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Do you ever dream of visiting exotic places? Of going on an amazing adventure that will show you a completely different part of the world and take you places you’ve never even dreamed of seeing?

Travel with Cebu Pacific Airlines

Sounds expensive? Not if you’re traveling the right way!

These days, there are loads of ways to travel without spending an arm and a leg on plane tickets, and the world is very much your oyster. This is only, however, if you have the right partner to take you on your journey.

A partner like Cebu Pacific.

If you’re not familiar with what this company has to offer, stay with us for just a moment, and you will discover a new, affordable and exciting way to travel.

What is Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific is a low-cost airline company from the Philippines which covers a great part of the Asia-Pacific region, allowing you access to many fascinating countries, cities and their awe-inspiring sights.

And they’ve been around for a long time, too – more than 30 years! The company was founded back in 1988 and has been continuously growing since then to the current size of almost 50 planes (all Airbus, by the way) and more than 3000 employees.

Cebu Pacific Airplanes
Cebu Pacific Airplanes, Author: Matt Kieffer, Source: Flickr

Obviously, Cebu Pacific is the largest airline company in the Philippines, and with them, you can thoroughly explore this amazing country, but they are also very important regionally.

As a matter of fact, they were vital in founding Value Alliance, a huge low-cost carrier alliance that is currently the biggest in the world.

This just goes to show you that flying with Cebu Pacific is to fly with a serious and very much respected company. You are in extremely capable hands and can relax and enjoy your flight before you get to your dream destination and start exploring.

But where can you go?

Where does Cebu Pacific fly?

First of all, allow us to say that the Asia Pacific region is absolutely stunning and that this part of the world is ideal for you if you’re a travel junkie. There are incredible cultures to discover, fascinating architectural feats to marvel at, wonderful people to meet, and fantastic food to enjoy.

Everything that makes up an unforgettable trip.

Cebu Pacific
Cebu Pacific Airlines, Author: byeangel, Source: Flickr

And where can Cebu Pacific take you? From Australia to Indonesia, from China to Brunei and Saudi Arabia, there are currently 16 countries and almost 30 different cities to choose from. Other notable destinations include Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, the UAE, and others.

Additionally, you can see pretty much everything the Philippines have to offer because this company connects no less than 36 destinations in that country. We have no doubt that exploring this amazing country is something many people would enjoy very much and if you’re one of them, go and book a ticket right now.

Palawan Island, Philippines
Palawan Island, Philippines, Author: Carrie Kellenberger, Source: Flickr

If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in some other country or a particular city, do check out Cebu Pacific lines and you’ll surely find something for yourself.

And if you need a suggestion or two on where to go, allow us to help you out a bit.

Cebu Pacific holiday destinations

If you want to start planning your holiday with this company, a good choice is Australia because their planes fly to Melbourne and Sydney. These are two spectacular cities in and of themselves, but there is so much to see around them, too. Culture, food, great climate, not to mention things like the Sydney Opera House, all of these things will make sure you have an amazing trip.

Sydney as seen from the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney as seen from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Author: Jorge Láscar, Source: Flickr

Or maybe you’d like to visit China and enjoy the culture of Beijing or the glamorous Shanghai. The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the impressive Shanghai Tower are just some of the reasons to visit these two cities. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – Beijing alone has SEVEN places that have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Mind you, Cebu Pacific flies to other cities in China, too: Shenzen, Guangzhou and Xiamen are also on their list.

And so is Hong Kong! This unique city is bustling with life and offers a lot to every visitor. Excellent food and a modern take on life set it apart from the rest of China, and the city is definitely worth it if you want a different take on this magnificent country.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Author: xiquinhosilva , Source: Flickr

Bangkok is another place you should seriously consider if you want a memorable trip because it’s a huge city with loads of history and culture to offer, in addition to superb meals and fairly affordable prices. Fascinating Buddhist temples and palaces abound, and you will definitely have plenty of amazing photos once the trip is over.

But Cebu Pacific also flies a lot farther than that! How about visiting Saudi Arabia, for example? Millions of tourists visit Riyadh every year and all are absolutely delighted with what they see there. Or maybe hop on over to the United Arab Emirates? This company will get you to both Dubai and/or Sharjah without any problems.

View from Burj Khalifa, Dubai
View from Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Author: Rob Young, Source: Flickr

This is all just a small part of the destinations you can reach if you fly Cebu Pacific. Go check them out and see what else they have to offer and start planning your dream vacation right now!


As you can see, if you want to fly across Asia (and to Australia, too), Cebu Pacific is the best way to do so. You will get unbeatable prices with them and be in capable hands every single time.

All the most interesting destinations are well covered, so you can visit some of the most amazing cities on Earth pretty much effortlessly and enjoy everything they have to offer – their history, their culture, their food and the nature surrounding them.

Or you can stay and explore the Philippines. Cebu Pacific will get you to every corner of this amazing country with its 36 domestic destinations, so you can really explore every nook and cranny there.

Flying over Manila with Cebu Pacific
Flying over Manila with Cebu Pacific, Author: Jose Nicdao, Source: Flickr

Whatever you choose, you can be sure you will enjoy your every flight with this company.

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