Best Egypt Itinerary for 2022

Each year, millions of tourists travel to Egypt in search of ancient ruins, spectacular scenery, and a chance to experience a different culture. If you’re thinking about adding Egypt to your travel bucket list, below you can find an example of a great itinerary.

Best Egypt Itinerary for 2022

Before you start drawing inspiration from the below itinerary or preparing your own, do not forget to get familiar with the current restrictions implemented in Egypt. First of all, you should remember that you will need to provide either a negative COVID-19 test result or vaccination proof to enter Egypt in 2022.

Moreover, if you travel to Egypt from a non-visa-free country, you will need to obtain a visa before your Egyptian trip.

Citizens of several countries can apply for an electronic visa to Egypt instead of a traditional one. An e-Visa for Egypt can be issued either as a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa.

Both of the Egypt e-Visa types enable its holder to stay in Egypt for one month and are available online on

Eligible travelers can choose the one that better suits their travel needs and visit Egypt for business or tourism purposes.

Now, with all the required documentation on hand, you can go straight to planning your trip to Egypt in detail!

Day 1 – Arrive in Cairo and explore the city

From the Nile to the Pyramids, Egypt’s capital is a city full of life and surprises. Land of ancient civilizations, Cairo is home to some top-class museums, galleries, and monuments that have been gazetted as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

So if you’re planning a trip to this bustling city on the banks of the Nile, here are some of its most visited landmarks and top attractions:

Pyramids of Giza

One of the oldest and only surviving structures of the seven wonders of the ancient world, these tombs were constructed as colossal burial structures for pharaohs and their consorts over 4,500 years ago. This is probably Cairo’s best-known attraction.

Giza, Cairo
Giza, Cairo

Egyptian Museum

Housed in a grand palace, this museum houses an extraordinary collection of ancient art objects from across Egypt’s history, along with unique treasures like King Tutankhamun’s death mask and the golden burial mask of Psusennes I.

Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Egyptian Museum, Author: Nina R, Source: Flickr

Citadel of Saladin

Built above the debris of the Temple of Amun-Ra, this extensive medieval fortress is a rich repository of stone mosques and tombs from the Ottoman and Ayyubid periods.

Cairo Tower

This TV tower stands on Gezira Island in the middle of the Nile, offering panoramic views of the city from its 200-meter high perch.

Cairo in the evening
Cairo in the evening, Author: Nina R, Source: Flickr

Egyptian National Railways Museum

This museum houses a rich collection of locomotives, carriages, and artifacts about Egypt’s rail network.


The ancient bazaar quarters are famous for brash streetlife, great shopping deals, local eateries serving delicious dishes cooked in clay pots, and other surprises.

Day 2 – Visit the pyramids and Sakkara complex

The world’s most famous pyramids are in Egypt. It is thought that the earliest of these pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians around 4,500 years ago.

These magnificent structures have survived for centuries and still draw millions of visitors each year.

Saqqara Complex

Visit the Sakkara complex which includes the Pyramid of Unas, the Pyramid of Teti, and the Mastaba of Ti.

Saqqara, Author: Carole Raddato, Source: Flickr

Sakkara Complex – Pyramid of Teti

This pyramid belonged to King Teti who was the second king in the 6th dynasty. The complex is open daily from 9 am till 4 pm except on Fridays when it is closed all day.

Sakkara Complex – Pyramid of Unas

This pyramid belonged to King Unas who was the last pharaoh in the 5th dynasty. The complex is open daily from 9 am till 4 pm except on Fridays and Saturdays and on national holidays when it is closed all day.

Saqqara Complex – Mastaba of Ti

The Pyramid of Unas is surrounded by many other mastabas, including the famous Mastaba of Ti. Built during the reign of King Djedkare Isesi (2510-2460 BC), this tomb shows exceptional craftsmanship with its polished limestone outer wall and originally painted relief scenes.

Great Egyptian museum

After your visit to the pyramids, spend some time in the great Egyptian museum to see many more ancient wonders.

Day 3 – Take a day trip to Alexandria

Alexandria is the second biggest city in Egypt and it’s famed for having a great time and wonderful cultural interests. It is one of those cities that people usually go to as part of a day trip after they have finished their vacation in Cairo.

Skyline of Alexandria
Skyline of Alexandria, Author: ASaber91, Source: Flickr

Visitors will find themselves amazed by how many different things there are to see here. There’s even a great museum packed full of ancient Egyptian artifacts and mummies.

If you’d like to go shopping while you’re in the city, then it’s possible for visitors to hunt down whatever they desire within Alexandria’s many markets and malls.

You’ll be able to find anything from traditional clothing, silver jewelry, leather sandals, and handmade pottery. There are plenty of opportunities to purchase some great souvenirs and mementos here.

Of course, most people who go to Alexandria go there to the seaside. It’s a wonderful stretch of land that has become famous all over the world. You can visit sandy beaches or enjoy water sports such as swimming or snorkeling. There are also some lovely old buildings along the coast, which you can visit.

Beach in Alexandria
Beach in Alexandria, Author: ASaber91, Source: Flickr

Visitors who are on a tight schedule will probably only have time for a quick trip to Alexandria, but it’s well worth making time for this beautiful city. It’s packed full of amazing things to see and do, not least of all because it has great resorts that are perfect for relaxing.

Day 4 – Fly to Luxor and explore the Valley of the Kings

Welcome to Luxor! This ancient city is full of wonders to explore, and you’ll surely be busy during your visit.

Head to the Valley of the Kings also known as the “Great Death Pit”. It is an Egyptian tomb complex where ancient pharaohs were buried. It is located on the west bank of Thebes and consists of 63 tombs, many still containing mummies or remains.

Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor
Temple of Hatshepsut, Author: alh1, Source: Flickr

Most tombs were created for ancient Egyptian pharaohs of the New Kingdom about 1500-1000 BC. The tombs are cut out of rock cliffs surrounding the Nile, and most are decorated with religious or mythological scenes.

It is said that the location was chosen by the ancient Egyptians because it was easier to guard on a cliff rather than underground.

Day 5 – Sail down the Nile River on a felucca

No trip to Egypt is complete without a sail down the Nile River on a felucca. These traditional boats have been used for centuries to navigate the river, and offer a unique and peaceful way to experience this beautiful country.

Felucca ride, Cairo
Felucca ride, Cairo

Aboard a felucca, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the riverbanks and rural villages, as well as glimpses of life aboard a local fisherman’s boat.

Best of all, it’s an affordable way to see some of the most famous attractions in Egypt, including the temples at Luxor and Karnak.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable Egyptian experience, be sure to sail down the Nile River on a felucca!

Lunch at the Nile
Lunch at the Nile, Author: Andrew Currie, Source: Flickr

From vibrant cities to stunning natural landscapes, there is something for everyone in Egypt. So if you’re planning a trip there, be sure to enjoy everything this country has to offer!

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