Unique travel blogs to follow

Unique travel blogs to follow in 2020

Traveling is such an incredible thing to do. You get to meet all sorts of interesting people, eat so many tasty dishes and see so many breathtaking sights. The thing is, everyone has their own perspective on why some destination is attractive and why it should be visited. And while you can read a lot of (hopefully) interesting things on this website, there are plenty of talented and witty writers out there who can intrigue you with their tips and observations. Therefore, here’s a list of those unique travel blogs divided into specific categories for your convenience. Take a look and you will find loads of interesting entries. Enjoy!

The list

2. Education and travel
3. Ecotourism
4. Traveling with disability
5. Overlanders
6. Unusual places to stay
7. National parks
8. Sailing
9. Funny travel
10. Traveling on a budget
11. Dog-friendly travel
12. Business travel blogs
13. Food


Nomadic Boys – Stefan and Sebastien met in London in 2009 and this Greek-French couple has been on the move ever since. With two huge 18-month trips behind them (one in Asia and one in South America), they have experienced life from a gay perspective, often in countries in which being gay is considered illegal. That’s why they’ve created their “Gay stories” section with some truly remarkable interviews. They also have a list of top gay-friendly countries to visit, something that is bound to help their readers decide where to go next.

Nomadic Boys

Travels of Adam – Adam is a gay hipster who enjoys his travels very much and you can see that from every post on his website. He also has a list of the best cities to visit if you’re a member of the LGBTQ community and loads of tips to share about cities in Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania and even the Middle East. On top of that, his posts often tackle some issues everybody has encountered at least once and give great advice on how to deal with them.

Travels of Adam

Once Upon a Journey – A blog ran by two Dutch girls Maartje and Roxanne who excel at photography which gives their blog a very beautiful touch. From Thailand to California, from Lisbon to Sweden, they’ve covered it all! They also write about various topics, but they have their own travel journal with loads of fascinating stories and conduct interviews in which they talk about fellow LGBTQ bloggers about relationships, work and everyday life.

Once upon a journey

Education and travel

Teaching Traveling – Obviously, travels are loads of fun, but they can be very enlightening, too. Teacher Lillie Marshall approaches that in the blog format with loads of great ideas for teachers to travel. She discusses grants, scholarships and other similar programs that can help teachers grow and develop as professionals through travel and helps them apply for them. There are some interesting interviews there too, plus a vibrant community happy to help each other out. Teachers, this one is for you!

Teaching traveling

Joedemadio’s WW2 Travel Blog – Joey van Messen is Joedemadio and a history student whose main passion is WW2, especially the western front. His blog hosts loads of fascinating stories from this terrible conflict and helps veterans tell their stories. Joey also has his own YouTube channel and works as a guide for WW2 sites in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, meaning you can hire him to show you around when in this part of the world. If you’re a history buff, you really should check out this blog.

Joedemadio's WW2 Travel Blog


Green Global Travel – Bret and Mary love nature, traveling and meeting indigenous culture, but their blog Green Global Travel has become so much more than a collection of stories. They have helped raise money for rhino- and elephant sanctuaries and have made it their mission to help people switch to a greener way of life. And they have visited some truly remarkable places, each of them showing all of us how breathtakingly beautiful nature can be.

Green Global Travel

The Invisible Tourist – While The Invisible Tourist is not so much focused on nature, it is very much concerned with reducing the negative (environmental, among other things) impact tourism has on local communities. Alyse, the person behind the blog, wants to help her readers enjoy the full experience of visiting a destination in a sustainable way. Learn with her how to blend in with the locals wherever you go and thus become a truly invisible tourist.

The Invisible Tourist

Traveling with disability

Clumsy Girl Travels – Marika is the face behind this great blog and she is a source of inspiration for so many people with disabilities. She has been diagnosed with Ataxia, which is a disorder preventing you from maintaining muscle control (which makes the name of the blog soooo hilarious) and wants to show that even people with problems like that can very much enjoy traveling. The posts here give you a fascinating perspective on travel, and it’s a really refreshing concept helpful to so many people that everyone can enjoy.

Clumsy Girl Travels


Landcruising Adventure – Karin-Marijke and Coen have been on the road since 2003. They’ve explored Asia and South America quite thoroughly, and they take things nice and slow, willing to savor every moment of their incredible life. With their trusty 1984 Land Cruiser, they travel from country to country and write about all kinds of stuff, from various festivals they visit to car repairs and their equipment. You can follow them on their journeys via their “Where are we?” page, which kind of makes you feel like you’re on the road with them.

