How to Get a Visa for Vietnam – A Complete Guide

Ready to explore the majestic vastness of Vietnam? From the unique culture and mouth-watering foods like pho to the scenic tropical coastline, there is something for you regardless of your budget or preferences. But a small hurdle stands between you and this Southeastern Asian country. The question of how to get a visa for Vietnam. Nevertheless, this piece provides you with all the information about the Vietnamese visa, how to get one, plus the requirements.

How to Get a Visa for Vietnam

Here is the complete guide on how to get a visa for Vietnam. Visit Natvisa for a full version of visa types and entry policy.

Vietnam Visa

A Vietnam visa is a document that allows you to enter and stay in the country. It’s issued by the Vietnamese government and can be different from a visa waiver, an exemption from getting one of these documents when you fly into Vietnam.

Instead, your passport will contain a stamp showing that you have been granted entry into Vietnam and should be able to travel freely throughout the country.

And with technological advancements, you can apply for one from the comfort of your home, thus easing the hassle of your travel.

Who Can Apply for a Vietnam Visa?

Any foreigner entering Vietnam needs is required to apply for a Vietnamese visa. However, the individual can apply it themselves or through a guaranteed organization or agency stationed in Vietnam.

The visa allows the foreigner to enter and stay in the country for the days the visa was applied for.

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Which Visa do I Need for Vietnam?

The type of visa you will need for Vietnam depends on your period of stay and purpose. Many people on short-term visits will go for business or tourist visas, valid for 30-90 days.

The former type is ideal if you are attending a business meeting or on a commercial trip and is valid for 30-90 days for single or multiple entries

On the other hand, the tourist visa is perfect for individuals visiting as tourists. It is valid for a similar number of days.

The tourist visa comes in two types, the loose leaf, and the Vietnam evisa. The loose leaf is issued before or after landing, and it is a single piece of paper and not stamped on your passport.

The e-visa is a modern visa type applied online and is issued before departure.

Vietnam Visa Requirements

The Vietnamese visa requirements are simple and easy to meet. They include;

  • Passport from an eligible country
  • Well-filled documentation, including a completed questionnaire and a photograph on a white background

How To Apply for Your Vietnamese Visa Online

The process of applying for your Vietnamese visa online involves the following steps;

  1. Have the required documentation ready
  2. Visit the immigration department website and click the E-Visa Issuance and then Outside Vietnam Foreigners
  3. Upload the required images, which are the passport photo and passport data page, then fill in the required fields as directed
  4. Pay the e-visa fee and copy the generated code
  5. Your visa will be ready within three working days
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How long does the process of attaining a Vietnam visa take?

The process of attaining a Vietnam visa is relatively short. Depending on the type, leaf, or e-visa, it will take between 3-10 days

Final Thoughts

Generally, getting a visa to any country can be intimidating and confusing. But we now hope this guide will help you navigate the visa process for Vietnam and enjoy the bursting beauty of the country.

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