make the Positano one of the most picturesque towns on Earth. Stroll around its streets, visit the art galleries, ceramic shops and the original fashion boutiques.

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Drink limoncello on the terrace overlooking the sea

Have a seat at one of the many terraces and bars overlooking the town and the main beach. Try limoncello – locally made lemon liqueur. This famous Italian digestiv is pretty sweet but very delicious!

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Positano Cafe Bar Terrace
Positano Bar Terrace


Have a swim in the Mediterranean

Positano main beach surely isn’t the most unspoiled beach in the world. Yes, it can get crowded in the peak season, but it’s still a nice pebble beach to enjoy a refreshing swim. The further you swim from the coast, the more beautiful it gets.


Next stop – Amalfi town

Last but not least – Amalfi, the largest town of the Amalfi Coast. Check out its impressive cathedral Duomo di Sant’Andrea, built originally in Arab-Norman Romanesque style. Wander around busy streets and find a place that serves granita – the most refreshing, fruit flavoured Italian drink.

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Amalfi Town Itinerary
Amalfi Town


Have a lunch/dinner at the beach

Head to Santa Croce, a seafood beach restaurant you can only reach by boat (look up for their boat around the port of Amalfi). Enjoy the nice, next-to-the-beach ambient and order whichever seafood dish you like – from pasta with mussels, salmon salad or just a basic grilled fish. If the weather lets you, you can have an after dinner swim at the beach next to.

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Some extra tips?

Always buy a bus ticket in advance cause you won’t be able to purchase one at the bus.

Check out the bus timetable in advance. Sometimes the last bus ride can be unexpectfuly too early and you surely don’t want to miss that one.

The tips in the bars and the restaurants are mostly not included in the price, but it’s customary to tip at least 10%.


Find your accommodation on Amalfi Coast!

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