Landcruising Adventure

Cycloscope – You think you’re a bicycle enthusiast? Well, Daniele and Elena have been traveling the world since 2014 and have visited 43 countries. Impressive! An incredible journey that is still ongoing in order to pursue the project of mapping the world by bike. You can see how they’re doing on their website called Mapillary, plus they have a YouTube channel with some fascinating episodes of their trip. Through their posts, one can not only get to know numerous countries, but also get some solid bicycle tips, too.


Unusual places to stay

Conversant Traveller – You’re tired of traveling the same way every single time? You want something unique and maybe luxurious? Heather and Peter will point you in the right direction! Luxury adventure travel is their game and, over the years, they have visited some truly spectacular locations (staying in a tree house in the Amazon region is my favorite) and can give you excellent tips if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, especially if you’re interested in the UK or Morocco. However, other fascinating locations have been covered, too.

Conversant Traveller

National parks

Travel. Experience. Live – If you’re going to the US and want to experience its magnificent nature, this fantastic blog will teach you everything you need to know about the country’s national parks and even state parks. Interestingly, Bram Reusen was born in Belgium, but has fallen head-over-heels in love with US nature. There is so much useful information on his blog, from how to prepare for a trip to how to behave in a park and help preserve wildlife. He’s done a great job sorting out all the parks according to the area they’re in, so you’ll easily find the one closest to you.

Travel. Experience. Live


SV Delos – Delos and its crew have pretty much been all over the world, and it was all funded by a community of sailing fans! If you’re wondering what it’d be like to travel like this, you can actually join the crew through a contest on their Patreon page. Apart from that, they have tons of excellent YouTube videos, blog posts and much more other great content like tips on safety at sea. You can even follow their progress in “almost real time”, as they put it. If you’re a sailing enthusiast and haven’t discovered these guys yet, you’re in for a treat.

SV Delos

Funny travel

The Travel Tart – Anthony has managed to beat cancer and is now enjoying travels that take him all over the world. However, combating his illness has given him a new perspective on life, so he’s all about having a great time, no matter what anyone else thinks. Toilet Bar in Bangkok, Russian swear words and curses, unusual signs… that’s the kind of thing you can find here. That, and a pretty awesome beer index. Anthony also has plenty of tips to share, so if you want to have a laugh and learn something new and interesting, check his blog out.

The Travel Tart

Traveling on a budget

Budget Your Trip – Brian and Laurie are a married couple who have visited dozens of countries and who is slightly obsessed with how much things cost anywhere in the world. That’s why they’ve developed an ingenious way to show you how much things cost in cities and countries around the world. With their help, you will be able to find the most cost-effective way to visit your dream location, plus their texts always have that frugal note and show you the best things to do for free in each city.

Budget Your Trip

Dog-friendly travel

Travelnuity – You don’t want to leave your pooch behind when you’re traveling? Shandos and her Miniature Dachshund Schnitzel (which is an absolutely adorable name if you ask me) will help you find all the info you need. Europe, both Americas and the Pacific part of Asia have been covered on their blog, along with plenty of tips about preparing yourself for such a journey. There are also more standard travel-blog posts here, but traveling with pets is nevertheless the main focus. A great way to find pet-friendly accommodation!


Business travel blogs

CBoardingGroup – This blog tries to approach business travel from a funny, if somewhat sarcastic point of view. Yes, business travel can be tough, but there are so many tips here that you’re bound to find something helpful. Learn how to best put those miles to work, how to choose the right credit card, how to blend in with business people from various cultures and so much more. There really is a lot of content here, so you’re bound to find something that’ll spark your interest. Health, safety, best deals and even gifts… this blog will help you make the most of your every business trip!



2foodtrippers – Daryl and Mindi Hirsch are an American couple based in Portugal, more precisely Lisbon. They’ve spent years traveling the world in search for fantastic meals and during that time they have visited dozens of countries and explored the largest part of the United States, all in search for good food. Great texts and very helpful advice have earned them numerous awards, with Saveur Magazine declaring them the best travel blog in 2018. They have also appeared in various media and are definitely the right people to consult when it comes to food.


The Nomadic Vegan – The Nomadic Vegan, AKA Wendy Werneth, has been to more than 100 countries all over the world and has shown that going vegan absolutely does not mean your travels will suffer. Quite the contrary! It has made her trips so much more interesting and exciting and has even inspired her to write two books. If you’re thinking about going vegan or are looking for places that are serving this particular kind of food in the country you’re visiting, this is the blog to visit!

The Nomadic Vegan

Bacon is Magic – Ayngelina heads a small team of contributors on this blog who try to show their readers all the tips and tricks of eating like a local. Dozens of countries have been covered there, and you will learn all about tipping in each of them, how to avoid tourist traps and which places and dishes the locals adore. There are also some great recipes on the blog, so you can bring a breath of a foreign country right to your kitchen.

Bacon is Magic

Make sure you have everything you need

What to pack for your next trip?

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