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Food is a vital part of every trip you make. You have to eat, of course, but through the food, you can also learn a lot about the local customs and culture and maybe even make a new friend or two over a delicious meal. Other times, having a wonderful dining experience can really elevate the overall impression of your trip, especially if you’re travelling with someone. During my recent trip to Ubud, Bali, I stayed at an excellent hotel called Bisma Eight. The hotel is truly luxurious and offers so many amazing features, with some quite impressive features. Without a doubt, restaurant Copper is one of them and really deserves an article of its own.

Copper Restaurant

Starting my day with a healthy breakfast

One of the reasons why Copper is so good is the fact that it’s a rooftop restaurant. It is very airy and bright, so we were able to enjoy the sun as we ate and start our day perfectly in the morning. I was swept away by the view because the jungle was right there below us and I could just gaze into the distance enjoying the swaying trees. Furthermore, everyone working here was incredibly nice, always with a smile on their faces, which made the experience complete.

Copper restaurant
Copper restaurant

So, the setting is fantastic, but what about the food? Even better! But let’s stick to the breakfast for the time being.

The breakfast menu is very healthy, with every dish being exceptionally tasty and able to fill you up rather easily. Freshly squeezed juices along with local tropical fruit are a great starter, with plenty of egg dishes, pastries and puddings to follow that up. Everything really looked pristine and tasted excellent, and the light breeze really created a relaxing atmosphere. Finally, there were plenty of home-made jams to choose from (papaya was my favourite!), which again were incredibly tasty.

Fresh fruit
Fresh fruit

The reason for this high quality is the fact that the hotel has its own farm in Tegallalang, the same place where the famous rice terraces are located. The plants (vegetables, herbs etc.) are grown organically there, which really does make a difference and, thanks to the skilled chefs, they provide a great basis for a superb meal. You really can’t start your day much better than this.

Coffe at Copper restaurant
Coffe at Copper restaurant

Romantic evening with great food

Dinner was perhaps even better, with the open sky above us and plenty of small lights setting the mood. I mean, excellent food served perfectly under the stars, what could possibly be better?

The first thing I went for was yellow fin tuna which had been cured in-house for 15 days. Of course, you get a whole bunch of other things with that (capers, grilled leeks, pickled shallots and more), but the tuna is the star. And it’s absolutely fantastic; just melts in your mouth leaving a great taste. After that came my braised oxtail in red wine and yes – it’s every bit as good as it sounds. The meat is cooked to perfection, tender, sweet and delicious, as are the potatoes that come along with it.   

Meal at Copper restaurant
Meal at Copper restaurant

But when the time to choose a dessert came, I found myself in a slight problem because I simply couldn’t decide what to have. Cheesecake with seasonal fruit? Black rice and coconut pudding? Chocolate platter? It was almost impossible to choose because everything sounded so good! Finally, I went with the lava cake and I certainly didn’t regret it because, in addition to it being absolutely divine, it was also served in a spectacular manner.

The waitress came and poured a little bit of rum over the cake, setting it on fire in the process! It infused the cake with an extra layer of flavour, which went perfectly with the dollop of ice-cream that came along with the cake. A wonderful end to a magical evening.

Copper restaurant bar
Copper restaurant bar

Come here and enjoy

All in all, Bisma Eight is a spectacular hotel, but it certainly couldn’t be that without a fantastic restaurant. Fortunately, it has Copper! Eating there is a very special experience, no matter if you come first thing in the morning or late in the evening. The food can’t be any better, and the same goes for the service. Still, what has to be mentioned is the fact that the hotel grows its own products on its own farm in Tegallalang, and these are then used in Copper’s dishes which really does wonders for the quality of the food. Even if you’re not staying in Bisma Eight, do try and make time for at least one visit to this incredible restaurant. It will be the best meal of your whole trip.

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