What Are the Requirements to Meet to Apply for the Turkey eVisa

The Turkey eVisa is a great option for those who want to visit the country but don’t have much time to apply for a visa. eVisas are simply put electronic alternatives to traditional Embassy visas. Travelers can use the convenient eVisa system to get their approved travel authorization documents via email within a maximum of 72 hours. In this post, we will explain the Turkey eVisa system, available eVisa types, specific requirements to meet and documents to prepare, as well as give you a step-by-step guide on how to submit a successful online application.

Turkey eVisa Requirements

Who can apply for the Turkey eVisa

Currently, there are over 90 countries that are listed as eligible for the Turkey eVisa and can submit their Turkey visa applications online.

However, the government of Turkey makes a distinction between the countries that are eligible for the single-entry Turkey eVisa and those who can apply for the multiple-entry eVisa type.

70 countries can apply for the single-entry Turkey eVisa that allows a 30-day stay in Turkey and stays valid for six months from issuing.

23 countries are eligible for the multiple-entry Turkey eVisa that makes it possible for its holders to stay in Turkey for up to 90 days with each visit.

What are the requirements to meet

The requirements that travelers need to meet to apply for the electronic visa for Turkey can be divided into a few categories and may differ depending on one’s nationality.

That is why it’s important to check what the requirements are and which documents should you handle before starting the application process to ensure successful approval of your application.

Basic requirements to apply for an eVisa

Every eVisa application process requires travelers to have a few staple things, including:

  1. an internet connection
  2. any working device to complete the process
  3. an active email address
  4. a valid passport that will not expire for the next six months
Requirements for Turkey eVisa

Requirements to meet for the single-entry Turkey eVisa

The requirements to meet and documents to prepare when applying for the single-entry Turkey eVisa differ depending on the applicant’s nationality.

The Turkish Government has decided to introduce different requirements for different nationalities, making the process a bit more complicated.

The supporting documents, in this case, may include:

  • a valid visa or a residence permit from specific countries (USA, UK, Ireland, or one of the Schengen countries)
  • a return ticket
  • proof of having hotel bookings
  • proof of having sufficient funds for the stay ($50 US per day)

Sometimes, the applicant must be of a certain age to apply for the Turkey eVisa and receive the approved document. Nationals of Algeria face these additional requirements and must be either under 18 or over 35 for their eVisa to get processed.

Requirements to meet for the multiple-entry Turkey eVisa

Citizens of most countries eligible for the multiple-entry Turkey eVisa do not need to submit any additional documents besides their valid passports.

However, those with a Chinese and Taiwan nationality may need to attach one or all of the following documents:

  • a round-trip ticket booked with a particular airline
  • a return ticket home and hotel bookings for the stay
  • proof of having sufficient funds for the trip (50 USD per each day of stay)

A step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Turkey eVisa

Once you figure out which documents you’ll need to apply, prepare them to have them on hand and ready to submit them whenever necessary.

Now, with the required documents on hand you’ll be ready to actually start the application process, which you can complete in two ways – either yourself at an official Turkey gov website or using an eVisa agent.

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eVisa agents make the application process much easier since your application is taken care of by professionals. Experts make sure that your eVisa will have the most probability to get processed as quickly as possible, knowing the application process and the requirements like no one else.

Moreover, applying via an eVisa agent makes it possible for travelers to get the eVisa information and application forms in different languages and in a much more clear way.

To apply for the Turkey eVisa, you’ll have to:

  1. Fill out the application form – Turkey eVisa application form requires travelers to provide essential personal and travel-related information.
  2. Cover the issuing fee – using any online payment method, cover the Turkey eVisa issuing fee to complete the application process and be able to submit your application.
  3. Check your email inbox–the approved eVisa will reach your email inbox within 72 hours of applying.

Once the approved document reaches your inbox, download it and print it out to prepare for your visit to Turkey.

Is there an expedited option available

eVisa agents sometimes offer an expedited option for travelers to use. However, the actual processing time depends heavily on the decisions made by the Turkish Government.

Moreover, sometimes applicants making mistakes in the application form causes the processing time to extend.

That is why it’s crucial to check the completed application form thoroughly and make sure there are no errors in the provided data to receive an approved Turkey eVisa as soon as possible.

What is the deadline for submitting my application

The deadline for submitting your Turkey eVisa application is 72 hours (3 business days) before departing to Turkey.

Applying later than this stipulated period of time may result in you not receiving your eVisa on time.

Most applications are approved within 72 hours or less when the application form has been submitted without any errors and all required documents have been uploaded.

Tips on how to make your visa application more successful

There are a few tips to follow to ensure a successful application approval, including:

  1. Don’t apply with an expired passport: your passport must stay valid for the next six months from the planned date of entering Turkey. Check its validity and renew it if necessary before applying.
  2. Check your application form thoroughly before submitting it for approval: any errors in the provided data, misinformation, or missing details may lead to delays or even issues with your application being processed.
  3. Apply no later than 3 business days before departing to Turkey: you have to allow the Turkish Government to have enough time to process your application.
  4. Consider applying with an eVisa agent: that way you’ll have a team of experts at your side helping you with the whole application process, making sure your eVisa could get approved as quickly as possible.
  5. Check the requirements and prepare the necessary documents before starting the application process.

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