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On my recent trip to Ubud, Bali, I was fortunate enough to stay at hotel Bisma Eight. It was such an incredible experience that I simply had to write a post about it and recommend the place to everyone going to this magnificent island. The service, the facilities, the staff… everything was absolutely perfect and the whole experience has left quite an impression on me. Here’s why!

Bisma Eight Hotel Review

A hero’s welcome

Bisma Eight is an illustrious hotel on the island of Bali, Indonesia, which has been receiving awards and recognitions on a regular basis pretty much ever since it opened in 2015. They have won the Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award for the best hotel in Indonesia in the last three years, and 2019 saw them recommended by editors and readers of Condé Nast. Therefore, they have a lot of credentials. 

Bisma Eight lobby

From the very moment I stepped into the hotel I felt pampered and taken care of. A welcome drink was provided for me as I was checking in at the reception with a high ceiling and an impressive chandelier. But the interior overall was somehow very soothing and relaxing, with loads of flowers and even a small pool under the stairs leading up to the restaurant. Instantly, I felt comfortable, all thanks to the fantastic interior design and beautiful aesthetics.

Once the check-in was done, one of the staff gave me a short tour of the place. It was just a glimpse of the things to come but more than enough to get me thoroughly excited. I must say that everybody was exceptionally kind and always ready to help. You will never feel like you’re not getting enough attention here, that’s for sure. I asked for suggestions which waterfalls I can go and visit from the hotel, and they planned a whole day trip to Tibumana for me which ended up being one of the best days of the whole trip!

Bisma Eight forest suite

The pool was incredible

As I stepped outside, I found myself on a narrow pathway surrounded by beautiful green bamboo trees. You can hear various animals and birds in the distance as you walk along with it, which only adds to the sense of serenity you get here. However, at the end of the pathway, you will come to the pool, one of the best features of the hotel for many who stay here.

Bisma Eight Pool

Now, this is an infinity pool we’re talking about, so that speaks volumes about the level of luxury you will encounter here in and of itself. But the way everything is positioned somehow brings the whole architecture of Bisma Eight together. The view is spectacular because the jungle starts pretty much at the edge of the pool which is itself on a slightly elevated position so that you can gaze into the horizon over the trees. Because of that, watching the sunset from this place is nothing short of breathtaking, especially if you get yourself a cocktail from the nearby bar (they have happy hours here, too). One of the best photo-ops you will ever encounter!

Bisma Eight pool sunset

Sleeping in a jungle

But the pool, as incredible as it was, wasn’t my favourite part of the stay here. That title belongs to my Forest suite, although as I was walking to it I noticed some villas which, the staff told me, had just been opened. They are a whole new level of luxury and you’d do well to at least inquire about them when coming here.

Bisma Eight suite

But even if you opt for a Forest suite, you won’t be sorry. Not for a second! They are extremely comfortable, quite spacious, and I even had a soaking tub in my bathroom for some extra relaxation. Every day you get a complimentary cookie, which is another nice touch.

Bisma Eight suite 2

The main strength of these rooms, however, is the fact that the bed looks outside into the jungle. Each room has a balcony with a table from which you can enjoy the start of the day or simply chill out in the evening surrounded by the sounds of the forest. With a little bit of luck, a friendly squirrel will come by. They say that sleeping here is supposed to evoke the sense of sleeping in a tree-house and I suppose that’s true, only this is the best tree-house I’ve ever been in. Of course, things like wi-fi and air conditioning are all available, so you can enjoy the view without a care in the world. Trust me, when you open your eyes in your bed in the morning and see the jungle outside, the feeling is quite indescribable. 

Bisma Eight forest suite 2

A few final words

Thanks to Bisma Eight, my trip to Ubud was everything I had hoped it would be and then some more. The hotel is top-notch, everything functions flawlessly, and its design is fantastic. But its biggest selling point is its surrounding because staying here means staying at the edge of the jungle and getting a five-star hotel experience at the same time. Do consider it if you’re looking for accommodation when visiting Bali because it will provide you with memories you will never forget.

Bisma Eight infinity pool

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