6 Travel Sites that Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that you own completely and can use to purchase goods and services online. Not only are these transactions secured and verified through cryptography, but your purchases with cryptocurrency are quick and easy even in other countries.

6 Travel Sites that Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

This makes Bitcoin ideal for international travel. You can start planning your next vacation today by reading about these six travel sites that let you pay for flights with cryptocurrency.


Travala was founded as a block-chain based travel booking platform, so it comes as no surprise that it offers the most flexibility in cryptocurrency payment options in addition to accepting traditional credit and debit cards. It lets you use almost any digital currency to book from a selection of over two million different hotels, flights, and other traveling accommodations across the globe.


Choose bookings from 230 countries and territories that are up to 40% cheaper than competing travel platforms. Travala will also refund the difference if you find a lower price on a different booking website.

Travala further distinguishes itself by hosting a native cryptocurrency on its platform, the AVA token. It incentivizes the use of the token with benefits such as discounts on your bookings, bonus rewards, and a loyalty program to foster a healthy internal economy. Australian travelers can even use AVA to pay for phone bills, car registration, rent, and more.


CheapAir finds you affordable rates for flights, hotels, and car rentals by searching through significantly more low fare options that other websites might miss. Filtering options include types of flights, departure and arrival locations, and the ability to choose between a fixed date or flexible dates, making it easy to travel on a budget. You can also sign up for the FareTracker to receive immediate notifications when fares for your planned locations change.


In addition to offering pay-over-time plans with low APR and price drop paybacks that give you credit if your fares become cheaper after your purchase, CheapAir lets you pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


As a travel site dedicated to Bitcoin support, Bitcoin.Travel is one of your most reliable options when purchasing a flight with cryptocurrency. Big names in media such as Forbes and Time magazine praise its comprehensive list of airlines and hotels that accept Bitcoin as payment.

Bitcoin Travel

Bitcoin.Travel works as a travel agency like Expedia in that it connects to other platforms to bring you a list of flights and hotel bookings and lets you compare them based on price, reviews, and more. All of the companies linked to Bitcoin.Travel are guaranteed to accept your digital currency. The website has an in-depth search engine with a filter that lets you refine your results based on airfare, location, airports, stops, dates, and times.

Although it only accepted Bitcoin at its inception, Bitcoin.Travel’s payment options have expanded to include other cryptocurrencies.

Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines boasts a selection of more than 600 global airlines that accept cryptocurrency as payment for secure and verified transactions. You can complete your booking entirely through its website and find the best prices by giving you alternative flight options through small airline carriers in lesser-known regions.

Alternative Airlines

Along with over 160 other currencies, Alternative Airlines accepts Bitcoin, CRO, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether, and UTK to purchase your flights through crypto.com and Utrust. You can use more than 40 currencies to book a flight with cryptocurrency. The website also includes many other payment methods, including Affirm that lets you pay for your flight in monthly installments, and Klarna, which allows you to pay back the cost later.

This website also features several tools to make finding your perfect flight easier. Alternative Airlines lets you book multiple stops during the same trip so you can plan a complex itinerary that includes different cities. It also has a Best Fare Finder for when your travel time is more flexible and you want to find the cheapest rate possible. The finder compares airfare across the week of your original search so that you can choose even more affordable options.


Destinia gives you a convenient travel experience with a surprising amount of options available. It has no limitations on using Bitcoins to book hotels, flights, cars, buses, trains, or even skiing trips in over 90 different countries. This website also lets you enter your budget parameters and organize activities and locations to create thematic vacations ranging from festivals to honeymoons.


Using Bitcoins to travel with Destinia is even more convenient with a travel app available through the Google Play store. It accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance USD, and Circle USD Coin. You can pay with these cryptocurrencies or other options from its 76 available currencies for the best prices chosen from more than 500 available airlines and 500,000 hotels internationally. Destinia’s search options let you select your cryptocurrency when searching for flights or use the GoCoin module at checkout.


TravelbyBit is partnered with Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in US, so it is no surprise that you can use Bitcoin and other digital currencies to book flights and hotels through it. This website lets you compare airfare listed in your fiat currency of choice before purchasing with cryptocurrency. You can also earn up to 10% rewards in Bitcoin when you travel frequently with this company.

Travel By Bit

In addition to Bitcoin, TravelbyBit also accepts Binance Coin, Litecoin, and Tether along with more traditional payment methods. All cryptocurrencies will also earn you a 1.5% discount on your credit card fees. TravelbyBit is more convenient than other booking agencies that accept cryptocurrencies because it is a registered digital currency exchange provider. Instead of relying on third parties to process your payments, this website will directly convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency to complete your booking.

Cryptocurrency as Payment

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies is making traveling easier than ever. Whether you want to complete international transactions quickly or crave the security of public blockchain technologies, more and more traveling companies are accepting your digital currency for flights around the world.

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